Linky, February 16, 2012: Browns have more ammo to trade up for RG3 than the Skins

So Jaws gets the boot, but this guy continues to be allowed to talk into a live mic. Awesome.

Mayock on Eagles’ first round options – Les Bowen, Eagletarian

Good read.  Lots of talk on LB’s, DT’s, and WR.

ESPN removes Jaworski from Monday night booth –  Gregg Rosenthal, PFT

Meanwhile, Tony Siragusa will continue to add absolutely nothing, Dick Stockton will continue to not even know the players’ names, Jon Gruden will continue to say that everyone and everything is awesome, and Brian Billick will continue to be just generally awful.  Who needs a guy like Jaworski to actually point out some relevant X’s and O’s on occasion?  The dumbing down of football analysis forges ahead.

Study says Eagles CBs couldn’t tackle in 2011 –

No shit.

Mock Draft, Version 1.0 – Tommy Lawlor,

Tommy guesses on the Eagles’ picks.  More color here than a typical mock draft with a one line comment like, “The Eagles’ LB’s suck. Luke Keuchly is good. They’ll draft him.”  Good read if for no other reason than to hear a little bit about a few prospects not previously discussed all that much and how they might fit in with the Eagles.

Why DeSean should sign the franchise tag – Brian Solomon, NBC

Love the game of chicken analogy.

Some talk of the Cowboys offseason plans with Eric Edholm of PFW:

Cowboys position series: Outside linebacker – Tim MacMahon

In case you missed my rant yesterday on Anthony Spencer and the franchise tag, here it is.  Timmy Mac adds another point here that even if the Cowboys use the tag on Spencer (a move that I’ll reiterate would be absurdly stupid), it might be wise to draft another pass rusher anyway.

Cowboys offseason plan: A lot of holes to fill – Rabble, Blogging the Boys


I was going to post my offseason team needs for the Cowboys today, but now I’m thinking I’ll hold off on that for a week or so since everyone else is did it yesterday.

Browns GM Tom Heckert: Potential ruiner of some Skins' fans' draft night.

Mayock: Browns should trade up for RGIII – Ryan Wilson, CBS

“You probably have the opportunity to move up and get him if you want him,” Mayock said. “To me that’s a pretty exciting proposition. (Griffin) might be most exciting offensive player in this draft.”

Mayock thought Cleveland’s two first-round picks (fourth and 22nd) should be enough to get them to No. 2.

“If I were the Rams, I would be ecstatic with that deal,” he said. “If you’re moving down two slots and picking up the 22nd pick, I’d be happy with that. I would be very happy with that deal.”

One caveat (ours, not Mayock’s): never underestimate what the Redskins would be willing to give up to get a guy they’ve fallen in love with. Assuming Peyton Manning is suddenly off everyone’s board given the most recent news, and the ‘Skins aren’t interested in any of the other free-agent offerings, RG3 could be a distinct possibility.

“[If I’m the Browns,] I want to go get RG3,” Mayock continued. “I’m going to examine free agency also, but in draft I’m looking to move up to No. 2 as opposed to No. 3. … I’d rather not give up No. 22 also, but I think that’s shortsighted when you talk about securing your future at the most important position in all of sports.”

Redskins are $47 million under the cap: Some things that can buy – Kevin Ewoldt, Hogs Haven

I gotta admit… 7,939,899 Dog Snuggies sounds very attractive.

Mel Kiper’s Mock Draft (you’ll need insider, but here’s his take on the Giants):

Dwayne Allen, TE, Clemson

The Super Bowl will provide plenty of good memories for Giants fans, but from a personnel standpoint, people should also remember the injuries they suffered at tight end, and Allen is the best one in this draft. He’s a fantastic athlete, can create matchup problems and further diversify the Giants’ offense as they maximize this window of exceptional quarterback play. The Giants could also look for help on the offensive line, or target a linebacker here, but I expect Allen’s profile to rise during the workout process, and he should represent a lot of value here.

With Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum both likely out to start the season next year, Kiper goes the obvious route and drafts a TE for the G Men.  Makes sense, but drafting for need isn’t really the Giants’ M.O.

Oh, you want to see the rest of Kiper’s picks for the rest of the NFCE?  Hang on… let me ask Mel if it’s OK…

(talking to him)…

OK, he said he’s cool with it:


Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU: The Redskins are a team I could certainly see moving off this pick, but if the draft broke this way, the pick makes a lot of sense on both need and value. And obviously, what the Skins could do in free agency for their offense is something I’m considering. Tyrann Mathieu got the headlines at LSU, but the best cornerback on the team was Claiborne. He’s the top corner in the draft, and while the Skins have offensive needs, they should also be willing to draft best available when possible because the roster needs more talent, period. While not quite the athlete, Claiborne is actually a better pure cover corner than Patrick Peterson, the No. 5 overall pick from last year.


Mark Barron, S, Alabama: Dallas got shredded far too often with the passing game in 2011, and while Barron might be a very slight reach here in terms of his current grade, he’s a perfect fit for the Cowboys. I have “defensive back” on my sheet as a big need in Big D, meaning they can’t go wrong with either the top safety or the top cornerback here, and Barron offers the most value. Better in run support right now than he is in coverage, Barron could get better against the pass, but he’s an upgrade for the Cowboys.


Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi St: No team was softer up the middle than Philly in 2011, and while linebacker is a bigger need, it wouldn’t be a very good value here if the board lines up like this. In Cox, you get a player who should be great in the 3-4, a powerful bull-rusher who can collapse the pocket, but also a guy who does a good job against the run and plays with a really high motor. I have wide receiver as another potential need, but the Philly defense needs to be a bigger priority in the draft. The Eagles can target a linebacker in the next round.


  1. DCeaglesfan says:

    Jimmy man you gotta get on that announcing crew. Do whatever it takes. This blog will have your back and provide a reference, I’m sure!

  2. Tracer Bullet says:

    I don’t have a problem with the Eagles going DT in the first round, but Kiper’s analysis is flawed. The Eagles weren’t bad in the middle, they were bad at the second level. Either the DL made the tackle or opposing runners had clear fields of green, green grass ahead of them.

    1. Shaun says:

      Exactly…I wouldnt wipe my ass with Kiper’s so called “analysis”. The truth of the matter is, the Eagles lately have been unpredictable in the draft. Who thought last year we’d take Watkins? any hands? or the other year we’d trade up for Graham? anyone? Kiper & McShay just spout alot of nonsense really. Mayock on the other hand, is the best IMO

      1. Steve D. says:

        Suprisingly enough, I believe Peter King predicted both the Watkins pick and the trade up for Graham.

        1. Steve D. says:

          Watkins pick:

          My mistake about the Graham pick, but King did predict the Eagles would trade up and select a DE (not a safety):

          1. So did Baldinger… and I blasted him, haha.

          2. Shaun says:

            Oh ok…. I would rather say that was dumb luck cuz really who really believes what king says? Hell I’m sure we all thought we’d take Earl Thomas when we traded up….

            1. Steve D. says:

              That’s why it stuck in my mind – two years in a row I thought that Peter King didn’t know what he was talking about. He’s so far off most of the time that when he got it right, I remembered.

              1. Shaun says:

                Yup…so I keep my fingers crossed that Big Red & Co. hit on our #1 pick this year cuz the past couple of #1 picks are questionable so far….

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