Peyton to the Eagles? Really?

"Give me that league minimum, son."

I’ll admit… A healthy Peyton, undoubtedly among the best QB’s of all time, combined with the likes of McCoy, Jackson, Maclin, Celek, etc. does sound appealing, but I don’t think John Smallwood really thought this one all the way through.

Some of my favorite lines:

Heck, if Manning is the quarterback, the Eagles might actually find a reason to re-sign diva game-breaking wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

Wait.  So… the Eagles wouldn’t have a reason to sign DeSean with Vick as the QB, but they would with Peyton?  If anyone can explain that one to me, please help me out.

If 2012 is truly about winning the Super Bowl, the Birds can’t be worried about the possible damage to Vick’s psyche and/or ego if Manning is brought in: Let them compete for the job.

Here’s my interpretation of how that phone call would go from Howie Roseman to Peyton’s agent: “Hey Tom, it’s Howie.  (pause)…  Yeah, the kids are great.  Yours?  (pause)  Wonderful.  So listen Tom… We’re interested in Peyton.  We’d like him to come in and compete with Michael Vick for the starting QB job of the Philadelphia Eagles. How’s that sound?  (click)… Hello?  Tom?  You there?”

The Eagles gave Vick a chance to resurrect his career and rebuild his fortune. Asking him to beat somebody out for his job would not be too much. It would probably make him better.

That logic is comical, and it’s not the first time I’ve seen it.  Let’s get one thing crystal clear: When the Eagles signed Michael Vick a few years ago, they did so because they thought he could help their football team, period.  All the other stuff about helping a troubled man get his feet under him again in society was nice and all, but all of that was secondary.  Does Vick owe the Eagles a certain level of gratitude for being the team that went out and took a chance on him, when he was otherwise taboo?  Sure.  But to expect him to be (for lack of a better way of putting it) your bitch, for the duration of his time in Philly is probably unrealistic.

Sign Manning on faith and wait to see if he is cleared to play. If he is, then trade Vick.

If Manning isn’t healthy enough by OTAs, go on as planned; Vick will get over it.

Ha, sure he’ll “get over it.”  Just because.  I mean… “Computer Michael Vick” never gets mad whenever I sign Peyton Manning in Madden.  I’m sure “Human Michael Vick” will be just fine.  Also, never mind that if they traded Vick, the Eagles would incur a cap penalty of $5.6 million (h/t to Sam Lynch of IgglesBlitz).  But that’s just a detail to be overlooked when we’re throwing out hypotheticals.

The questions concerning Manning’s health are what would make this such an irresistible play for the Eagles.

The Colts can’t risk $28 million on Manning, but no other team would have to spend close to that amount to sign him as a free agent. Manning knows he won’t have the leverage to get what his substantial resume would normally command.

It won’t be that big of a financial risk.

Define “close” to that $28 million amount.  Does that mean $22 million?  $20 million?  $18 million?  $16?  What?  Do those lower numbers mean that he’s not 100% healthy, because that’s the only reason I could see Peyton giving a discounted rate.  If he’s truly “healthy,” which would be the only way you’d want him in the first place, why wouldn’t he demand that $28 million once again?  Plus, I’m pretty sure that if a team like the Eagles that have a QB that’s one year removed from being the MVP runner-up could be interested in a “healthy” Manning, you can probably make an argument that at least 20 other teams out there could make a compelling case for a similar risk/reward move as well.  That’s sort of the definition of “leverage.”

If Manning continues his career, it won’t be about money. It’ll be because of his desire to win another Super Bowl.

Money?  Bah!  Who wants that stuff?  Hell, maybe Peyton will play for the league minimum.


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  2. Reinaldo says:

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  3. rage114 says:

    One more hole I would like to shoot in Mr. Underwood’s article:

    If (theoretically) Manning didn’t care about money and just wanted to win the SB, why in the world would he go to Philly?

    If that were the case, I can give you two team that look infinitely more attactive than the 8-8 Eagles: Baltimore and SF.

    A matter of fact, the last thing I think of when I think of the Eagles is SB.

    1. Fair point. Those two teams have infinitely better defenses than any of the ones he played with in Indy.

    2. Tracer Bullet says:

      I’ll do you one better: the Jets.

      1. Ryan says:

        I said a few months ago that Manning will head to Washington. Reggie Wayne will then sign with the Redskins in FA as well. The media will massively overhype the Week 1 Manning vs Manning division rivalry which is funny because the Skins swept the Gmen last year without him.

  4. bula says:

    let me start this by stating that there is about a .000000001 percent chance that manning will be an eagle next year. with that said, if manning WERE healthy and the eagles SOMEHOW brought him here, i’d kick vick to the curb in a heartbeat. without hesitation. without remorse. bye bye vick. i’d have to think there is a fair chance he will not be healthy though and i can’t really see where we would find the money to sign him. As much as i want to believe in mike vick, deep down i don’t. i think that the eagles can be very good with mike vick i just don’t see him bringing home the title. i think mike and andy will be here through 2013 and we will be forced to start over. i’m hoping they’ll prove me wrong but i’m not holding my breath

  5. Smitty2K3 says:

    I refuse to click on his article, because I can’t think of any other reason to write this nonsense other than to up his “click ratings.”

    To be fair, I actually heard Glen Macnow and co-hosts speculating on WIP about Manning coming to Philly and saying that he would sign him in a heartbeat. The problem with this logic is that it makes zero sense with the situation the Eagles are in.

    What makes them think a team like Miami wouldn’t outbid Philly by a mile. I just don’t get where people get these ideas sometimes.

  6. Maximdim says:

    John Smallwood… More like John SMALLBRAIN

  7. Free Plax says:

    I guess the media has a new Brett Farve to speculate and guess what’s going to happen all off season aren’t we lucky.

    Just my two cents, Peyton is trying to get a nerve in his neck to regenerate, I know he still wants to play but that does not sound like the type of injury that you come back from. I really hope he can make it back becuase I love watching him play but if he doesn’t it was a honor watching his career unfold.

    1. Agreed. He was surgical. It’ll be interesting to see if he chooses a career in coaching.

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