Some random thoughts: It’s only January and a search for “2012 NFL mock draft” will return 46.8 million results

Now what?

– So Spags to New Orleans, huh?  Makes sense.  I’d have chosen New Orleans over Philly if I were Spags, too.  That is of course, assuming Philly even made a strong push for him in the first place as we’ve all suspected they did, despite little evidence of it.  Now the question becomes… “When do the Eagles sheepishly make the announcement that Juan Castillo is going to be the DC again in 2012?”  I suspect it’ll be shortly after they construct a massive wall around the NovaCare Complex.

– We’re not even out of January yet, and I’m already thoroughly sick of mock drafts.  The draft is April 26th, more than 3 months away, and if you google “NFL mock draft,” you’ll get 46,800,000 results.  It’s a complete and utter waste of time, seeing as, you know, free agency occurs in March.  Anyway, in most of the mock drafts I’ve seen, they have the Cowboys taking a defensive player, typically an OLB or a corner.  Those positions would both certainly make sense for them, but I feel that their OL remains the #1 priority, as it should have been for like… the past 5 years.  Depending on how free agency plays out, if David DeCastro is still sitting there at 14, and he probably will be, the thought of having Tyron Smith and DeCastro on the same line for the next 12 years would have me more than a little fired up if I were a Cowboys fan.

– Listening to WFAN up here in Giants country, you’d think the 49ers are the Rams or something.   The cockiness brimming from the fan base after the Giants’ trouncing of the Packers in Green Bay is perfectly understandable, but I’m surprised by the lack of respect for this San Fran team.  I think the Giants are going to win, for two reasons: (1) Eli Manning is their QB, and (2) God hates me.  But the Niners are a really freaking good team.  On their defense alone, they have clearly the best set of linebackers in the sport (apologies to the Steelers), the best 3-4 DE we’ve seen in quite some time, and a good secondary.  They don’t miss tackles, they all hustle, they force turnovers, and they can bring the hurt.  There’s one thing I can say with some fairly decent certainty: It’s going to be a very close, very physical game.

– As one of my more knowledgeable Redskin fan readers (“WeNeedLinemen”) pointed out earlier this week, if the Redskins cut DeAngelo Hall this offseason they can save $6 million in 2012, with only a cap hit of about $60oK.  That’s what I would call a no-brainer.

– Another quick reminder: Senior Bowl week of practices is next week.  I’ll be there.  Should have a ton of coverage here all of next week.


  1. You already know thus significantly in relation to this matter, made me in my opinion consider it from a lot of numerous angles. Its like women and men are not involved except it’s something to do with Woman gaga! Your personal stuffs outstanding. All the time care for it up!

  2. Deanna says:

    This is certainly a little something I must do more research into, thank you for the blog post.

  3. This is my fifth time to your site, I love it every time!

  4. D3Keith says:

    This is the best comment section I’ve read in a long time … high-larious.

  5. How we tret our veterans is embarrassing. They gave their lives for our country and deserve to be treated like royalty. Thank you!

  6. WeNeedLinemen says:

    I really hate the Patriots. I know it’s unreasonable but that’s the way it is. Now I am left rooting for the Giants, again. Normally, that’s not so bad, but if the Giants win it’s possible that Antrel Rolle may never shut his mouth ever again.

    I always thought Giants fans were too critical of Eli. As a Redskin fan you can help but look at other teams QBs and think we’d be a little more appreciative. Last night pretty much closed the book on Eli, good in the regular, great in the post-season.

    1. D3Keith says:

      The Giants as an organization, and as a competitive challenge I respect. But you’re right, Rolle (and Osi, Jacobs, etc.) are so hateable that there’s no way I could stand to see them win. I’m pulling for the Patriots, believe it or not. Hopefully like 35-10.

  7. Will says:

    Right about the hard fought game.

    Eli got hit hard last, but he kept truckin’

    1. WeNeedLinemen says:

      I really like the way Eli takes punishment. He doesn’t get mad at his linemen or beg the officials for a flag.

      At one, after he’d had his face ground threw the field. He got up, removed his chin strap from his nostril, wiped the blood out of his mouth and popped his pads back in, then ran the next play.

      The best thing about it is that Eli looks like an accountant, a mousy one at that. He is not some football hero, super-jock, “I’m fine, that doesn’t hurt”. It looks like it really hurts when he gets hit but keeps on getting up and playing.

  8. Jerry Davis says:

    The 49’rs really are a good team. Until Jerry Jones passes from the Cowboys, I don’t have a team, but I remember all of those awesome Cowboy/49’r games, beginning with “The Catch”. My favorite NYG/49’r game was back in ‘88,89? The Monday night game for the NFC Championship.

    Its good to see the 49’r coming back on-line. Only God knows when the Cowboys will become a team again.
    Jerry Davis

  9. JenFromNoVa says:

    RE: WFAN – Give me a break. If you don’t think that fans out in San Fran radioland aren’t doing the EXACT SAME THING as WFAN, you are soooo wrong. Fans out there are so rabid that there will be undercover cops in Giants gear at the game because the fans were so awful to Saints fans last week.

    There are Giants boards out there giving the Niners plenty of respect. The Niners certainly have reason to be confident – they beat the Saints but the Giants also have plenty of reason to be confident, they beat the 15-1 PACKERS.

    Any way you slice it, it should be a good game. May the best team (GIANTS) win!

  10. deg0ey says:

    “Now the question becomes… “When do the Eagles sheepishly make the announcement that Juan Castillo is going to be the DC again in 2012?” I suspect it’ll be shortly after they construct a massive wall around the NovaCare Complex.”

    I don’t think they announce it at all. Like most teams, the assumption should be that they’ll maintain the status quo unless there’s an announcement to the contrary. My expectation is that they’ll say absolutely nothing and eventually it will dawn on everybody that no change is going to happen.

    1. Well, they’ll have to say something eventually. They’ll be asked directly.

      1. deg0ey says:

        Yeah, true. I meant that I wouldn’t expect them to announce something per se. Someone will ask Reid at an unrelated presser and he’ll shrug it off with a dismissive “Of course he’ll be back…”

  11. Immynimmy says:

    “…and (2) God hates me. ”

    I hear ya.

    1. bdawk4ever says:

      I think that is the only way the Giants win.

      Stupid God.

      1. Immynimmy says:

        He hates the Browns, Eagles, Bills, Vikings, and Jaguars.

        1. KeepSwinging says:

          God liked us before the merger. I swear after Lombardi died he went to heaven told us about how we screwed him in the NFL Championship. Must have traded God some fantasy football advice in exchange for crushing our hopes of winning a super bowl. The Curse of Lombardi is all too real, now featuring Juan Castillo.

          1. Immynimmy says:


    2. Free Plax says:

      I don’t no Jimmy, maybe God is trying to tell you it’s time to come to the light and root for the Giants.

      1. Immynimmy says:

        Fans of other teams and the media can say anything they want about the Eagles, but one thing they will never be are band-wagoners….NEVER.

  12. BBI says:

    Did you expect anything more from WFAN? Its exactly like WIP…uneducated fans that are riled up for no good reason. These are the same guys who, three weeks ago, wanted to get rid of Manning himself. Now he’s God’s gift to mankind.

    That being said, its hilarious to listen to.

    1. “OK, Vinnie from Brooklyn, you’re on the Fan.”

      “Yo, I just wanna say that the Giants are gonna take that Vernon Davidson punk and they’re gonna break him in half. And the Niners defense… Yo, they a bunch of clowns, son. All I got to say to them is Cruuuuuuuz. You heard?”

      “Thanks Vinnie. OK, we’re gonna go to Vito in Paramus….”

      1. Immynimmy says:

        I cringed reading this. ALthough I will say, as Brooklyn is my hometown (moved to PA when I was 8 cause my parents wanted my sisters and I in better schools), most people in New York City are Jets fans.

        1. giants fan says:

          Ahhh, I love BK.

        2. Free Plax says:

          I’d beg to differ, Jet fans stong hold is Long Island not the city, they share Long Island with all the New York Cowboy fans.

      2. BBI says:

        Well done.

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