Linky, February 18, 2012: Jason Hatcher: Take me to your leader

Want RG3, Skins? Bend over.

Realistic trade value for the Rams #2 overall pick – Turf Show Times

Rams #2 overall – 2600 points

Browns #4 – 1800 points
Browns #22 – 780 points
Browns 2nd round (#37) – 530 points
Browns 3rd round (#68) – 250 points
Browns 4th round (#100) – 100 points
Browns 5th round (#131) – 41 points
Browns 6th round (#164) – 25.8 points

Redskins 1st round (#6) – 1600 points
Redskins 2nd round (#39) – 510 points
Redskins 3rd round (#70) – 240 points
Redskins 4th round (#102) – 92 points
Redskins 5th round (#133) – 39.5 points
Redskins 6th round (#162) – 26.6 points

I think my definition of “realistic” differs from what these Rams fans are thinking.  In fact, in my experience reading blog posts, whenever the title says “realistic,” there’s a 99% chance the content isn’t even close to reality.  The author typically only thinks to add the word “realistic” because at some point they’ve already questioned it’s “realisticity” (I know that’s not a word) in their own head.

Not to mention, I’m not so sure those “draft value charts” are relevant anymore.

Redskins hire Phillip Daniels as Director of Player Development – Hogs Haven

I know nothing about Daniels’ personality or capability to move into a front office / coaching position, but in every article I seen on this, the move has generally been met with praise.

Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys after the jump…

Bill Sheridan’s hiring is hard to justify – Sander, Bucs Nation

Ha, remember Bill Sheridan, Giants fans?  The Bucs just hired him to be their DC, and yeah, the Bucs fans already know what’s in store for them.

Victor Cruz: Prince of NYC poses for pics with Kate Upton – b/r

I hate you, Victor Cruz.

Why I would trade Osi Umenyiora – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog

Graz Danny and I are on the same page here.

Mayock on Vontaze Burfict: “I don’t see first round at all” – Jason Brewer, BGN

Me neither.

Where did the high-flying pass attack go? – Brian Solomon,

Great stuff here from Brian.

Get to know Fletcher Cox – Tommy Lawlor, IgglesBlitz

Looks like Tommy has a new man crush, which means that you need to do a little homework on the guy.

Jason Hatcher

Jason Hatcher: Don’t know who the Cowboys’ leaders are – ESPN Dallas

Who are the leaders on the Dallas Cowboys?

“Dude. I gotta be honest with you: That’s a good question. That’s a good question. I really don’t know. It’s just another thing we really need … like the Ravens, we don’t have that. We’ve got the talent. We’ve got everything we need. I think we get like a Ray Lewis-type. Everybody buys into him. When Ray Lewis speaks, everybody listens to him. A guy like that. We really don’t got that. I think we definitely need somebody like that.”


Dan Bailey’s highs outnumber his lows for Cowboys in 2011 – Shawn Lealos, Yahoo

Bailey hit 26 consecutive field goals without a miss when his own head coach knocked him off the tracks. Jason Garrett called a timeout as Bailey set up to kick the game winning field goal against the Arizona Cardinals. It iced Bailey and he missed the next attempt and that shook his confidence. The next week, Tom Coughlin called a time out at the end of the game when Bailey attempted to tie it up, icing him for another miss.

Two losses, thanks to the foot of Bailey.

Wait, so the loss to the Giants when JPP wasn’t blocked up the middle and blocked the FG attempt… the game in which the Cowboys went up by 12 with less than 6 minutes left and blew the lead… that game… for real… that game was a loss “thanks to the foot of Dan Bailey?”  You sure about that?


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  3. WeNeedLinemen says:

    If RGIII’s current draft stock remains as high as it is now there is almost certainly going to be a bidding war. The trade chart will just be the starting point and the price could get very high if the Browns and Redskins both set their sights on Griffin.

    Still, I have a slight possibility that the Rams might hold on to the pick and select RGIII, with Bradford going to the ‘Skins in a trade.

    Jeff Fisher may well want to start with a completely clean slate. Starting with a rookie will also give him total control over his development. Moreover, it’s possible that Bradford’s faltering second year hurt the rest of the players’ confidence in him as a leader. Furthermore, starting a rookie will allow him to justify a diffiicult first season. There would be far more pressure to win with a 3rd year player.

    Mike Shanahan has been effusive in his assessment of Bradford ever since he has been in the league. That may or may not mean anything. Shanahan usually plays his cards very close, but he may have been more open about Bradford because there was no chance of landing him in the draft.

    The Redskins could have somewhere north of $45m in cap space. They can absorb Bradford’s salary. The Rams should be able to roll-over about $3m in cap space from last year. With Bradford’s salary coming off the books and Griffin’s (or Luck’s) held down by the new CBA the Rams might be able to eat the pro-rated portions of Bradford’s salary. A process that might be facilitated by Bradford paying some of that money back.

    Bradford might want to make that deal because it will give him a fresh start and he would almost certainly reclaim that money with a contract extension in Washington. The Redskins might want to make that deal because the Rams would have to accept a smaller package of draft picks, because the Redskins would be taking the Bradford contract off their hands and because Bradford is now slightly shop soiled.

    It’s not exactly a likely scenario but, apparently Fischer and Shanahan are friends. They are at least close enough for Shanahan to have relied on Fischer’s evaluation of Jay Cutler, who Shanahan elected not to meet pre-draft in order to avoid tipping his hand.

    1. Any idea what kind of cap hit the Rams would take if they traded Bradford?

      1. WeNeedLinemen says:

        No, I’ve been looking for his contract. I’ve seen mention of a big escalator in a Rams forum if he hit a certain amount of playing time in his second year (35% of snaps) but I haven’t been able to find anything with sufficient detail.

        So, it might be completely impractical. Though as a Redskins fan I have extensive experience of watching a coach and horses driven round, through and over the top of the cap. I am betting it could be made to work if the Rams really wanted RGIII. Particularly if the Bradford repays his signing bonus. I know that was an option under the old CBA, LaVar Arrington did it to gain his freedom. Bradford could immeadiately regain that money from a new deal in Washington.

        It might appeal to Stan Kroenke, who would get money back from Stafford and end up paying less actual money in salary.

      2. WeNeedLinemen says:,145267,145317

        Well according to this the initial signing bonus was $18m. The rest of the guarantees were in salary and roster bonuses, which I believe are exempt from proration.

        So, after two years of a 6-year contract the remain prorated portion of his signing bonus should be $12m.

        It’s a lot of money and the Rams were only $3m under cap this year.

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