Anthony Spencer vs. Victor Butler: A quick look at the numbers

The debate that I can’t even believe has become a serious debate is whether or not the Cowboys should use the franchise tag on Anthony Spencer. Beginning tomorrow, teams can choose to apply the tag to one of their players. I’m already on record of where I stand with Spencer, which is that there’s simply no way you can pay a below average starter $8.8 million dollars.

With the disclaimer of where I stand out of the way, do with these numbers what you will. I want to be careful not to make the claim that Victor Butler is the better player (I think both players have their strengths and weaknesses), or that he’s even starting material, but here’s a quick comparison of Anthony Spencer and his backup over the last 3 seasons:

Anthony Spencer Snaps Tackles Sacks FF
2011 939 66 6 4
2010 952 63 5 2
2009 1113 79 8 2
Total 3004 208 19 8
Victor Butler Snaps Tackles Sacks FF
2011 233 23 3 0
2010 158 24 2 1
2009 123 17 3 1
Total 514 *64 8 2
Comparison Snaps Tackles Sacks FF
Butler projected over 3004 snaps 3004 *374 46.8 11.7
Spencer in 3004 snaps 3004 *208 19 8

*The tackle numbers for each player include any tackles made on special teams. Obviously, Butler would have more of those, and thus, the tackle projections could be skewed.


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  3. Adriana says:

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  4. […] get production from Butler that’s equal to, or better than Spencer’s.  The bar hasn’t exactly been set all that high, […]

  5. AustonianAggie says:

    This shows that Butler is worth seeing as a potential starter. I think its his time to get on the field as a regular starter.

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  7. Nick C says:

    I like him as a situational pass rusher, but I am a little bit scared of throwing him in the fire as a starter. IF we retain spencer (hopefully for a reasonable price) then they should duke it out for starting honors in TC. IF we do not retain spencer, then we need to address the OLB spot in the middle rounds I think. Either way there needs to be competition for the starting spot no matter who we have on the roster.

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