What’d ya get?

For those of you that celebrate it, Merry Christmas! The wife and I exchanged gifts yesterday, and I got Eagles slippers. There’s really nothing else left for me to get, although I’m sure my parents/sister will find something when I see them later today. I’ll be taking the day off from BtB, but will be back tomorrow.

So what NFC East related gifts did you all get?


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  8. Eaglesfanatlarge says:

    An Eagles…garden gnome? My bro has a sense of humor. He looks a bit like Howard Mudd.

  9. T-rade says:

    LeSean McCoy jersey, my mom ordered it from America.. Last year she got me an Eagles hoody

  10. Nick C says:

    Got a bottle of gentleman jack and a cowboys work jacket.

  11. Tim Rice says:

    Awesome Redskins slippers, Greatest Redskins of All Time Plaque, and a Redskins Man Cave sign.

  12. Steve says:

    I got the book “Boys will be Boys” by Jeff Pearlman. Its a fantastic read so far, it opens with a narative of how Michael Irvin stabbed one of his teammates in the neck with scissors and almost went to prison. I’m loving reading about how unbelievably dysfunctional and disturbed a good portion of the Cowboys dynasty era players were. Appearantly the key to creating a dynasty is to find the most pathological whackjobs out there and assemble them all in the same room.

    1. Derf Diggy says:

      Great effing read…..went through it twice in a summer a couple years ago.

  13. Mikesta says:

    I got Eagles shoe slipper. Its funny because they actually have shoe laces.

  14. JenFromNoVa says:

    The first thing I got yesterday was a Giants win over the loud-mouth Rex Ryan and the Jets. This morning I got a Giants flag and car magnet. Hopefully I will be able to use them way into January!

  15. Imp says:

    Tickets to Redskins-Eagles game.

  16. BryanH says:

    Eagles gloves and t-shirt

  17. Caheezy says:

    An eagles #25 Jersey with Shady on the back. Oh, yes.

  18. Scott says:

    An Eagles beer mug and a sideline cap

  19. Derf Diggy says:

    Wife got me a videocamera. Pretty nice. I think we have differing views of how we would like to use it though. I’m sure she envisions numerous videos of our newborn making baby noises and playing sports and whatnot…While the first thing I thought was…”Hmmm, I think I could record the conception of baby #2 with this”.

    I think her idea will be its main use:(

    Merry Festivus to all of you out there….JimmyK especially. Despite being a proud Eagles fan and writing vile about my ‘Boys….I enjoy every article. Keep it up.

    1. Derf Diggy says:

      I know above wasn’t football related…but I’ll record Shango/Gimmiedapu**y like rants when the Boys lose next week…so…yea..still NFC east related.

  20. Jason-E says:

    An Eagles beer mug, and steering wheel cover and head rest covers for the Jeep.

    1. Jason-E says:

      Oh. And the Eagles gave me a beat down of the cowboys.

      1. Derf Diggy says:

        yay for pointless beatdowns. #DreamTeam!

        1. bdawk4ever says:

          It wasn’t pointless. It showed the Cowboys suck, and the Eagles are much better.

          And it will help the Eagles going into next year.

          1. Derf Diggy says:

            Will it? I don’t know how you draw these parallels. The year the Boys beat the Eagles 3 times…did it carryover to the next year? Or did the Eagles retool and return to become competitive vs. the Boys.

            Fans like to say these things…when in reality…what happens in the offseason has a huge impact on the next year.

  21. PierreC says:

    I got my first Eagles Jersey. A Kelly Green Celek Jersey. Loves it!

  22. BrandonG says:

    A McCoy shirsey.

  23. brisulph says:

    Got a NY Giants football helmet fathead… but the weird thing is my father found it back in September in a hardware store here in Canada (i.e. They don’t carry stuff like that up here… ever). Even better, it was apparently on super reduced clearance… That says something, if you wanna really read into it.

    Merry Christmas Fellow Beastlies.

  24. giants fan says:

    JPP Jersey. Very excited about it.

  25. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    I got my son a green riddell football helmet. Now I gotta find some wing decals.

  26. One.Cool.Customer says:

    We haven’t unpacked yet, but I’m pretty sure my son got me a Cowboys Coffee Mug – no small feat for an 11-year old in Germany.

    Merry Christmas everybody, and Fear The Star.

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