Senior Bowl notes: North Team practice, January 25, 2012

LB Nigel Bradham won't be converting to WR anytime soon.

Had to pack up my stuff this morning in a hurry before heading out to practice today, so here’s an abbreviated version of my notes from the South Team practice yesterday afternoon.

– Nigel Bradham can’t catch.  Just watched him drop 3 consecutive passes in LB drills, and then double-catch a 4th.  The other LBs, Zach Brown in particular, are catching passes with ease.  Brown looks very smooth with his footwork and ball skills.

– In RB blocking drills, I like the effort from Vick Ballard.  I think Ballard has helped himself some this week.  Terrance Ganoway, however, is really struggling in pass protection.  He was smoked three consecutive times by Zach Brown, Keenan Robinson, and Jake Bequette.

WRs vs DBs:

– Juron Criner is running really nice routes, gets wide open twice, once on a deep post, and once on a deep ball down the sidelines.  On a third deep ball, Ryan Steed stays right with Criner and makes a nice pass breakup.

– Janoris Jenkins has a nice pass breakup on Dwight Jones.  Jones stood out the first day of practices, butI haven’t noticed him much since.

– My new favorite player Joe Adams with a drop.  Come on, Joe.

OL vs DL:

– Melvin Ingram smokes Zebrie Sanders with a nice inside swim move.

– DT Brandon Thompson has had a decent week.  Nice rip move.

– OG Cordy Glenn is having a good day.  He has handles Quinton Coples and Courtney Upshaw on a number of occasions.

11 on 11’s:

– The South DL is absolutely dominating the South OL.  Upshaw gets a sack, and Thompson gets himself a TFL.

– Chris Rainey gets wide open deep.  Drop.  Not good.

– Ryan Lindley throws nowhere near anybody.  Lindley has not looked good, in my opinion.  I’d have him ranked last among the QB’s here.

– Weeden runs play action left, turns right and finds Upshaw right in his face.  He calmly but quickly dumps it down to Rainey for a decent game.  Nice play.  Great poise.

– Weeden with play action action.  Sells it well.  Throws a laser to Joe Adams.

– Louisiana Tech RB Lennon Creer is a new participant in practices after some injuries took out some other players.  He looks like a hard runner.  Impressive day for a guy that was just thrown into practices.

– Lindley keeps missing receivers.  It’s just ugly.


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  4. Abraham says:

    I literally learned about nearly all of this, but with that said, I still considered it had been practical. Great blog!

  5. brisulph says:

    I really enjoyed your take on the NFC Championship Jimmy. 😛


    1. There’s actually a good/bad reason I didn’t write about it: I was hammered and barely remember it.

  6. Immynimmy says:

    Never was a big fan of Juron Criner. I really haven’t seen him play much, but when ever I have, he just doesn’t seem like a guy that has that ‘it; factor that WR have. I’ve seen him make big plays on the ball, but I don’t, something about him seems off.

    It’s good to see Melvin Ingram doing well. Hopefully he does terrible at the combine so he’ll slip to the 2nd; he’s not worth the 15th pick (Coples is the only DE worth pick 15, and I doubt he lasts till #10).

    Big fan of Brandon Thompson. I think it’s possible we draft him in the 2nd, and although we have much bigger issues, I woudn’t be too upset. Great size, terrific run stopper, quicker than he looks, drew a ton of double teams in college, very disruptive in the middle, great techique, etc. Then again, he’s probably a 1-gap type of guy so I don’t know how he would fit. Imagine if we went back to that and had him and Dixon as the DTs. We wouldn’t even need linebackers!

    1. Smitty2K3 says:

      I see the same thing you do with Criner. Idk what it is, but something just seems off. He can make plays but he doesn’t look like an NFL WR. Maybe just his body type or something.

      1. Immynimmy says:

        Thank god it’s not me lol.

        1. Immynimmy says:

          *not JUST me

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