Linky, February 10, 2011: Dez making up his own routes?

The Raiders have apparently released Stanford Routt:

The Raiders have released cornerback Stanford Routt.

The free agent pool of CB’s is now a little deeper for the Skins and Cowboys.

Why Kyle Orton would make sense for the Redskins – Mike Jones, Washington Post

Orton is no franchise quarterback. A seven-year veteran, Orton has played a full season only once in his career, and twice he played 15 games. But the Purdue product is a solid quarterback who limits his mistakes and has the ability to keep a team in the game.

The Redskins still need to draft a quarterback — whether they trade up for Robert Griffin III or take someone like Ryan Tannehill in the second round — and Orton would make a better bridge than Rex Grossman.

Makes sense.  I think that if the Skins draft RGIII, he’d probably be the Day 1 starter (or at least you’d hope he’s good enough to step right in and beat out a guy like a Kyle Orton), but having Orton in tow just in case would make sense.

Writing on the wall for Landry – Mark Solway,

The franchise tag for Fred Davis will likely be about $5.4 Million, whereas, it will be about $6.2 Million to franchise Landry. Not a lot between the two numbers. Ironically, they’re both pretty steep prices to pay for players who weren’t on the field at the end of 2011. Davis is a lot more likely to see the field on a regular basis in 2012 though – there’s a better chance of Freddie remaining blunt-free than of Landry remaining injury free in my opinion.

Should Giants’ Reese spice up Cruz’s salsa? – Ernie Palladino, CBS NY

The Giants own Victor Cruz for the next two years.  He’ll make just under $500K next year, and he’ll be a restricted free agent in 2013.  Restricted free agents are easy to retain and don’t cost much.  So from their perspective, the Giants should be in no hurry whatsoever to break the bank for Cruz.  They have all the leverage.  Cruz has virtually none.  If however, Cruz is willing to discuss a 4-5 year extension to his original deal that will set him up for life and offer him the chance for another deal when he’s about 30 or 31, while not putting much strain on the salary cap, then sure, I’d be willing to talk if I were Reese.

Jerry Reese anticipates Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum will be placed on PUP to start 2012 – Jorge Castillo, Star Ledger

No surprise there.

Bowles offers his state of the secondary – Chris McPherson,

Good read.  Bowles has some thoughts on Asante and DRC.

Eagles can learn lessons from Giants – Martin Frank, Courier Post

OK, we get it.  (Fill in the the team that just won something) is doing awesome things.  Let’s be more like them.

Giants receivers know how to run route, Dez Bryant makes up his own – Gerry Fraley, SportsDay DFW

The Giants receivers seemed to know the routes they were running, unlike Dez Bryant who makes up his own as he goes along. Victor Cruz and Dez Bryant have been in the league the same amount of time. Who would you want right now?

I typically like to see some game film or at least something a little more tangible to back up a pretty bold statement like this, but still found it noteworthy.

Jones says Cowboys will spend in free agency – CBS

March is going to be fun.


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  2. Emile says:

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  5. Dez has been good since he been a Cowboy, Cruz is a 1 year Wonder 4 The Giants!

    1. Free Plax says:

      Victor’s one year was better than Dez’s two years put together, not to mention we haven’t heard about Cruz owing a bunch of people money or getting kicked out of the mall for not pulling up his pants.. I’ll take Cruz all day over Bryant

    2. WeNeedLinemen says:

      I think Dez Bryant has the physical talent to be the best receiver in the league. He could be an absolutely dominating player who could have the sort of impact Jerry Rice had during the late 80’s. Fortunately, as a Redskin fan, that talent has been neutered by his epic immaturity.

      I am not saying I wouldn’t love to have him as a Redskin. He’s got so much talent that he is still a potent playmaker but he isn’t a reliable number 1 receiver. Cruz might have been a wonder for just 1-year but it didn’t look like a fluke. He is another player I’d love to have on the ‘Skins roster, but he is limited.

      I think Cruz will be very good but he can be shut down. The very best guys, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald are virtually impossible to shut down. Cruz is just a very good athlete. He isn’t one of those freakish size, speed, strength guys who can’t be covered. Dez Bryant could be one of those guys but isn’t yet and seems intent on throwing away the opportunity.

      I’ve heard a lot of people claim that he runs poor routes but I know I am not qualified to comment. However, he certainly doesn’t seem to have the same connection with Tony Romo as the other receivers and, for a normally accurate passer, Romo does seem to miss Bryant by unusually big distances. It almost as if Romo thinks Bryant was meant to end up somewhere else on the field.

      Still, I think Bryant’s most obvious problem was that he seemed to get winded really easily for a professional sportsman.

      1. Free Plax says:

        So in other words you think Dez’s most obvious problem is he is not in shape; which brings us back to his maturity level.

        I would like to remind you that Cruz is not a No. 1 Reciever that would be Nicks, Cruz is the slot guy and like Wes Welker proved before you don’t need all the size to be slot guy.

        Dez has talent not doubting that but he is a pin head, Dez looks like the classic looks like Tarzan plays like Jane to me, his numbers are not all that impressive so far.

  6. AMGTX22 says:

    Re: “I typically like to see some game film or at least something a little more tangible to back up a pretty bold statement like this, but still found it noteworthy.”

    Some advice from a regular reader of the DMN SportsDay: I would make it a point not to listen to anything Gerry Fraley has to say….

  7. Immynimmy says:

    As soon as a found out that Routt was released, I was terrified at the though of the Cowboys signing him. Very underrated speedy CB. I’m also hoping that the Redskins do not draft RG3. Between him and Luck, (although it depends where the both end up) I can see RG3 having a better rookie season (though Luck will probably end up being better. Also, I’m calling it right now: Victor Cruz = Miles Austin, Cruz will digress big time next season…BOOK IT.

    1. bdawk4ever says:

      I’ve been saying it all season, Cruz is the next Austin.

    2. Free Plax says:

      Austin’s was never known as a sure handed reciever even in his break out year (which is his main problem), this yearthe hamstring injury in particular is what slowed down his production.

      Comparing Cruz to Austin and saying that Cruz will slow down becuase of what happened to Austin is not really paying attention.

      1. brisulph says:

        I expect Cruz to regress, but he will still be good for 800-1100 yards (providing he has health going for him). IMO of course.

  8. Tracer Bullet says:

    Wait, what? Didn’t Oakland let Asomugha walk because they felt that Routt was nearly as good? Didn’t they give him a big contract before last season for that very reason? What the fuck are those clowns doing?!

      1. Tracer Bullet says:

        Al Davis is the only one who knows how to make a trade? Even if they think he’s overpaid, they can get something in return.

        1. The issue there is that if you trade for him, you get that awful contract, and nobody was taking on that abomination.

        2. WeNeedLinemen says:

          His agent got him a good contract. Routt had a clause guaranteeing his $5m salary if he was on the roster 5-days into the new year waiver period. If the Raider’s didn’t want him they didn’t have much option but to cut him.

          First, I am not even sure if a trade could be negotiated at this point. Second, if it is permissable there wouldn’t have been any interested trading partners because anyone who wants Routt would have known that he was likely to be cut.

          As it is Routt is now ahead of the game. I believe he is free to sign a new contract right now;so, like Atogwe last year he will have a headstart on the rest of the free agent class.

    1. Free Plax says:

      All this makes me wonder of Asomugha was ever really that good, or was he just a figment of Al’s imagination too. Nnamdi is ok, but I just don’t see a shut down CB you got to avoid throwing at, no matter how much the media tries and blame the Eagles DC for mis-using him.

      1. brisulph says:

        He will bounce back this year… provided they let him play man coverage. Maybe not otherwordly coverage, but he is a pretty good corner.

  9. giants fan says:

    God, Dez is such an idiot. Hahahaha. At least Manningham is trying to run the right routes, even if he can’t figure them out.

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