Giants depth chart: A pre-draft look

Green = Position is set, unlikely to be addressed in the draft.  Yellow = Player’s spot on depth chart in question, could be addressed in the draft.  Red = Highly likely to be addressed in the draft if player is high on the depth chart, unlikely to make the team if low on the depth chart.  Also, if the player is 30 years of age or older as of this publish date, his age is noted in parenthesis.

NOTE: There was some confusion as to the color code system on previous depth chart posts.  If a player is highlighted in green, it does not necessarily mean that I think that player is a stud.  It just means that his spot on the depth chart is very likely safe.  Good?  Good.  OK, let’s get to it:


  • The Giants typically only keep 2 QB’s, and there’s really no need for them to keep more, seeing as Eli Manning is currently the NFL’s QB iron man.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw is the undisputed starter at RB, but the Giants’ depth at RB is less than ideal.  D.J. Ware is the clear-cut 2 (and not a great one), in my opinion, with Da’Rel Scott serving as the 3.  Scott is a burner, and could potentially contribute as a kick returner, but I have my doubts that he has the full trust of Tom Coughlin.  Andre Brown was recently suspended for 4 games for using PED’s.  That’s going to severely damage his chances to stick with the team.
  • Not a lot of depth at WR, with Mario Manningham and Devin Thomas bolting for San Francisco and Chicago, respectively.  Lucky for them, this draft is absolutely loaded with talent at the WR position.  Jerry Reese recently mentioned that they expect Ramses Barden to step up this year.  I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.
  • The Giants currently have an absurd number of TE’s on the roster.  Seven.  Five are listed above, with Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum likely starting the season on either the IR or PUP list.  For now, Bennett is the starter, and in my opinion, a nice fit.  But if say, Coby Fleener is sitting there at 32, it’d be hard for the Giants to pass him up and immediately insert him into the starting lineup.  Bear Pascoe offers some flexibility in that he can play TE or FB.  Not that Pascoe plays FB well, but he does have some experience there.
  • William Beatty has said that he’s back to 100%.  He’ll reclaim his spot at LT.  David Baas is the center, and Chris Snee is the RG.  Those spots are pretty much set in stone.  LG and RT gets a little dicey.  I really like Kevin Boothe as a versatile reserve, but would not feel confortable with him as a 16 game starter, and David Diehl was one of the worst starting offensive linemen in the NFL last season.  The Giants don’t draft for need, but if they’re on the board at 32 and they have a couple players that are rated closely, I’d have to think they’d be leaning toward drafting an offensive lineman.

Defense and special teams after the jump…


  • The Giants’ starting lineup on defense is basically set, depending on what Keith Rivers is, and depending on how well Terrell Thomas has recovered from his torn ACL.
  • With Dave Tollefson departing for Oakland, Justin Trattou is the next man up.  Umenyiora is probably a goner next year, so another pass rushing DE could be on the menu… again.
  • Never a bad thing when Osi Umenyiora is running with your 2’s.
  • Depending on how Marvin Austin pans out, and keep in mind that he hasn’t played football since 2009, the Giants are somewhat thin at DT behind Chris Canty and Linval Joseph.
  • My best guess is that the Giants will line up their LB’s as such: WILL: Keith Rivers. MIKE: Michael Boley. SAM: Mathias Kiwanuka. Jacquian Williams will be lurking over Rivers’ shoulder, and should replace him on 3rd and anything over 3. Chase Blackburn and Mark Herzlich should provide nice depth. I think I kinda like the Giants’ LB rotation.  Maybe not “like like” them, but like them enough where they’re not really a weakness.
  • Gotta believe Clint Sintim’s days in NJ are over.  He’s going to have to over-impress in camp.
  • I still think the Giants need help at CB.  Terrell Thomas is no sure thing, and once you get past Prince Amukamara, you’re looking at average depth.  Since Jerry Reese took over in 2007, the Giants have drafted 5 CB’s.  Two of them were in the first round (Amukamara, Aaron Ross), and one was a 2 (Terrell Thomas).  The Giants have 7 picks this year.  Expect at least one to be a CB.
  • Safety probably isn’t quite set yet either.  Chris Horton didn’t find a team after the Redskins cut him during camp last year.  The Giants could draft some competition for him in the later rounds.

Special teams:

  • Unlikely to see any changes here.


  1. NZLFuh Very good blog.Really thank you! Really Great.

  2. brisulph says:

    Yeah, Austin being healthy and ready to play football should prove to be a key point for the Giants, since they run a rotation. One injury and and an underwhelming Austin, and the middle of the d-line will get killed in the run.

  3. Kurt says:

    I think the Slot CB spot is Tryon’s to lose.

  4. giantsfan says:

    I had no idea the Giants were keeping that many TEs on their roster.

  5. BBI says:

    Two quick comments:

    ->Giants only have 7 picks – gave up 5th rounder for Rivers
    -> Just my opinion, but I think Bruce Johnson (who’s been their dime back for past couple years behind Webster, Thomas, Ross) is higher than Molden, but I don’t know too much about Molden’s ability to make a decisive opinion on that.

    That’s about it, awesome job. Wouldn’t have changed anything regarding the depth chart. Defensive Tackle depth is a little thin, but the Giants use JPP and Tuck at DT a lot too, so its not as concerning as one would think, though I would not be opposed to adding another in there.

    I’m very concerned with the lack of quality OL depth. Hopefully that can get addressed. In an ideal world, Diehl and Boothe become super subs, with Petrus and Brewer taking over at LG and RT, respectively, but that’s stretching a bit.

    1. D’oh, you’re right on Rivers. gotta fix that.

    2. As for Molden, I don’t know a ton about him either. 2011 was the first legitimate playing time he got in 4 seasons. Only have him higher than Johnson because of Johnson’s ruptured Achilles. Not disagreeing with you, just explaining my reasoning. Either way, I don’t think either of them will be the dime this year.

      And thanks.

      1. BBI says:

        That’s true, Johnson’s achilles probably will limit him quite a bit, but yeah, you’re right. Depth chart looks to be Webster, Thomas, Prince, Tryon….

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