My immediate thoughts on the Jason Peters rapture… er, rupture

– It’s further confirmation that God hates me, and all Eagles fans everywhere.

– Todd Herremans is one of the more underrated players in the NFL.  Last year, he had to fill in LT for Peters against the Redskins and he completely shut down Brian Orakpo, although it’s 100% unrealistic to expect that same level of play over a 16-game schedule.  I have full confidence that he can move over from RT to LT, face the best pass rushers in game, and play well.  But “playing well” is a lot different than being truly elite, which is what Jason Peters is.  Peters was probably the best LT in the NFL last year, and the transition from Peters to Herremans is most definitely a significant downgrade.  But it doesn’t end there.  The Eagles signed King Dunlap this morning, and while he’s a really nice reserve swing tackle, the downgrade from Herremans to Dunlap is also very significant.  The Eagles could certainly go in another direction at RT, whether that be through the draft or the remaining junk in free agency, but either way, this injury weakens two positions, not one.

– Danny Watkins played OT in college, and Evan Mathis worked out a bit at RT in camp last year, but those aren’t viable options.  If you slide Herremans over from RT to LT, kick one of your guards out to RT, and fill in that hole at guard from the outside, now you’re weakening three positions, and just pissing away any and all continuity.

– There’s some debate as to which side of the line is more important to protect with Michael Vick, a lefty, as the QB.  For me, it’s a no-brainer.  It’s the left side.  Here’s a sampling of the pass rushers the Eagles’ LT will face this year:

  • DeMarcus Ware twice: 66 sacks and 15 FF the last 4 seasons.
  • Jason Pierre-Paul and Osi Umenyiora twice: JPP was, in my opinion, the best defensive player in the NFCE last year. Umenyiora is a strip sack master, with 12 of them the last 2 years.
  • Brian Orakpo twice: 28.5 sacks in his first 3 seasons as a pro.
  • John Abraham: 22.5 sacks the last 2 seasons.
  • Terrell Suggs: 25 sacks, 9 FF last 2 seasons.
  • Carlos Dunlap: 14 sacks in his first 2 seasons as a pro.
  • Will Smith: Beginning to slow down. 12 sacks the last two seasons.
  • James Harrison -2008 Defensive Player of the Year. 9 sacks, 2 FF in a down year in 2011.
  • Kyle Vanden Bosch: Jim Washburn’s all time favorite defensive lineman. 8 sacks, 4 FF last year.
  • Adrian Clayborn: 7.5 sacks and 3 FF as a rookie
  • Sam Acho: 7 sacks, 4 FF as a rookie.

– I’ve seen Kareem McKenzie’s name kicked around a little already.  Nope.  Not happening.  McKenzie was awful last season.  He’s done.  King Dunlap is better at this point.

– Demetrius Bell remains on the market, but there’s a reason for that, and it’s probably not good.  Some people are suggesting he wants to be paid like a starting LT, others are saying that he’s inconsistent and has knee issues.  Maybe it’s a combo of all of that.

– The Eagles aren’t yet ruling Peters out for the entire 2012 season, but the general consensus is that it’s a “9 month injury.”  That would put us into late December.  If Peters can indeed return by December, he’ll still be nowhere near the player he was last season.  Plus, Peters looked very out of shape to me the first few days of training camp last year, although he got himself in decent enough condition by the time the season began.  If he can indeed return during the season, the lack of training camp could be a rare case where it really effects an established vet like Peters.

– The proposed new IR rule just became of heightened importance to the Eagles.  That will likely be voted on in April, per a Rich McKay interview I recall seeing on NFL Network.

– All in all, just a devastating injury to the Eagles.  There’s no replacing this:


  1. Bedete says:

    would you mind writing more posts about this subject?

  2. Volt says:

    At the end of the day Herremans is the better player for a left handed QB.I agree D3,why would you insist on moving him?.Jimmys agrument that the”best pass rusher” is always on that side doesnt work VS Skins and if I am the Eagles I dont move him.Left handed QB more likely to get stripped “blind side”..

  3. D3Keith says:

    “either way, this injury weakens two positions, not one.”

    Only if you insist on moving Herremans. Not sure this is the wisest move. Keep the other 4 in their spots and add a natural LT. Preferably without ruining the draft.

  4. Switzbeats says:

    I think the best way to describe the JPP vs. Ware in 2011 is that JPP made a lot more impactful and important plays. I am a Dallas fan and I love Ware but for as great as he is he does not make that many impact or game-changing plays. JPP did that last year

    1. yehti says:

      JPP has alot more help as well. you cant soley focus on JPP cause of Tuck Osi ect. Ware then maybe Rat but thats it. Dallas needs another pass rusher badly not named Spencer

    2. mastermind says:

      The Gmen have a better d line rotation n u can’t say that had no effect on jpps performance, put dware on the vagiants Dline and hed blow jpps stats away. Its a team sport, and Dware has had one of the least reliable supporting casts in of of the nfc east since the day he was drafted. Open ur eyes, try for one second to be unbiased and completely objective. Idiots!!

  5. Brandon says:

    Hate to see Peters go down as a cowboys fan because you want to beat the best. Ware against Peters is always a great matchup to watch. The eagles probably can survive this though. Look at the giants they won the super bowl with two below average tackles.

  6. JM says:

    T-Sizzle: 2011 Defensive Player of the Year. This schedule is gonna be brutal.

  7. CulDaddy says:

    better this happen now than mid-season. just sayin…

  8. bula says:

    i’ve decided to put on 60 lbs and play left tackle…the day is saved

  9. brisulph says:

    To quote a cousin of mine “God doesn’t give two s***s about your ________” (the blank being fill-in whatever you refer to).

    That said, if an injury like this has to occur, at least it was now, and not right before the season or something. It means the Eagles can try to work around it, with maximum prep time pretty much to get it done.

  10. Kyle says:

    Wow, I hadn’t realized how productive some of the rookie pass rushers were last year.

    1. Yep, and there are more. Obviously, everyone knows about Von Miller and Aldon Smith, but check out Justin Houston’s last 5 or so games. Brooks Reed too, after Mario Williams went down. Ryan Kerrigan. Great draft class for pass rushers in 2011.

      1. ct17 says:

        Sheard put up good numbers as well, and there was no better rusher on the other side of the line to draw away attention.

        1. Yup, crap, how’d I forget him. I even wrote about him specifically a couple weeks ago.

  11. Immynimmy says:


    No other way to express my feelings. Though I will say that at the very least, we have Howard Mudd…

  12. JimmyY? says:

    How can you Say JPP is Better than Dware? thats iggnorant. JPP is a monster no question and will oneday maybe eclipse Demarcus, of this i am sure. He is a freakish athlete and talented to the Nth Degree. However Demarcus Ware is a First Ballot HOF as of right now. He is probably the most feared Pass rusher in the NFL. and Untill JPP does it for more than 1.5 season’s it’s frankly ignorant to say JPP > Demarcus Ware. P.s your All world LT surrendered 5-6 Sacks to Demacus Last Season…

    That being said, Horrific loss for the Eagles, never wish for a player to go down, and Jason Peters is a humongous loss.

    While I have no love for the Eagles, that is definitely going to put a dampener on the season.

    1. I didn’t say JPP is better. I said he had a better season.

    2. …and if you’re going to call someone “ignorant” on the internet, at least spell it correctly.

      1. JimmyY? says:

        Said the comment was ignorant. And last time I checked 19.5 > than 16.5… seing how Jasons career Sacks are 21, and Ware almost did that his season. I dont know how you can give edge to JPP; even for just this season

        1. Because JPP isn’t just a great pass rusher, he’s also stellar against the run. And I think you probably remember his blocked FG pretty well. So yeah… 19.5 > 16.5, but JPP was the more complete player.

          1. JimmyY? says:

            Alright well thats just stupid calling JPP a more complete player than Demarcus Ware. I forgot the Rampant anti cowboys Bias your Harbor. That is just silly.

            1. Well, it’s not like I’m in love with the Giants either. Can we get some other non-Cowboys and non-Giants fans to weigh in? Who had the better season, JPP or Ware?

              1. Ben says:

                JPP = more complete, better? I don’t know about that

              2. DerfDiggy says:

                JPP was a better player overall than Demarcus Ware.

                I’m a diehard cowboys fan.

              3. Mike says:

                Yeah dude, at this point I don’t think you can say that JPP is better than D Ware. I like you’re articles man, they are funny and inciteful but sometimes it seems like you do harbor a little cowboy hatred.

              4. Jason-E says:

                Ware is a sack master. JPP is a beast and was superior to Ware last season.

              5. Gerty Wilkenson says:

                JPP was definitely better last season.

              6. yehti says:

                i wouldnt say JPP was superior to Ware but he was more all around better. im as big a Dallas fan as there is. its nothing against Ware JPP was beastin all year.

                Jimmy sorry about Peters that sux, i hate the Eagles but never wanna see something like this.

              7. ct17 says:

                Well, I’m a Giants fan. But JPP led all DEs and 3-4 OLBs in solo and total tackles. By a comfortable amount. A safety. A blocked field goal to win a game. 6 passes defensed – one of the top numbers among pass rushers again. A key factor in his team winning the Super Bowl. In this ONE SEASON, he was the better player.

              8. AtlEagle says:

                JPP had an absurdly good season, especially for someone who was suspected for having physical skills and not football discipline. The team surrounding Ware was unfortunate for him, as there just wasnt enough help for him, and teams could scheme around him somewhat. He put up great numbers considering that. JPP definitely had an advantage that teams could aim at him somewhat, and make him prove that he wasnt a weak point. To his credit, he did much more than simply not collapse.

                If JPP stays healthy, for a career, I would think he is the better all around player. That isnt taking anything away from Ware, JPP is a beast.

              9. yehti says:



              10. nadam says:

                lol ownage

              11. WeNeedLinemen says:

                I think JPP had the better season, but Ware has had an outstanding career. I also think Ware suffers from Tomlinson syndrome.

                For a few years Tomlinson put up rediculous numbers but although he got a ton of credit he never really engendered the sort of reactions that Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson or even Emmitt Smith garnered. Tomlinson was faster, stronger and more agile than all his contemporaries but his running style just wasn’t distinctive, it didn’t have character.

                The same sort of thing applies to Ware. He looks like a normal player, just one who seems to have a strange knack for beating blockers.

                He doesn’t exude that beserk energy that seemed to boil off Lawrence Taylor. JPP has that whole super-powered octopus thing going on but Ware just happens to be faster and stronger than all his contemporaries. He has special talent, but doesn’t look special.

    3. Switzbeats says:

      Posted this below but wanted to add it as a reply in this comment thread. Sorry for the duplicate comment

      I think the best way to describe the JPP vs. Ware in 2011 is that JPP made a lot more impactful and important plays. I am a Dallas fan and I love Ware but for as great as he is he does not make that many impact or game-changing plays. JPP did that last year

      1. JimmyY? says:

        Look at the defensive tallent on both of those rosters, look at the pass rush help on the Giants vs. the cowboys. You can put 3 guys on Ware and no worry about the rest of the Dallas pass rush for the most part. You absolutely cant say that for JPP. He benifits the same way Aldon smith Benifitted from Justin Smith, he is not seeing the type of scheming that Ware has EARNED, and still beats.

        This JPP vs. Ware argument is absolutely ridiculous. JPP has turned in 1 good year, Demarcus Ware is a future HOF. JPP hasnt even earned the right to be compared to demarcus.

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