Linky, February 15, 2012: Reese is a (cough) god, the Eagles are super kind, Jerry wants another SB fiasco, and more Skins QB talk

You’re GM Jerry Reese: What do you do? – Mike Matteo, ESPN NY

Check out the stats from this season:

Steve Smith (Philadelphia): 11 catches, 124 yards, 1 TD
Kevin Boss (Oakland): 28 catches, 368 yards, 3 TDs
Victor Cruz (Giants): 82 catches, 1,536 yards, 9 TDs
Jake Ballard (Giants): 38 catches 604 yards, 4 TDs

To the victors go the spoils, and Jerry Reese certainly deserves credit for assembling the talent that went out and won their 2nd Super Bowl in 5 seasons.

But if I may, can we get one thing clear?  Jerry Reese had NO IDEANONE… that Victor Cruz and Jake Ballard were going to be anything close to what they were this season.  Kevin Boss was on a plane, flying to New York, to sign a contract with the Giants, when the Raiders called at the last minute and offered him an absurdly dumb contract.  But the Giants most certainly wanted Boss back.  They just didn’t (or couldn’t) match the Raiders’ stupidity.  As for Cruz, when the season began, even with Steve Smith out of the way, he was the #4 WR behind Nicks, Manningham, and Dominik Hixon, and the Giants were probably bummed that he was even that high, as they had just drafted preseason disappointment Jerrel Jernigan in the 3rd round.

The Giants even went out and signed Brandon Stokley to be the 4 after Week 1, a game in which Cruz struggled against the Redskins.  It was only because of injuries to Manningham, Hixon, and Stokley that Cruz even got a shot.  So please, enough with this nonsense about heaping praise on Jerry Reese for the success of Victor Cruz.

Eagles, Cowboys, and Redskins after the jump…

Report: Three teams have called about Randy Moss – CSN Philly

Oh, but you won’t name them?


Eagles won’t raise ticket prices for next season – Jason Brewer, BGN

“This is something we’re thrilled to be able to do,” said Banner, who said this is the fourth year in a row prices have been stable. “There aren’t many teams who are selling out their stadiums and have a waiting list of more than 40,000 who are doing that. In fact, I would say there aren’t any teams like that who haven’t raised prices for four years.”

Les Bowen also noted that Banner pointed out how prices for Eagles tickets on the secondary market (ticket sites etc) are often among the highest in the leauge. This is an indication that the team certainly could have raised prices and still sold all of their tickets if they wanted to. His referencing the 40k strong waiting list basically says the same thing.

So rather than just let it be out there that the team isn’t raising prices and allowing people to see it as altruistic, Banner wants you to be sure just how nice the Eagles are being here…

Are Adams, DeCastro and Konz possible Eagles draft targets? – Steve Fini

I like all 3 players, but they’re all likely going to be drafted in the first round.  OL depth is important, but I’m not sure it’s “1st round important.”

Why franchising Anthony Spencer may be the Cowboys’ best option – Rainer Sabin, SportsDay DFW

I have a 2,000 word post coming out a little later today on why this is nonsense.

Will Jerry Jones make a bid for the 50th Super Bowl? Absolutely – Jon Machota,

Didn’t he kind of botch the last one?

NFC East Bingo! – Rafael Vela, Cowboys Nation

Hey hey, I know a little something about this!

Making a move for Moss would show desperation for the Redskins – Rick Snyder, Washington Examiner

Agree, although his age would bother me more than his attitude.

Eyeing Redskins QB plans: Drafting plan for Griffin – John Keim, Washington Examiner

Great point here about the Browns having two 1st round picks, thanks to the Falcons’ dumb trade last year for Julio Jones.

Redskins on the verge of great offseason success – Anthony Brown, Redskins Hog Heaven

Good info here on the Skins’ cap situation.

Cap rollover not a one-year deal – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

More clarification on cap stuff.

Redskins’ best QB option could be Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill – Mike Jones, Washington Post

In this scenario, with Manning/Flynn on some other teams, and Luck/Griffin III already off the board, there’d be a lot of cursing going on in Redskins comment boards… which I might find enjoyable, ha.


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  10. WeNeedLinemen says:

    There is an awful lot desperate, self-delusion going on amongst Redskins fans. There are sizeable number of Redskins fans who think RGIII is little short of the second coming and that we should trade up to get him. Yet when you point out that the Browns have more picks, and more valuable picks, that they have a similar QB position (no proven starter, no money committed) and have spent more time trading back in previous years (providing a “cushion” for trading away picks this year) they say the Browns wont want him.

    It’s bizarre, quite why they think the Browns wont want a good QB when there is on available is never quite explained.

    One justification I particularly like is that RGIII doesn’t fit the Browns’s WCO offense, though they never get round to explaining why RGIII’s mobility would hinder him in an offense that seemed to Donovan McNabb, Steve Young and Joe Montana so well. RGIII champions seem to think he will be better, more intelligent version of Mike Vick, who doesn’t look too shabby in Philly’s version, but somehow they insist the Browns wont be interested in signing Griffin.

    Tell them that Tom Heckert, who was in Philly when Vick was signed, now runs the Browns front office and they still claim that the QB, who they insist will take the league by storm and that the Redskins should trade whatever it takes to acquire, wont appeal to the Browns.

    That’s how desperate we are for a QB. Some of us are dreaming that RGIII is a surefire Hall of Famer and that we’re the only franchise to notice it. Some of us are dreaming about Peyton Manning making a full recovery and deciding what he has always wanted to do is move to a cold weather, outdoor stadium and a rebuilding franchise with a domineering, my-way or the highway head coach. Some are dreaming that we’ll sign Flynn, and he wont be Scott Mitchell 2.0. Some of us are dreaming that we’ll be able to find someone in the later rounds.

    All of us are having nightmares over the prospect of another season of Rex Grossman and John Beck competing for the start.

    1. DerfDiggy says:

      This may be the best post I’ve read from a Redskins fan…………………ever.

      Kudos to you, Sir. Kudos to you.

      1. Shaun says:

        Ditto…one of my friends is a Redskins fan and he swears that if they get RG III, Flynn or Manning, then that will fix all their problems. To hell with getting better WRs, better O-linemen, DBs, etc etc. Great to read a sane ‘Skins fan post about REALITY and not FANTASY

    2. Tracer Bullet says:

      Serious question: Would you rather see the team draft one of the second tier candidates this year or wait until next year when Matt Barkley and Landri Jones, among others, would be available? Brandon Weeden might be available in the second round and might be a good fit in Washington, but he has to start immediately and we in Philadelphia can warn you of the dangers of spending high picks on players in their late 20s.

      1. WeNeedLinemen says:

        Ok, serious answer. I am going to assume that Luck and RGIII are out of reach. If it was practical to get them then I’d take either. That said, I believe that athletic QBs get flattered by the college game. They both look good but neither of them look Elway special. I also tend to think people people thinking that RGIII will be a smarter, taller version of Mike Vick will discover that he is also a significantly slower version.

        So, top two out of reach, I take one of the younger free agents available plus two QBs in the draft, one from the second (or third) tier and a late rounder. I want to totally remake the position and that includes upgrading the back-ups.

        Of the free agents Flynn has shown that he has the potential to play at a very high level, but he has huge “bust” potential as well. Bruce Allen can roll-over around $13m in cap space from this year. So, I’d front load Flynn’s deal. Then, if he goes Scott Mitchell on us, he can be cut. Fortunately, that seems to Allen’s modus operandi. Atogwe got something like $10m last year but can now be cut with minimal cap consequences.

        In the draft, I like both Tannehill and Weeden. If one is available in the second round I’d take them. I know that is a high pick to spend on someone that you want to fill a back-up role but:

        1) Flynn could flame out spectacularly.
        2) A good backup QB is worth a lot, just ask the Bears and the Colts.

        Tannehill has the greater talent and bust potential. Since I am looking for a backup, I’d prefer Tannehill because he is younger. He could sit an develop for 4-years and then provide an alternative to re-signing Flynn (assuming Flynn develops into a quality starter, he will eventually want to be paid like one).

        Still, Weeden, despite his age, look like less of a gamble than Tannehil and I think he would provide us with a solid back-up/insurance for Flynn.

        Unfortunately, I think that they will be off the board by the second round. I suspect both will find franchises willing to reach up into the mid-first. If I was running the ‘Skins I’d be tempted but I would resist it.

        I’d still look to take two rookies out of the draft. I look at it as a simple numbers game. You do everything you can to evaluate the players but easiest way to increase your chances of hitting on decent pro is to increase the number of college QBs that you draft.

        So, if I there is QB with a (Redskin) second round grade, I’d take him in the second. If there isn’t I’d wait until next round and repeat the process.

        Then in the 6th or 7th round I’d start looking at the QBs who have had great college careers but have been disregarded on height/arm strength. I’d then select the one with biggest chip and strongest work ethic and see whether he can develop on the practice squad or as 3rd QB.

        If it all goes wrong, Flynn fails and we couldn’t land Tannehill or Weeden then there is always next year’s draft.

        I am a Redskins lifer. I feel the same desperation as every other Redskins fan but if it is more efficient to wait until next year , or even the year after, to get a “franchise” QB then I can wait. Even if we have a losing record next year, I am in favour of retaining Shanahan.

        More than anything we need stability and a long term rebuilding plan. Shanahan has been in charge for two years, which sounds a long time, but what that boilds down to, is just two off-seasons. That’s just two drafts, 1 free-agency period affected by the final year of the old CBA and one free agency period affected by the lockout.

        Ultimately I want to see stability for at least 5-years. I want to see us continuing with the template set last year. Use all our draft picks. Trade down if there isn’t anyone that we want in that slot (and we can find a willing partner). Use free agents to fill areas of need but stick with the ones coming off their rookie contracts. Players in their late twenties, “hungry” ones looking for more playing time and recognition in a new city.

        1. Tracer Bullet says:

          He’s slower than Vick he’s also a better passer and makes better decisions. And I disagree with drafting two QBs. You want your #2 QB to be somebody who can start and win in a pinch, which is not really a job for a rookie, and have a developmental guy at #3. But by drafting two QBs, you get two developmental guys and no real backup. Unless you’re hoping to stash the second guy on the practice squad, but I can’t imagine a fifth or sixth round QB is substantially different than a UDFA.

          1. WeNeedLinemen says:

            Ideally the second quy would get stashed on the practice squad. I agree that having a rookie back-up isn’t ideal but the ‘Skins roster isn’t built to compete next year anyway. Moreover, I think Tannehill and Weeden would be an upgrade over Beck and Grossman in the back-up role. I know they say Tannehill lacks experience, but he couldn’t throw into double coverage more than Rex Grossman, unless they blindfolded him first.

            Also whilst a rookie wouldn’t be an ideal backup I think think the situation could be managed. Bear in mind that this essentially what Green Bay did a couple of years ago, drafting Brohm and Flynn to back-up Aaron Rodgers.

            It’s not without risk but, at the point, I’d be happier using an extra slot for developmental QB than bringing in a journeyman backup.

            There is one free agent that I might consider bringing in to back-up Flynn, Chad Henne. He showed some signs of promise in Miami and will only be 27 when the season starts.

  11. Tracer Bullet says:

    OL, along with RB, is about the the only place where the Eagles shouldn’t consider spending a first round pick.

  12. Immynimmy says:

    Ballard wasn’t even that good. He had a multitude of killer drops and Eli is a QB that loves to go to his TE. If Boss was in NY this season, he would have better stats than the ones in Oakland. Also, Boss is a much better blocker than Ballard.

    1. brisulph says:

      But, he does not get concussions from stray winds either… which is sort of important. Glad Boss got paid, dude is on his way to being an oatmeal head.

    2. Free Plax says:

      Boss dropped a lot of balls too, he was decent but we basically got the same production out of a guy off our practice squad.

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