Some random thoughts around the NFC East: Brandon Weeden might make some sense for the Redskins

Apologies for my slow blog production this week.  Busy week at work getting back into the swing of things after the holiday season + family stuff + preparing for a baby on the way in a little more than a month = Bad for blogging.  Sorry.  Some random thoughts:

Could the Cowboy become a Redskin?

1. Another potential Redskins QB has decided to stay in school.  This time it’s Landry Jones.  Updated QB big board, of potential 1st round picks:

– Andrew Luck

Matt Barkley

– Robert Griffin III

Landry Jones

– Ryan Tannehill

– Nick Foles

One QB that might make sense for the Skins could be Brandon Weeden.  If Weeden were a “traditional” college QB prospect, he’d be squarely in the 1st round discussion.  The reason he isn’t?  He’s 28 years old, and has a few injury concerns, but he has a huge arm, and holy hell, look at the numbers.  He’s a potential Day 1 starter, especially if his primary competition would be guys like Rex Grossman or John Beck.

I’ve heard a lot about Mike Shanahan’s “5-year plan,” or the “Shanaplan,” if you will.  Well, we’re entering year three of the Shanaplan, and the Skins still don’t have a QB.  The Colts are going to draft Andrew Luck 1st overall.  With that in mind, some questions to consider:

Are the Skins going to make a play for Matt Flynn?  Is Robert Griffin III going to make it to the 6th pick?  Are the Skins willing to pay a very hefty price to move up to something like the 2nd or 3rd overall pick to take Griffin III?  If the answer to all three of those questions are “no,” then Weeden would make sense.  If after Year 3 of the Shanaplan, the Skins don’t at least look like they can be legitimate contenders soon, Shanahan might not be around to see year 5 of his grand plan.  I’m not sure he cares as much about the age of his QB as some of the other “QB needy” teams.

2. A lot has been made of the weather this weekend in NJ.  Does bad weather help the Giants or the Falcons?  On the one hand, the Falcons almost never play in the cold.  Matt Ryan, for example, has only played in one cold weather game his entire pro career.  On the other hand, the Falcons have a much more balanced offense than the Giants.  They run the ball well, while the Giants don’t.  So who does the cold weather benefit?  I’m not sure it matters, frankly.  I live in North Jersey, and just took my dog out.  It’s 6:30 AM.  It’s not really all that cold out there at all.  It’s going to get up over 50 degrees today.  Tomorrow, it’s expected to get up around 45, with a very low likelihood of precipitation, and just a little bit of wind.  It doesn’t appear that the weather is going to be a factor in the slightest.

3. It appears that Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly is going pro:

Luke Kuechly has decided to forego his senior season at BC and will enter the NFL draft.
BC Football News

That has Eagles fans fired up, and you can pretty much expect to see his name next to Philly in every mock draft out there this offseason.  Kuechly’s numbers are video game-esque:

Kuechly Games Tackles Tackles/Game INT Sacks
2011 12 191 15.9 3 0
2010 13 183 14.1 3 1.5
2009 12 142 11.8 1 1
Totals 37 516 13.9 7 2.5

In his first 4 games as a Freshman, he had 33 tackles.  In three of those games, he had less than 10 tackles.  In his next 33 games, he had just TWO games in which he had less than 10 tackles, and on both occasions, he had 9.  That kind of consistency is absurd.

4. Watching NFL Network as I type this.  Brian Dawkins appears to be done for the season with a neck injury, and the thinking is that it’s potentially career ending.  Dawkins is my favorite player of all time.  Next stop, Canton.

5. I’ve been killing the Cowboys’ OL and lack of depth for years now, and I stumbled across this excellent piece by Bob Sturm, who puts a target squarely on Jerry Jones for the team that he has assembled.  Very smart read.



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  6. […] I wrote about Brandon Weeden making some sense for the Redskins a week ago.  Mike Shanahan will get a long look at him at the Senior Bowl.  The Senior Bowl QBs […]

  7. I’m with you on this one.

  8. WeNeedLinemen says:

    Should the fact that Weeden is 28 matter? All the new rules protecting QBs should extend there careers. I can see QB’s playing into there late thirties and and early forties on a more regular basis. Nutrition and sports medicine are improving all the time, Weeden should be a viable athlete for the next 10 or more years.

  9. Keith Petres says:

    I think there’s a very good chance that the Eagles draft a QB. Vick may be in 6 year “$100M” contract, but as I understand it, the contract is in effect a 2 year contract that was cheaper than franchising Vick twice (and also freeing up the franchise tag for DeSean this off-season). Furthermore, Vick is 31 years old and not the type of quarterback that will age gracefully.

    Seems pretty clear to me that QB is the Eagles biggest long-term need.

    1. deg0ey says:

      But who do they take? They’re obviously not in a position for Luck or Griffin. Weeden’s not a guy for the long-term at his age. I like Tannehill, but not in the first; they’ve got bigger needs.

      I wonder whether “You’ll be the guy in 2013; look at all the weapons we’ve got for you to play with” would be enough to convince Matt Flynn he wants to be in Philly.

      1. Scott says:

        dear god no!

    2. Scott says:

      As much as I’d like Reid to trade up and grab RG3 next year is make or break for him. He won’t waste picks that could be used to make the team immediately better

      1. Rage114 says:


        Your new to the team, aren’t you? 🙂

        Seriously, projects are just about the only guarantee in an AR draft.

        1. Scott says:

          the point Im making is he’ll want to make the team better this year since his job is on the line

    3. Keith Petres says:

      Originally looked all this up because I always believed that QBs drafted in the top 10 were overrated and don’t pan out nearly often enough to justify the hype. The results… are mixed. But since I gathered it I’ll share – following are the top 10 QBs this year, and when they were drafted:

      NAME (QB rating) – when drafted
      Aaron Rodgers (122.5) – 1st round, 24th overall
      Drew Brees (110.6) – 2nd round, 32nd overall
      Tom Brady (105.6) – 6th round, 199 overall
      Tony Romo (102.5) – undrafted
      Matthew Stafford (97.2) – 1st round, 1st pick
      Eli Manning (92.9) – 1st round, 1st pick
      Matt Ryan (92.2) – 1st round, 3rd pick
      Alex Smith (90.7) – 1st round, 1st pick
      Ben Roethlisberger (90.1) – 1st round, 11th overall

      The one caveat obviously is that Alex Smith was a complete bust until this year.

      As for who I think the Eagles should take – I have no idea, I don’t follow college football. But I do follow the Eagles and in the next year or three years they’ll need a new QB. Much like they drafted Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard two years before they were needed, it’s time for the Eagles to get back in the QB lottery.

      1. Jay Walker (GIB) says:

        No Tebow on that list? Geeeesh.

  10. Scott says:

    I doubt Kuechly will still be available when we pick

    1. deg0ey says:

      I doubt he goes top-10 (even Patrick Willis was ‘only’ taken #11) and he’s definitely a better fit in a 4-3 than a 3-4. The only 4-3 teams that pick ahead of us are the Rams, Vikes, Browns, Bucs and Seahawks. The first 4 of those all pick in the top-5, so unless they trade down (which given the number of holes they all have is pretty unlikely) then our only real competition is the Hawks. My view is that they’ve got bigger issues than LB, so will probably let him go.

      Obviously nothing is certain, but I don’t see any of the teams above us taking him; a bigger concern would be somebody trying to trade up for him (Maybe the Bears see him as a long-term replacement for Urlacher)

  11. Brian says:

    I think the Jets might actually make some sense for Weeden later in the draft.

    I know Skins fans probably don’t want to hear it, but I think it might actually be smart for them to wait until next year to pick a QB. When you draft a franchise QB, I don’t think it’s a good idea to “settle” on a guy like they would be doing with Weeden. Wait until next year for Barkley or Jones.

  12. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    The Redskins already had two guys busted for Weedin. They don’t need another.

  13. Rage114 says:

    I am one that has more forgiving of Reid than others. But if Kuechly is available at 15 and they take anyone else, then there would be no more denying he does not grasp the problems with his team and should be let go ASAP.

  14. Tracer Bullet says:

    I like Weeden to Washington too because, as the Eagles have proven, 27-year-old rookies are always a good idea. We know the Colts will take Luck and the Panthers aren’t taking a QB. Would Minnesota or St. Louis give up on Ponder or Bradford so quickly?

    1. The Panthers draft 8th, so they’re out of the equation completely. I think the team the Skins might have to jump would be the Browns at 4.

      1. Tracer Bullet says:

        For some reason I thought the Panthers were at four.

  15. giants fan says:

    1) You spelled random wrong in the title.
    2) Congrats on the new baby!

    1. Randon, random, potayto, potahto. That’s actually the second time I’ve done that, ha.

      And thanks! She’ll be growing up in Giants territory, but obviously, her clothes are about 50% monkeys, giraffes, or Sesame St. characters, with the other 50% being Eagles stuff.

      1. Steve D. says:

        Just like my son. He needs to know from a young age that Giants and Jets are not options.

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