Asante Samuel traded to the Falcons

Asante Samuel was traded to the Falcons today.  He reportedly worked out a new 3 year contract in Atlanta worth $18.5 million.  Prior to the new deal, Samuel was going to make $21 million over the next 2 years.  The reported compensation (which has not yet been made public just yet) is a 6th round pick.  So to recap, here’s what the Falcons were able to do today:

  1. They acquired, in my opinion, a CB that is still playing at a level in which you’d have to consider him among the Top 10 CB’s in the game.
  2. They were able to shave off about $4.5 million per season off of his pay.
  3. They only had to give up a 6th round pick.

I think it’s pretty safe to say who got the better end of this deal.  Very poor job by the Eagles maximizing the return on this asset.  May get into that another time, but I’m very under the weather today, so that may have to wait.

UPDATE: Scratch that.  The Eagles received a SEVENTH ROUND PICK in return, not a 6.  Atrocious.


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  6. Steve D. says:

    Did you see the garbage collumn by Marcus Hayes today about Asante?

    What a load of crap.

  7. rage114 says:

    Meh. The way things were going, I was expecting Samuel to be flat out released.

    From what I understand, the Eagles had a deal done to get a mid round pick but Samuel was looking for a long term extension and the other team balked.

    You win some. You lose some.

  8. Steve says:

    yeah Im just not getting how you can blame the Eagles for Asante blowing up trade options with contract demands. Tommy has a good write up over at his blog about it.

    Keeping Asante last year was definitely a mistake, but I can understand what the FO was thinking by keeping him. I really can’t blame them for this years problem though.

  9. Uda says:

    I still cant get over the 7th….its so crazy

  10. Carl says:

    They were going to cut him if no one wanted to trade for him so its just a 7th round pick but its better than just cutting him.

  11. ICDogg says:

    It’s fallout from picking Castillo to run the defense, who never figured out a good way to scheme for these corners as a set.

    Can’t blame Howie for that.

    1. deg0ey says:

      The Eagles got 50 sacks last season, 40 of which came from the DL. Castillo tried to build his defence to maximise the impact of Washburn’s guys up front (and it worked). The best way of doing that was by playing a style that Asante wasn’t comfortable and therefore he has to go.

  12. thatguy says:

    this is a joke. this might be the most maddening thing the eagles have done i recent, including letting dawkins walk to denver (which I understand is blasphemy). i can’t recall a single time that asante was called out by his teammates, his advance stats were great and he made big plays. sure, he wasn’t the best tackler, but not like anyone else in that secondary has been in years.

    he is going to pick 6 vick all day on 10/28. a fcking 7th rounder?

    1. deg0ey says:

      Atlanta had all of the leverage here, though. If the Eagles didn’t take this offer, they’d have ended up cutting him anyway, at which point any team could’ve picked him up (DAL, NYG, GB etc). At least this way, they’ve got a pick (albeit a very late one), avoided the $2m cap hit from cutting him and kept him away from any serious rival teams.

      1. Yep, Falcons had a ton of leverage. Asante had a lot of leverage too. But it’s very fair to blame to Eagles for letting any and all leverage slip away.

        1. deg0ey says:

          Yeah, that’s reasonable – I think they were too greedy last season

          1. Anders says:

            The report from last year and earlier this year is that the Eagles had a deal worked out with a mid round pick, but Samuel destroyed em with his ridiculous demands.

        2. D3Keith says:


          Within context though, it’s clear the Eagles just needed the deal to get done, ASAP. Even if you don’t subscribe to the theory that they’ll be better on the field without him (As good as a player as Asante is, I think this is true given the new scheme) they still get significant cap relief, the 7th and the ability to avoid this headache going forward.

          Doesn’t make it a win, but it does beat cutting him, taking a cap hit and having him chirp all during camp about how he’s better than the two guys he’s backing up.

          Best of a bad situation at this point. Smite for not doing it sooner, kudos for not letting it linger past the draft.

  13. NY_GiantsFan says:

    As a Giants fan this makes me happy as Asante loves taking balls away from Eli…. however, as a football fan in general, I can’t believe the Eagles got back so little…. oh well…

  14. Eagle eye says:


  15. TK19 says:

    Wow… wish the Cowboys would have stole errr traded for Asante

  16. Free Plax says:

    I got to ask all those kind words for Asante have nothing to do with him quoting your blog right? To me you can never have enough good corners, Eagles have a ton of cap room, why didn’t they re-due his contract. Oh well glad we don’t have to see him two times a year anymore.

    1. deg0ey says:

      I’d assume that he wasn’t willing to take a pay cut to spend most of the game on the sidelines…

  17. Anders says:

    I really think Samuels demands made his value less then what it would have been had he not been so demanding

    1. He agreed to a $4.5 million per season pay cut. It doesn’t appear to me like he was really all that demanding.

      1. deg0ey says:

        As far as I can tell, the rumours about a 6th rounder all started before there was any talk of him restructuring his deal. I remain hopeful that they were actually tabled in that order and that his pay cut has enabled the actual trade value to be higher.

      2. Jimmer says:

        As a Cowboys fans it pains me to say this, but when do the Eagles ever get burnt on deals like this? Maybe, once again, the Eagles know something other teams don’t. McNabb, Kolb, Feely, even your beloved “Weapon X” were either past their prime or not really all that good when you guys dumped them. CB’s like Samuel have a tendancy to fall of a cliff at a certain age, maybe they saw signs of this year in practice. Just pretend like your extra 2nd rounder was for Samuel this year and not the highway robbery of a trade involving Kolb last year. Also, I mean no disrespect by this, but no one outside of Philly and the Samuel household thinks he’s a top 10 CB. Matter of fact he’s probably the 3rd best CB on the Falcons.

          1. Jimmer says:

            Don’t know if you have an ESPN insider account, but KC Joyner had an article based on 2010 stats that said Atlanta had the top CB combo in the NFL. Different metrics than the holy scripture that is PFF though i’m sure. Also, not many GM in the NFL that would take Samuel over Grimes IMO.


            1. Jimmer says:

              Sorry meant FO not PFF.

          2. Anders says:

            As I have heard several other places, how much worth it that if the safety cannot trust he will stay in his zone instead of freelancing?

            1. I think a lot of that is familiarity. He worked great together with Q for years.

              1. Anders says:

                I thought about the Fitz TD where he hang a rookie to dry because he gambled and didnt follow his man. That is not acceptable for me to let any safety one vs one coverage with a receiver like Fitz

  18. bdawk4ever says:

    I think a 6th was the best the Eagles could get, otherwise they’d probably cut him and get nothing.

  19. theguyotc says:


    1. Ha, oh boy. That’s never good.

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