12 players that did not impress me this week at the Senior Bowl

Yesterday, we reviewed the players that impressed me this week at the Senior Bowl.  Today we’ll review the players that did not:

Jeff Fuller doesn't run fast.

Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska – There are definitely some things to like from Dennard.  First of all, his legs are enormous.  They’re like Barry Sanders legs, and there’s definitely some explosion there.  He also showed the willingness to be physical with receivers at the line.  However, the knock that I’ve heard on him is his inability to turn and run out of his backpedal.  I got to see exactly what those criticisms were all about.  In 1-on-1’s, Marvin Jones ran a simple go route (not a sluggo or an out and up), and Dennard clearly lost a step when he turned to run.  Jones blew right past him for the easy downfield catch.  Dennard has since been scratched from the South roster with a hip flexor injury, so in fairness to Alfonzo, maybe his injury had something to do with his disappointing performance.  Still, it’s only a matter of time before everyone and their mother begins to label him as the dreaded “Good fit for a Cover 2 team.”

Nick Foles, QB, Arizona – Some folks had Foles rated as the #1 QB coming into the Senior Bowl, and I’ve seen it suggested that he could be a first round pick.  Not happening.  Personally, I didn’t see any aspect of his game that was particularly impressive, and thought Brandon Weeden blew him away in every aspect of QB play this week.  In fact, I felt that Kirk Cousins pretty soundly outplayed him as well.

Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M – To be fair to Fuller, the South QB’s targeted him quite a bit in 7-on-7’s and 11-on-11’s, and he made a bunch of catches this week, which says something from a results perspective… I guess.  However, Fuller simply looked really slow.  I’m not in the business of predicting 40 times, but if he runs something better than a 4.6 at the Combine, I’ll be absolutely shocked.

Terrance Ganoway, RB, Baylor – At 6’0, 241, Ganoway is a big boy at RB, and to look at him, you’d think he’d be good in pass protection.  From what I saw this week, that’s a part of his game that needs some serious work.  In LB on RB 1-on-1 pass pro drills, he held up just fine against guys that tried to bull rush him, but if you put a move on him, it was like he had cinder block shoes. I watched Ganoway get smoked three consecutive times by Zach Brown, Keenan Robinson, and Jake Bequette.  In the NFL, running backs that can’t pass protect won’t play.  It may take some time for him to develop that skill.

Asa Jackson, CB, Cal Poly – I hate to pick on a kid from a small school kid that isn’t thought of as much of a prospect in the first place, but Jackson was giving absurd cushions in 1-on-1 drills.  I could have completed passes on him.

Ryan Lindley, QB, San Diego St. – Lindley was pretty brutal this week.  Inaccurate deep.  Inaccurate in the intermediate zones.  Inaccurate short.  He was too quick to throw balls away at the first hint of pressure, and that’s in practice when you’re barely allowed to touch the QB.  He just generally looked uncomfortable.

Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa – OK, so I actually thought Marvin had a nice week of practices on the field.  He made a ton of catches.  However (and this is really only in here for comedic purposes), after practice one day I overheard him speaking with a Jets scout.  I didn’t hear what the Jets scout asked him, but McNutt’s answer was something to the effect of, “Yeah, I like drink on occasion, as we all do.  I don’t do drugs though.”  Ha, bad answer, Marvin.  Get with your agent and clean up your talking points.  Or just listen to Russell Wilson talk.

Chris Rainey, RB, Florida – The Redskins staff had Rainey take reps both with the RB’s and the WR’s.  His career in the NFL, if he has one, will be as a 3rd down guy and/or return specialist.  Rainey looked noticeably out of place as far as running routes with the receivers, and had some drops.

Zebrie Sanders, OT, Florida St. – The South DL generally dominated the South OL all week, but Sanders stood out as far as a player that was beaten regularly in 1-on-1 drills.  At times it looked like he didn’t have a chance against guys like Melvin Ingram.  Too often he was overcommitting to the outside speed rush, and was susceptible to the inside swim or spin move.

William Vlachos, OG, Alabama – Nothing stood out to me from on on-the-field-play perspective, but Vlachos was this year’s ugly body during the weigh-in.  This is kinda mean, but a few media guys were referring to him as “third trimester.”

Special recognition to Devon Still, DT, Penn St., and Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame – Devon Still missed the Senior Bowl with a “sprained toe,” although the perception in Mobile was that the injury was significant enough to keep him from participating this week was B.S.  At the very least, Devon, don’t tweet that you’re “Chillin on the beach jus thinkin” when a hundred other Seniors are going to work hard all week:

Chillin on the beach jus thinkin
Devon Still

Michael Floyd, meanwhile, didn’t even have an excuse.

Look guys, you don’t want to compete?  That’s your choice, but that’s an enormous red flag, in my opinion.  Kudos to Gerell Robinson from Arizona St. by the way, who filled in for Floyd, had a good week of practice, and probably helped his draft stock.


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  4. Immynimmy says:

    That’s why I don’t really want Floyd. If there’s one WR I want that isn’t Blackmon (since we would have to pull a Julio), I want Sanu. I’ve seen him play and I really believe he’ll be a star. Great hands and virtually impossible to bring him down 1 on 1.

  5. Jon says:

    I agree that Floyd and Still are only hurting themselves….not a fan of Still, think he is overrated and will be a bust….Floyd will fall into early round 2….Still should go in round 1 if he works out well at the combine.

  6. Jon says:

    I wasn’t impressed with any of the QBs….Weeden is too old and is another Chris Weinke…..Russell Wilson will be an excellent backup QB in the NFL and is worthy of a mid-round pick. Foles, Lindley and Moore are not NFL starting caliber players, nor a #2.

    There were so many good players on the defensive side of the ball for the South and North that the eagles can really add some talent for next year…..DE’s Melvin Ingram and Courtney Upshaw are special talents as is LB’s Levonte David and Zach Brown…..these guys have motors and can flat out run and make plays….as for the secondary, Janoris Jenkins is overrated. I wasnt impressed with any of them.

    On another note, Isaiah Peed made himself some money yesterday…he can be a 3rd down back and return guy in the NFL…..he is a talent.

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