Linky, February 13, 2012: DeSean’s tag, the Cowboys’ interior OL, and Diehl’s future in NJ

Eagles to franchise Jackson, sources say – Jeff McLane,

The Eagles are going to franchise DeSean Jackson, count on it.

They will not let their Pro Bowl receiver – whose contract is set to expire – walk without getting something in return, according to NFL sources.

So that means the Eagles will do one of three things before March 5:

They will franchise Jackson and keep him for the 2012 season.

They will franchise and then trade him.

Or they will agree to a contract extension with the 25-year-old, an unlikely proposition at this point.

It’s actually a lot more complicated than those three basic things.  A couple weeks ago, Sam Lynch of Iggles Blitz kind of ruined it for the rest of us writers when he penned the DeSean Jackson reference piece of the offseason.  It’s absolutely worth the read in its entirety, but here’s the part that’s relevant to the news of DeSean being franchise tagged:

A few things to know (about the tag):

  • The franchise tag must be applied prior to free agency. What it really physically is often gets confused. A franchise tag means that the Eagles will essentially send DeSean Jackson a contract (a “tender offer”) for his signature with $9.5 million guaranteed. If Jackson chooses to sign with another team instead, the Eagles get a high level of draft pick compensation, two first round picks, from the team he signs with. Jackson’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is allowed to talk to other teams about DeSean once free agency begins.
  • However, DeSean Jackson does not have to sign this tender offer. And until he does, he is a free agent and not under contract to any team. That means not only does he not have to attend minicamp or training camp until he signs the tender, he isn’t ALLOWED to attend those because he isn’t actually on the team.
  • Another consequence of not actually being on the team is that he can’t be traded until he signs a contract either. Thus, the Eagles can’t trade him without his consent until he signs that offer. This gives him leverage in a trade because no deal can be made unless the acquiring team is going to give him a contract he’s happy with. The Eagles had a deal to trade Corey Simon to Baltimore in 2005, but it didn’t go through because Simon couldn’t reach a deal with the Ravens. Additionally, teams will be willing to offer less to the Eagles in a trade as their cost of signing Jackson increases.
  • The $9.5 million will be paid in 1/17th installments in each week of the regular season. He gets $0 when he signs. He only gets cash in week 1. Thus, there is no financial incentive to DeSean to sign the tender offer early, because there is no bonus up-front.
  • The $9.5 million is only guaranteed once the offer is signed. If the team rescinds the offer before it is signed then DeSean Jackson has no claim on that $9.5 million. We saw this happen with Corey Simon.
  • I believe that the absolute deadline to sign his deal without missing the whole year is the week prior to game 11, which would allow him to officially accrue a season of playing time. I haven’t checked the new CBA, but I don’t recall a change to that rule. He will lose 1/17th of his salary for each regular season week he misses, but that is ultimately his choice.

The upshot of all of this is that if Jackson is tagged, and no other deal is worked out, there is almost no chance we will see DeSean in training camp (let alone minicamp). Reporters will cover this breathlessly as a hold out, but in reality it is a non-event. Why would this guy risk his body in minicamp or waste his time when he doesn’t get paid until Week 1 anyway. Further, it isn’t like he needs to learn the offense, and he so far hasn’t been a player who has needed to get into shape anyway.

What will matter is if he starts missing regular season weeks. That will be punishing the team and himself at the same time … but this is a guy with a history of doing just that. Oh, and by the way, once his year under the tag is up, he’s an unrestricted free agent again. The team can keep him for year two with the tag, but then it wouldn’t be able use the tag to keep Shady McCoy or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (if he has one of his Pro Bowl quality years). And Shady’s agent is … Drew Rosenhaus. Yay.

So again, it’s a little more complicated than the perception of what the franchise tag really is.

Is Kuechly “D” pick – Les Bowen,

“I know they run the wide-nine. That’s about all I know. That’s what they’re still running, right?” Kuechly asked.

Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants after the jump…

Cowboys position series: Centers/Guards – Calvin Watkins, ESPN

Loved Calvin’s assessment of how badly the Cowboys need help here:

Need meter (1-5): 3

For real, Calvin?  3?  You’re OK a few young guys that haven’t proven yet that they can play (Phil Costa, Bill Nagy, David Arkin, Kevin Kowalski), and a bunch of older players that are either sharply in decline or little more than scrap heap bodies (Kyle Kosier, Montrae Holland, Derrick Dockery)?  3?  Seriously?

Cowboys have 8th highest amount of 2012 cap space – KD Drummond, Blogging the Boys

Full list of every NFL team here (via PFT).

T.O. on NFL: I wasn’t a bad teammate, disruptive – Ryan Wilson, Yahoo

I always struggle with where to put T.O. stories.  Do I put them under the Eagles or the Cowboys?  T.O. recently said that if he goes to the H.O.F., he’ll go as a Cowboy.  I should note players don’t actually go into the H.O.F. with a team in the NFL like they do in MLB, but whatever.  Anyway, Dallas seems to be where his heart is, so you guys can have him.

NFL blackout rule: FCC reviewing legality – David Fucillo, SB Nation

This doesn’t really affect any of the NFCE teams’ fans, as they all always sell out their games (even if the Skins can’t keep opposing fans out of their stadium on occasion), but interesting nonetheless.  Hey FCC, while you’re at it, go after the monopoly the NFL has with DirecTV for the NFL Sunday Ticket.  Thanks.

Not much in the way of Skins news this morning.

For some reason, I find this picture funny. Maybe it's the plain blue background? I don't know... there just something that's off.

Offensive line changes? Not so fast – John Fennelly,

They drafted three lineman the past three years to take out their veterans when the time comes: Will Beatty, Mitch Petrus and James Brewer. The Giants also brought in a center – David Baas – to anchor their line. These players are all in the team’s plans.

The veteran core of Chris Snee, David Diehl and Kareem McKenzie are still all workable parts. Kevin Boothe, the object of many a critic, is coming off a strong season in which he played multiple positions.

Snee and Diehl are coming back. So is Boothe. McKenzie is a free agent, who could be retained at the right price. By my count, that makes eight offensive lineman. Stacy Andrews, providing he’s healthy, makes nine.

Twice, Jerry Reese has been called out about having Diehl at LT. Twice, the Giants won Super Bowls with Big Dave at LT.

I agree that Snee is coming back, as will starters Will Beatty and David Bass.  Boothe will also be back again as a reserve, and yeah, maybe McKenzie will be back at RT as well, but he’ll be 33 in May.  I think the one thing I disagree with here is that David Diehl is a slam dunk to return.  Diehl was horrible in 2011, and while it is indeed true that the Giants have won two titles with him at LT, I’d probably rephrase that by saying they won (this year at least) despite Diehl having to move out to LT.  The Giants are only $1.06 million under the cap, and Diehl is set to make a little more than $3.8 million in 2012.  A decision needs to be made there.  Maybe Diehl will take a pay cut.  If he doesn’t, he could very well be a goner.

JPP nixes wrestling event – Alex Marvez, FOX

Wrestling is dumb.  Unless you’re 11.


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  4. ct17 says:

    Diehl could be a cheap cut because he is only owed $1 million in signing bonuses over the next 2 years.

  5. Joe D says:

    how the giants won with that atrocious line is beyond me.

    2) did you see that Charles Woodson was bottom in tackling this year Jimmy? I told you that he wasn’t worthy of going to Marklar as his coverage and tackling abilities have declined by a good bit. Next year, he better not make it to Marklar

    1. Ha, you guys have amazing memories.

    2. brisulph says:

      The narrative from opposing fanbases is “luck”, so just take the easy way out, and say luck.

  6. Felipe says:

    “And Shady’s agent is … Drew Rosenhaus. Yay.”

    Didn’t McCoy fire Rosenhaus? I remember reading it at a while back.

      1. Steve says:

        Didnt he fire him again though?

        1. D3Keith says:

          Re-hired him again.

          I’m not kidding. I had to look this up a few weeks ago when I had the same reaction.

  7. I think DeSean would be a great pick up for Eagles. He can help in so many areas and give us an instant deep threat that would keep the secondary honest. I do think they will be able to work together.
    He’s probably still afraid from that Duanta Robinson hit from last year…. so I’m guessing his plan this season was to hurry up and get paid, then go back to being a playmaker

  8. bdawk4ever says:

    “Hey FCC, while you’re at it, go after the monopoly the NFL has with DirecTV for the NFL Sunday Ticket. Thanks.”

    THIS THIS THIS. Also, the Verizon mobile monopoly.

    1. no says:

      You can get it if you have a PS3, also.

  9. brisulph says:

    Mackenzie has to be gone… he fell off a cliff this year in production. Diehl is quite workable as a sub at this point, but if he starts that is not good.

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