Full season snap count notes: Giants defense

Snap count data per Pro Football Focus:

Player Snaps Player Snaps
Corey Webster 1383 Rocky Bernard 466
Antrel Rolle 1377 Chase Blackburn 381
Kenny Phillips 1282 Greg Jones 204
Jason Pierre-Paul 1208 Prince Amukamara 203
Aaron Ross 1197 Mark Herzlich 75
Michael Boley 1177 Jimmy Kennedy 55
Deon Grant 1126 Michael Coe 55
Mathias Kiwanuka 975 Spencer Paysinger 50
Chris Canty 839 Tyler Sash 41
Justin Tuck 823 Justin Tryon 30
Linval Joseph 764 Justin Trattou 17
Jacquian Williams 597 Will Blackmon 17
Dave Tollefson 574 Brian Williams 13
Osi Umenyiora 542 Derrick Martin 4

Commentary after the jump…

– Corey Webster, as you can see, had the most snaps.  He missed 24 snaps on the season.

– The Giants had 3 safeties with over 80% of the snaps.  Antrel Rolle was in on 98% of the snaps, Kenny Phillips 89%, and Deon Grant 80%.  They basically ran a nickle as their base D.

– Greg Jones got snaps early in the season, but he couldn’t play well enough to stay on the field.  Ditto that for Mark Herzlich, who got hurt.  Herzlich is a great story, but he didn’t play very well when he got his opportunities.  He only had 75 snaps.  Jacquian Williams was the much more effective late round LB for the Giants.  Love that Tom Coughlin referred to him as “Young Williams” after one game, as if he’s some sort of Jedi.

– With the large number of injuries the Giants sustained early in the season, it’s no surprise that they had 10 players that had less than 100 snaps.

– I’m mildly surprised to see that Dave Tollefson actually had more snaps than Osi Umenyiora, even though Osi dealt with some injuries early in the season.  Osi had 12.5 sacks in just 542 snaps.  That’s excellent production for the amount of time he was on the field.

– Chase Blackburn had 381 snaps, all of them after Week 13.


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  5. I completely agree with the above comment.

  6. Will says:

    Yeah have to disagree on Herzlich playing badly on basis of SSS. He wasn’t great, but he only played 2 games iirc, or got injured in the 3rd. Blackburn played better than Herzlich probably would have this year, but I’m not throwing Herzlich off the blimp yet.

    It’s also criminal that Grant got as many snaps as he did. He’s great in the locker room, but he’s slow, old, and he got juked by Drew Brees.

  7. Troy O says:

    unless u mean post season as well .

    1. Post season as well

  8. Troy O says:

    Osi had 9 sacks.

  9. andiamo says:

    Herzlich didn’t play poorly IMO. he wasn’t lighting the world on fire but he was better than G. Jones….clearly better.

    Had he not gotten hurt, the Giants probably woulda have just stuck with him at MIKE. But when he went down Chase came in and promply intercepted A Rodg and that was that. Of course, Herz never really ever got healthy again though…I don’t think he dressed in the playoffs at all.

    1. Antrel Rolle and Justin Tuck both criticized his play (although not by name).

      1. andiamo says:

        antrel rolle is a card carrying moron. and who doesn’t he criticize?

        he was throwing G. Jones under the bus too before Herz.

        he doesn’t want to play for Coughlin, he thinks Fewell doesn’t use him properly, Webster wasn’t in the right spot on the Dez TD.

        the day I take anything Rolle says to heart is the day i root for the Eagles.

        1. romu says:

          Yet he’s the one who got the D fired up after the WAS debacle when Tuck wanted to quit.
          W/O Rolle, we’re not Champs.

      2. andiamo says:

        an emo justin tuck also said after T. Thomas went on IR that he was the best CB on the Giants.

        A blind man can see that Cweb > TT.

  10. rozzz5 says:

    I keep seeing people calling Jacquian Williams an undrafted free agent.

    Jimmy, he was actually a sixth round pick, albeit a pretty unheralded one that not too many draft experts knew anything about.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Oops, my bad. You’re right.

  11. giants fan says:

    12.5 in 542 is ridiculous.

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