Marcus Hayes is the leader in the clubhouse for dumbest article of the year

THE TRADE of @pick_six22 returned a seventh-rounder.

It’s the most significant return Asante Samuel has made in years.

The Eagles traded Samuel to the Falcons for the 229th overall pick in this weekend’s draft, apparently because a bag of hammers was way too much to ask.

The hammers hit a lot harder than Samuel ever did.

The Eagles thought they had solved their secondary problems for the long term when they signed Samuel as a $56 million free agent after the 2007 season. Well, they didn’t.

For each of his 23 interceptions as an Eagle, Samuel missed five tackles.

For every pick he turned into six, he gave up 10 touchdowns.

That’s how Marcus Hayes began his childish rant on Asante Samuel at this morning. Using Hayes’ style of math, I would say his article is one part vitriolic, 10 parts asinine.

Now, let’s take a quick look at those last two lines by Hayes.  I get that he’s just kind of riffing here, not actually looking at numbers, but the sentiment here is that Asante was basically the most useless player ever to wear an Eagles jersey… a guy that made a play here and there, but was otherwise getting routinely toasted every Sunday.

For each of his 23 interceptions as an Eagle, Samuel missed five tackles.

Well, luckily, in this day of advanced statistics, we have resources that count missed tackles.  Over the last 4 seasons in Philly, Asante had 44 of them, according to Pro Football Focus.  Definitely not good, and as an appreciative spectator of Asante’s overall game, I’m first in line to say that he often showed neither the willingness nor the ability to tackle in the NFL.  But if you were to ask… “Would you take an INT for every 1.9 missed tackles,” I think we all might just say “Yes fucking please.”

For every pick he turned into six, he gave up 10 touchdowns.

Again, another metric we can actually qualify.  For his career, Asante has 9 TD’s.  He had 3 in Philly, and that doesn’t count the INT of Eli Manning that he returned to the 1-yard line in the 2008 playoffs that the Eagles punched in moments later.  In his Philly career, he gave up 12 TD’s, again according to Pro Football Focus.  As Hayes noted, Asante had 23 INT’s in Philly.  If you were to ask… “Would you take basically 2 INT’s for every TD allowed, I think the answer would once again be “Yes fucking please.”

I don’t know if Asante Samuel pissed in Marcus Hayes’ Cheerios or something, but his piece today is an irrational, hyperbole-driven, inaccurate, flaming pile of dogshit journalism.  Leader in the clubhouse for the worst piece of 2012.


  1. The Reddgie says:

    Jimmy, if you could just loosen up a little and tell us how you really feel, this little blog of yours could really take off. You are on fire sir! And, by the way, hit the nail square on the head.

    You keep journalzsin’, I’ll keep peruzin’. Later, Reddgie

  2. Gary says:

    For every bad article Marcus Hayes writes, he writes 10 HORRIBLE ones.

  3. greg says:

    All this talk about why they gave him up is hard to accept. We couldn’t give him 5 mil a year on a non guaranteed contract? I know he doesnt fit their scheme but I’d think they could find a way.

  4. ATLeagle says:

    I thought the daily news headline about a “no-hitter” was oddly bitter. This is completely over the top. Why all the hate? The guy came in , did what he was asked, got paid well for it, and when the fake years of the contract came up, he was shipped off. The low return on the trade is a FO deal. No reason to personally hate the guy.

  5. Alex K says:

    Is Marcus Hayes the real name of “Fake WIP Caller?” Awful article.

  6. AustonianAggie says:

    Why did the Eagles and him separate? I thought they were in a position to be stacked at CB

    1. Wil says:

      They need the cap space
      Rodgers-Cromartie & McCoy in the last year of their contracts

  7. Isi_eagle says:

    Wow! Just wow! His article is below low journalism. He manages to bash every inch of Samuel without EVER providing any real facts. He calls Samuel coward, while he is acting extremly cowardly by getting so personal with a player, when he actually left the town. Asante must have f***ed his wife or something.

  8. RogerPodacter says:

    ” If you were to ask… “Would you take basically 2 INT’s for every TD allowed, I think the answer would once again be “Yes fucking please.””

    shouldnt that be “2 INT’s returned for a TD for every TD allowed”? i would imagine his overall INT to TD ratio would be even better.

    1. Mike says:

      I’d try reading through the next to last paragraph a couple of times.

      1. RogerPodacter says:

        i did misread it. the entire paragraph is talking about how many TDs asante has scored on INT returns vs how many TDs he has given up. for some reason, i didnt see where jimmy switched it to talking about INTs vs TDs. yea, i’m an idiot.

  9. Steve D. says:

    I guess you did see the column by Marcus Hayes (see comment in previous thread). It really pissed me off to read such trash.

  10. As an analyst with PFF and looking at the stats as we speak, Samuel gave up 15 TDs as an Eagle (4 years) – 2 last year, 4 in 2010, 6 in 2009, 3 in 2008.

    1. I’m seeing 5 in ’09, and 2 in ’10. I can email you a screen shot of what I’m looking at. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?

      1. Marko says:

        Perhaps one of you is looking at regular season stats, while the other is including playoffs?

    2. Just emailed you a couple screen shots. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d appreciate it if you could please advise if I’m looking in the wrong place for my data. Need for accuracy important. Thanks.

      1. Trey Cunningham says:

        Cool, can’t check my e-mail at this moment (i’m at my full-time job, different computer) but I will later on and get back to you

  11. Uda says:

    Asante must have done something to him. He bashes him for being named Asante.

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