BLOCKBUSTER DEAL: Eagles trade Winston Justice to the Colts

The details of the trade:

Eagles get
Colts’ 6th round pick (2nd pick in the 6th round)
Colts get
Winston Justice
Eagles’ 6th round pick (17th pick in the 6th round)

This should dominate the headlines for a few days.


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  7. […] Eagles traded Winston Justice to the Colts.  They basically moved up 15 spots in the 6th round.  Woohoooo!  This kinda reminds me of a trade the Eagles made with the Patriots a year ago.  […]

  8. […] for releasing him, so the Eagles should save the full amount toward their cap.  Earlier today, the Eagles were able to trade Winston Justice for a meager return.  I would assume they tried to do the same with Jackson, but couldn’t find any suitors.  So […]

  9. Free Plax says:

    Looks like the Eagles front office learned their lesson after last season, handed Dan Synder his the offseason Jones championship trophy back

  10. Immynimmy says:

    What is that, now 3 6th rounders? Our future MLB!

  11. brisulph says:

    This is HUGE… no no wait, the other thing.

  12. ATLeagle says:

    one step closer to owning the entire 6th round!

  13. rage114 says:


  14. says:

    And we though the Eagles wouldn’t be big players in FA.

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