Dumb Jaguars, Donte Stallworth’s strange career, TEBOW, and of course, the National “Foodball” League

– What are the Jaguars thinking?  First they go out and sign Laurent Robinson to a ridiculous 5 year deal worth $32.5 million.  And now, they sign Aaron Ross away from the Giants for a 3 year deal worth “up to” $15.3 million?  While the details of the deal aren’t in yet, I’m pretty confident in already proclaiming that I don’t like it.  Ross is a below average starting cornerback in the NFL, and frankly, if it hadn’t been for Osi Umenyiora’s outstanding strip of Aaron Rodgers in the 3rd quarter of the Packers-Giants playoff game, Ross would have been absolutely roasted for an embarrassing TD.  It would have been one of those instances where the corner isn’t within 5 yards of the receiver jogging into the end zone.  Who knows how that game turns out with Umenyiora not bailing out his teammate?  Ross was the beneficiary of the Giants’ strong pass rush last season.  Put him on a team that doesn’t get to the QB as quickly as the Giants do, and it could get ugly.  Check out Ross at the top of the screen:

– LaRon Landry is now out of the NFC East.  Rich Tandler of Real Redskins broke down his career with the Redskins.  Good stuff – summarizes him well.

– I stumbled upon a very weird, yet oddly funny website, called the National Foodball League.  That’s “Foodball,” with a D.  Just go.

– Former Eagle and Redskin Donte Stallworth signed with the Patriots yesterday.  His career the last 8 years:

  • 2005: Saints
  • 2006: Eagles
  • 2007: Patriots
  • 2008: Browns
  • 2009: Suspended
  • 2010: Ravens
  • 2011: Redskins
  • 2012: Patriots

– A couple things I wrote elsewhere:

Continued after the jump…

– Shocked to see Mario Manningham only got a 2 year deal.  Details aren’t in yet on how much money he’ll make, but 2 years is very surprising.  Give me the choice between him and Laurent Robinson, and I’m taking Manningham.  Crazy that Robinson gets a $32.5 million deal, and Manningham’s market was so soft.

– The Eagles signed a couple backup offensive linemen in Mike Gibson and Steve Vallos.  You probably won’t hear me talk about them again until training camp.

– I’m mildly surprised King Dunlap hasn’t gotten a sniff (that I know of) from any other teams in free agency.  He’s been very good in his role the past two years as a swing tackle with Philly.  I thought there was a chance some team out there might see him as a possible starter (although a low-end one).  Evidently not.

– Just a hunch, but I think today is the day the LB market begins to heat up.

– SI’s Jim Trotter sees the Eagles as one of the 4 teams that make the most sense for Tim Tebow:

This one makes so much sense to me that there’s no way it happens. One, Eagles coach Andy Reid is prone to do the unpredictable (see, Michael Vick, 2009; or Vince Young, 2010). Two, Tebow has many of the same qualities as Vick (mobile, lefthanded, strong-armed). Three, switching to Tebow from Vick if Vick were to sustain an injury – he has missed at least three games because of injury in each of his three seasons in Philadelphia – would not require a major adjustment to play-calling or blocking schemes. Again, it makes so much sense that it will never happen.

He’s lefty, strong arm, mobile. OMGZ!  IT’S THE SAME GUY!  OK, so even if you buy that premise (and I don’t), here’s the rub:  Let’s say Jason Pierre-Paul lays out Michael Vick during a game.  Vick breaks a couple ribs and can’t return.  In comes Tebow.  While the Eagles don’t have to make any drastic in-game scheme changes, neither does the defense.  If you’re the Giants, you can just stay with the same gameplan, except now you’re simply facing half the player.


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  7. Shutdown says:

    Brandon Carr > Aaron Ross

  8. Immynimmy says:

    Lofton and Bunkley are visiting the Saints today.

  9. Will says:

    What’s more surprising is the contract got Garcon got over Manningham.

    I’d easily take Manningham over Garcon

    1. nadam says:

      noooo nono no no no. Garcon >>>>> Manningham.

      1. giants fan says:

        Garcon has a much higher ceiling but Manningham is probably the better player right now.

  10. brisulph says:

    Of course Ross got lucky and got a big contract… he was a Giant this past year. As we all well know, anything the Giants did this past year of any positive consequence for them was 148% luck.

    1. Ha, come on man… That’s not what I was saying. And you know I never went down the “luck” road with the Giants. In fact, I was giving credit to the Giants’ DL. I just don’t think highly of Ross, a guy that’s not even on the team anymore anyway.

      1. brisulph says:

        I was not aiming that at you… just the general perception out there that anything the giants did right this year was passed off as luck, well anything that went wrong was just true colours. You are one of the few actual fair people out there in regards to summarizing things, the reason I visit your blog everyday.

        PS I agree, Ross did get overpaid here, and good on him for cashing in, considering going into last year he appeared to be entering his final year as a CB in the NFL.

          1. JimmyY? says:

            Dont know what you saw in Maningham this year that would claim that he is better than Robinson this year.

            Maningham had less production with more productive receivers on the outside than Robinson did.

            If you say past production, I’d say this is a show me lately league & Maninghams past production isnt wildly impressive. Yes Robinson got overpaid, but should he have made more than Maningham? absolutely.

            You should change this blog’s name to I love the Eagles and everyone else sucks. Because that’s pretty much the caliber of your reporting.

            1. “You should change this blog’s name to I love the Eagles and everyone else sucks. Because that’s pretty much the caliber of your reporting.”

              Lol… Was Manningham an Eagle?

              1. JimmyY? says:

                No he was a giant, but your view of Cowboy players is so slanted, I guess I should have better separated the two ideas.

                The general premise, is that your portrayal of the Eagles in relation to the other teams in this division is far and away removed from any type of Impartiality its absurd. I’m surprised Espn hasn’t offered you a job.

              2. It’s kind of funny that you’re getting all bent out of shape because I said I like Mario Manningham as a player over Laurent Robinson, especially considering Robinson isn’t even a Cowboy anymore.

            2. Free Plax says:

              Jimmy Y needs to take those cowboys blue and white glasses off. You do realize Laurent Robinson has only had one year of decent stats right?

      2. Free Plax says:

        Ross benefited from being on a championship team, teams always overvalue guys from Super Bowl winning teams. Having said that I don’t follow the Jags at all but it doesn’t sound like they have a bunch of talent in the secondary, so the Ross signing makes sense, they only gave him 3 years so it sounds like they can eat the contract if they have too. Ross should be better than what they have.

        1. RogerPodacter says:

          i think a lot is going to depend on the details of the contract. for all we know, he’s only getting like $2 Mil gtd and there are incentives for 10 INTs in the season or something.

  11. CarverM says:

    Tebow might be half the player, but he has at least twice the Jeebus.

    1. AT LEAST twice the Jeebus.

    2. RogerPodacter says:

      do we have conclusive proof that vick has ANY jeebus?
      i thought tebow was far ahead of the rest of the league in his jeebus stat.

      update: jeebus stat to be included in madden ’14

      1. “update: jeebus stat to be included in madden ’14”


  12. Anthony says:

    The gameplan wouldn’t be changed if Tebow came into the game? Did that guy watch either the Eagles or the Broncos last year? His reasoning is so incredibly flawed; how is it that some people get a job like that and while saying things like this?

  13. RogerPodacter says:

    who did landry sign with?

    i know, too lazy to find out for myself…

    1. Jay Walker (GIB) says:


      1. RogerPodacter says:

        thanks, i just saw a note about it on another sports site and came here to post a quick ‘nevermind’.

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