Full season snap count notes: Eagles defense

Snap count data per Pro Football Focus:

Player Snaps Player Snaps
Nnamdi Asomugha 955 Casey Matthews 310
Jamar Chaney 873 Jarrad Page 306
Asante Samuel 828 Darryl Tapp 262
Kurt Coleman 771 Juqua Parker 254
Nate Allen 770 Jaiquawn Jarrett 244
Jason Babin 720 Akeem Jordan 227
Brian Rolle 659 Moise Fokou 180
Mike Patterson 652 Phillip Hunt 156
Cullen Jenkins 652 Keenan Clayton 156
Trent Cole 640 Brandon Hughes 91
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie 406 Antonio Dixon 86
Joselio Hanson 355 Brandon Graham 56
Derek Landri 351 Curtis Marsh 13
Trevor Laws 332

Commentary after the jump…

– Every Eagle defender missed at least 100 snaps.  Obviously, that’s not good.

– 27 Eagle defenders saw playing time.  Again, that’s not good.

– Nate Allen saw 770 snaps after a pretty bad injury the previous season, and his play improved as the season progressed.  I’m optimistic for Nate to play well in 2012.

– Darryl Tapp is set to make $2.575 in 2012.  He only played 262 snaps in 2011, and that was even with the help of Trent Cole missing 2 games.  I like Tapp as a player (and so does Jim Washburn), but I’m expecting him to be cut.

– Trevor Laws was the Eagles’ first pick (2nd round) in the 2008 draft.  He has a total of 1144 snaps for his career (286 per season).  I think it’s safe to consider him a bust at this point.

– Just before the season was set to begin, the Eagles cut Joselio Hanson.  I threw a hissy fit.  They wound up re-signing him and getting 355 snaps out of him, just 51 less than DRC.

– Jarrad Page last just 310 snaps before the Eagles cut him.  Those are 310 snaps I hope to forget someday.

– Casey Matthews’ snap counts on the season: 59, 53, 34, 2, 1, 0, 0, 3, 4, 0, 1, 3, 50, 26, 34, 62.

– Brandon Graham… 56 snaps.  That makes me a sad panda.


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  3. Adriana says:

    Gostei muito desse site!

  4. Burt says:

    Dude! When did Jaiquawn Jarret have 240 snaps? I barely remember seeing him at all?

  5. Mark says:

    have some fun – put their draft round next to their names. go ahead, I dare you.

  6. Matt G says:

    Didn’t tapp miss 3-4 games this year too? Some with a pectoral injury and one with a ankle injury?

    1. D3Keith says:


  7. […] Good stuff from Jimmy Bama on the Eagles and full season snap counts for the defense.  Weird, though.  It says Jarrad Page on there.  I don’t recall him playing for the Eagles.  Must not have been very memorable if I was able to forget so quickly…or I spent lots of $ on therapy to make it go away.  The horror, the horror. […]

  8. Will says:

    Why did Casey Matthews end up getting a lot of snaps at the end of the season?

    1. Anders says:

      He played as one of the nickle LBs

      1. Will says:

        Did he play it well? Or not horrendous?

        1. He didn’t stand out either way, so let’s go with “not horrendous,” which was a huge improvement.

  9. Tracer Bullet says:

    Man, I had such high hopes for Laws. He was a beast at Notre Dame, but I guess that just goes to illustrate the dangers of drafting the one competent player on a terrible defense. But I’m sure Kuechly will be different (cough).

  10. Anders says:

    I know Cole missed two games, but dam that alot less snaps for him and he still managed the same production as his other years.

    1. Yep, 6 sacks in the last 5 games, which was atypical of his usual late-season production. He was fresh.

      1. Anders says:

        another reason to like Washburns heavy rotation system. I really hope Graham and Hunt can improve and get more snaps next year.

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