Linky, February 20, 2012: Letting DeSean walk for absolutely nothing? Not even TRYING to recoup value? For real?

Eagles can now designate franchise player – Chris McPherson, Eagles Mothership

Just a reminder that teams can begin to slap the tag on players today.

Eagles should let DeSean walk and sign another wide receiver – Paul Domowitch,

If Rosenhaus still is telling Banner that Jackson wants to be one of the league’s seven or eight highest-paid wideouts, you can kiss little DeSean goodbye. No new deal. And probably no franchise tag.

The Eagles have never let an agent dictate to them what they’re going to do from a personnel standpoint, but OK, you have my attention.

If the Eagles franchise him and he signs the 1-year tender, he would be guaranteed nearly $10 million next season, which is more guaranteed money than he can expect to get in a new contract with the Eagles or another team.

Recoup some value for DeSean? BAH! Why bother?

Vehemently disagree.

The popular thinking is that, even if they don’t want him back, the Eagles must franchise Jackson so they can hang on to his rights and get something for him in a trade.

I understand the rationale, but there are a couple of problems with that strategy. First, if they franchise Jackson strictly for the purpose of trading him, it’s fairly likely they would try to sign a replacement when the free-agency signing period begins on March 13. Wide receiver is expected to be one of the deepest positions on the free-agent market.

But how much more difficult will it be to persuade a Vincent Jackson or a Marques Colston or a Dwayne Bowe to sign with the Eagles in mid-March if Jackson is still around?

Sure, the Eagles could tell them they have no intention of keeping Jackson. But their decision to hang on to all three of their cornerbacks last year, when they couldn’t get what they wanted for Asante Samuel, is going to make it hard for those free agents to believe anything the Eagles say.

I’d love to see Sports Illustrated or NFL Network use their resources and access to players to do a poll on what matters most to them when choosing a team in free agency.  If you could get them to answer anonymously (and therefore honestly), the #1 answer would be “Money.”  If you revealed the answers Family Feud style, “Money” would get you 85 points, at a minimum.  The rest of the answers (good team, good QB, climate, city near where I grew up, etc) would all be far, far behind.

Let’s enter the brain of… say… Marques Colston for a second.  The Eagles make you a hypothetical offer of 5 years, $50 million.  It’s the best offer, money-wise, on the table.  You’re going from one good team to another, playing with a QB that is highly respected by the players around the league, for a city that gives a crap and always has its share of prime time games.  You’re a proven player in the league and confident in your abilities.  Do you really care if there are other good players that play your position on that prospective team?  And if you do indeed care, is it enough to take a lesser offer elsewhere?  And by the way, does anybody really think Marques Colston is acutely aware of the Nnamdi/Asante/DRC love triangle, the same way a Philly beat reporter might be?  And even if he is, wouldn’t Colston be playing the Nnamdi role in that scenario?

In addition, if they do manage to corral a top free-agent wideout, they will lose most of their bargaining position with respect to trading DeSean. There are a lot of people running NFL teams who aren’t the brightest crayons in the box. But even most of them are smart enough to realize the last thing the Eagles want to do is pay an immature guy who had two red-zone receptions and four touchdown catches last season nearly $10 million in 2012. Once it becomes evident that the Eagles don’t want to keep him, teams are going to be calling their bluff. They’ll be lucky to get a fifth-round pick for Jackson, although we all know how much the Eagles love those late-round picks.

If your solution is to just let him walk in the first place , then who really cares if you killed his trade value?  And isn’t a 5 better than… you know… nothing?

So, the best play here for the Eagles just might be to keep the franchise tag in the drawer, thank Jackson for the memories and go find a more productive replacement. I mean, if the Eagles sign Vincent Jackson, is anybody really going to care that they didn’t get a draft pick for DeSean?

Is that a serious question?  Hell yes, they’ll care… or at least the intelligent ones will.

Not to mention… What if you let DeSean walk for nothing, and then you find that the top free agent wide receivers have all found stupid money elsewhere (money that you’re not willing to overpay)?  Then what?  You’re hoping a rookie can step in a be great from Day 1… or rolling with Maclin and Avant as your 1 and 2?

Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants after the jump…

Daryl Johnston: “They still flip me the bird in Philly” –

There used to be this youtube clip of Moose at a roast of Emmitt Smith and Shaquille O’Neal.  Moose goes up and basically starts in on this heartfelt speech to Emmitt.  Has no idea whatsoever what a roast is, apparently, and Jamie Foxx just starts abusing him.  First, he starts making snoring sounds into a microphone, low at first, then louder, then pretend to falloff his chair in boredom.  It gets so bad that the other comedians start joining in as well.  Moose gets so pissed that he throws a chair at Foxx.

And now it’s gone!  If anyone can find that video for me, I’ll owe you a lifetime of gratitude.

Cowboys position series: Cornerbacks – Tim MacMahon, ESPN Dallas

Need meter (0-5): 5

Beck recalls draft tests – John Keim, Washington Examiner

Two days before a scheduled visit with the Dolphins before the 2007 NFL Draft, a package arrived for then BYU quarterback John Beck. It was a condensed version of Miami’s playbook with a set of instructions: memorize this before you arrive.

So Beck did.

But the Dolphins never directly asked him about any of the plays he had learned in the past 48 hours. After a half hour Beck asked why. Their response: Beck would tell them this is how they termed a particular formation, then he’d say how Miami called the same look. It was clear he had learned their plays.

It solidified the Dolphins’ belief in him, and they drafted him in the second round.

Good read.

Washington Redskins must re-sign Rex Grossman – b/r

Or what?

My tortured relationship with the New York Giants – David Kamp, NY Times

Good read.  This guy reminds me of one of my favorite Giants readers here, brisulph.


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