The Cowboys watched 7 games of film before signing Nate Livings for 5 years, $19 million

Here’s audio of Bryan Broaddus’ show on 103.3 FM ESPN radio in Dallas.  Skip to the 1:50 mark and listen to Broaddus say that the Cowboys told him that they only watched 7 games of film on Nate Livings last season:

I’m not an NFL scout and I’m not going to pretend to know what their typical day on the job is.  Maybe there’s a logical reason I’m missing as to why you would only watch 7 of the guy’s games, but personally, if I’m going to pay a player $19 million over 5 years to be a starter for my $2 billion franchise, I might think about watching more than just 7.  In fact, I know this is kind of a wacky concept, but I might just consider evaluating… you know… all of them?

This is just mind-blowing to me.


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  11. Nightspook says:

    He played several positions along the line last year. They watched film where he played the position they see him. The greatly affected his (PFF) ratings last year. When he played LG and was asked to double the center and then slide to the LB he was not very good. When he played RG and blocked 1 on 1 he was a beast!

    If I may reccomend just a little faith, a little research and a little thought before lambasting a scouting department that has been doing a demonstratively better job the last few years. Go Cowboys!

  12. no1pipelayer says:

    Maybe Jerry subscribes to the “What I don’t know can’t hurt me” theory of business employed so successfully by Enron

  13. Blue Eyed Devil says:

    My mind is absolutely blown here. You have to be kidding me!

    The average NFL play is, what, 10 seconds? A guard is on the field 50 snaps a game? So if someone just edits the game you can watch every offensive snap in 8 minutes. If the Cowboys had a highschool intern that knew how to use Windows movie maker they could have watched every snap of all 16 games in 2 hours.

    Alright, so maybe you want to replay some of those snaps a few times, maybe you want to stop for a bathroom break. We are still talking about a totality of film that’s shorter than a Transformers movie. It would take less an a normal work-day to watch every snap.

    1. dvh says:

      10*50 = 500, 8 minutes 20 seconds
      * 10 = 82 minutes + 41 minutes + 200 sec + 100 sec, 128 minutes + 8 min 20 sec = 136 minutes and 20 seconds for every snap through a 16 game season.

      Jimmy K is saying that they evaluated 7 of those or 3500 seconds worth, 50 minutes, 80 seconds, 3 seconds, .3 seconds – 51 minutes 23.33 seconds of game tape total, before signing him for $19 million dollars. ~400k a minute if you boil it down.

      Doesn’t sound far fetched at all Jimmy.

      1. JimmyK isn’t saying anything. BryanB is. JimmyK is just passing along BryanB’s inside information.

  14. Mastermind says:

    U gotta be kidding me!!!! We be journalizin’ my @ss!!!!!! Ur a moron if u take that as truth. Jimmy let met know if u want an intelligent, unbiased sports fan to take up your duties here at blogging the beast. I am more than willing to write stupid @ss stories that have no credibility about how sh!tty the eagles are.

    1. Bryan Broaddus is a former scout with the Cowboys, and has been a scout in the NFL for 13 years. He’s more than just a little connected into the Cowboys. I’m not the one reporting that the Cowboys watched just 7 of Livings’ games. Broaddus is. Think he’s lying? We live in a world where technology allows you to tell him.

      But keep in mind, we’re talking about a front office that has let their draft board get leaked on more than one occasion. We’re talking about an organization that traded two 1’s for Joey Galloway. We’re talking about an organization that traded a 1, a 3, and a 6 for Roy Williams. We’re talking about an organization that had the oldest OL in football a few years ago and did next to nothing to fix it. We’re talking about an organization that routinely hands out absurdly high contract extensions to average players who have minimal leverage.

      So when a guy that’s tapped in to what the Cowboys are doing says something that sounds a little off, it just doesn’t surprise me.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        Again…you’re not surprised…You’ve already made your mind up about Jerry and this just further confirms that notion in your opinion. Even if it’s exaggerated, or not true…you’ve just laid evidence of everything you think the front office has done wrong, as if other franchises don’t do stupid things. It fits into your narrative of Jerry.

        “So when a guy that’s tapped in to what the Cowboys are doing says something that sounds a little off, it just doesn’t surprise me.”

        You’re not surprised at all… fact.

        With that said, I must get my dig in…For all the good the Eagles front office has done over the years(which you’d say is far and away better than the Boys), what has that gotten the city of Philadelphia?

        1. DerfDiggy says:

          You’re also giving Broaddus the benefit of the doubt here…Broaddus could’ve gotten bad information, taken it out of context, or is just simply…WRONG. For as “tapped in” to the Cowboys as he is…he’s been feverishly wrong on several occasions. This could very well be one of them, but it’s not a big enough story to really follow-up on.

          You’ve taken a strange stance on Livings here in the past few weeks. Kosier got nearly the same flack as Livings after being signed, and he turned into a pretty good signing. You simply can’t rate these things now.

          In Callahan we trust….even if it’s off of 7 games.

          1. Anders says:

            Consider, the Cowboys havnt been out and deny his saying (something they might want to do if he was lying) and most people agree it was a way to big deal for an average starter (you would be better of in the draft).

            Why cant we rate a signing when its done? Living have been a below to average starter and nothing suggest he will improve. Its the same reason why we rate other FA signings when its done. They are based on need, fit, money and performance.

            1. DerfDiggy says:

              Because players consistently outplay their contracts all the time. If he goes on to start for the next 5 years, and plays at a respectable level. The contract isn’t bad at all. Again….Kosier is a great example of the opposite of what you’re saying.

              Oh and LOL! at “The cowboys haven’t been out and deny his saying”.

              There’s a saying…absence of evidence is not evidence of absence….

              Cowboys don’t comment on every rumor or statement.

        2. Dan says:

          This reminds me of the Dave Chappelle skit where he just wouldn’t believe R Kelly didn’t give a teenage girl a golden shower unless he was there with R Kelly’s grandmom, his friends and all to confirm the video is legit. How can you say Jimmy is biased when the proof is in the audio its not like he is making it up on the top of his head, you need to get rid of your Cowboys bias where you don’t think your team can do any wrong.

      2. Mastermind says:

        After listening to the broadcast again. Jimmy, you obviously misheard what broadus stated. He says they evaluated 7 game tapes. They obviously watched more than 7, but it was those 7 that gave them enough faith to believe if he was coached properly and given a new start he could improve his play and the line for dallas. And u can bash Jerry all u want, but it will never change the fact that he wants his team to win more than anything in the world. Also that he won 3 superbowls, and took a franchise that was in debt to the US govt and turned it in to the most polarizing sports franchise in the WORLD. Its a shame they let a troll like yourself run a website that represents the entire nfc east. But I digress, its my fault for expecting more from an eagles fan.

        1. Evaluated, watched… What’s the difference? OK, so they only “evaluated” 7 of Livings’ games? That’s better how?

          1. DerfDiggy says:

            Well I’m assuming…but it’d be better how by…..the following:
            Let’s say they watched(they as in the scouts/OL coaches) Livings in all of his games…but they chose those 7 games along with a list of pros/cons to persuade Jerry/Garrett. Say they chose those 7 games(I have no idea what 7 games) because it showed the absolute best and worst of Livings.

            Usually your gut is right…and your gut is telling you: “That can’t be right.”

            Listen to your gut here Jimmy. Worst case for you, is Livings is a great signing…best case is he’s a bad signing.
            At this point its semantics and assumptions, and we don’t have the full knowledge on the evaluation process.

            1. Come on now… We’re just imagining scenarios at this point.

              The bottom line is that Broaddus, like him or not, said pretty directly that the Cowboys told him that they only evaluated 7 of his games. Unfortunately, I don’t have my own sources within the Cowboys’ organization to confirm or deny.

              At the very least, Broaddus’ comment is noteworthy… so I noted it.

              1. Mastermind says:

                Sounds like ur back tracking now Jimmy k!!!!!! Stand behind ur “work.” I think ur envious of the cowboys as an organization, which is why you exert sooooo much energy spinning every bit of news about the cowboys in the most insulting and negative story possible. Let ur inner cowboy ou Jimmy K.

            2. slandog says:

              Sounds like you Cowboy fans are just trying really hard now to come up with ways to make this all sound untrue. Digging real deep even.

              Jimmy is just blogging about what someone else has reportedly heard, someone that has a pretty good and lengthy past with the Cowboys. Why wouldn’t you believe the guy, sure sometimes things come across sounding crazy (like this) but it doesn’t mean it’s not true all the same.

              Either way go back yourself then and look at his tapes, do you think he’s warranted in getting this kind of contract? Pretty big contract for a guy who if you look at him really isn’t all that impressive. So if you want to back Jones on this signing, go for it. But being an Eagles fan, I’ve laughing at this signing for a while now.

  15. Jimmer says:

    If you believe this I would like to talk to you about an investment opportunity with my cousin who is an African Prince.

    1. nadam says:

      for real? How much does he need?

    2. I’m listening…

  16. Ben says:

    Bryan Broaddus is a joke – “they don’t actually watch the film”. Yes, just because it’s from a different angle doesn’t mean it’s not film.

  17. AustonianAggie says:

    $5 Billion, and I expect their player personnel department actually watched all his games, ever

    1. I mean… I would think so too, but Broaddus was pretty demonstrative in that statement.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        Broaddus is great at times, and horrid at other times. I wouldn’t take everything he says at face value. He could be 100% correct in his statement, but common sense says he’s not. Even for all of Jerry’s blunders and mistakes, that’s literally too stupid to believe…

        But you’re an Eagles fan…and it would serve your underlying point that “Jerry’s a bad GM” to believe Broaddus.

        1. Jason says:

          Jerry’s record as GM serves that point better than anything.

          1. Shaun says:


  18. BBI says:

    I’d like to know your reaction to hearing this the first time, Jimmy.

    “Um what?”


      1. BBI says:

        Would’ve been my reaction…

        disbelief, followed by a small, silent laugh. Don’t tell me you didn’t at least chuckle when you realized they gave 19 mill after watching less than half a season of tape.

        1. My first reaction was “That can’t be right.”

  19. bula says:

    because those were the seven games he played well in? Good enough for jerry

  20. Anders says:

    Wouldnt they have had the time to watch all of them? If a guy like TommyL can watch endless hours of films with a “real” job on the side, one would expect a full time scout to have the time to watch every single game over the last couple years

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