The Giants have a slew of awful contracts.

Jerry, you regret that Antrel Rolle contract?

The 2011 Giants were very fortunate to get some surprisingly good play from guys like Victor Cruz, Jake Ballard, William Beatty, and Jason Pierre-Paul.  All four of those players exceeded expectations, and all four of them have extremely modest contracts in comparison to their worth on the football field this season.  That’s all good.

However, the Giants got very little this season from some of their most heavily paid players, which is a major problem, not just now, but heading into next season.  Jerry Reese and Co. have an extremely challenging offseason ahead, and we may see the Giants slide further into mediocrity due to a laundry list of under-performing players destroying the salary cap.

Here are some cap numbers for a number of Giants over the next few years, according to

Chris Canty: Nice player, but not worth anything close to what he’s making.

2012: $7,666,667.  2013: 7,916,667.  2014: $8,166,667

Osi Umenyiora: Think he might be a pain in the ass again this offseason? I do.

2012: $4,617,857

Chris Snee: Once thought of as one of the top 3 or 4 guards in the league, Snee’s play fell off dramatically this season.

2012: $7,783,333.  2013: $8,783,333

Antrel Rolle: Blown coverages, missed tackles, bonehead penalties, and a weekly radio appearance in which it’s a 100% guarantee he’ll say something stupid… and his cap number is almost $10 mil.  Rolle is an absolute disaster to this team.

2012: $9,100,000.  2013: $9,350,000.  2014: $9,350,000

David Diehl: Has been one of the worst starters in the league, any position.

2012: $3,825,000.  2013: $4,100,000

Justin Tuck: Banged up all season, and completely invisible.

2012: $7,500,000.  2013: $8,300,000

David Baas: Just a guy.

2012: $4,950,000.  2013: 6,200,000.  2014: $6,700,000.  2015: $6,950,000

Brandon Jacobs: Role player only.

2012: $6,862,500

Ahmad Bradshaw: Serious concerns about his health.

2012: $4,500,000.  2013: $5,250,000.  2014: 5,500,000


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  2. Dota Guides says:

    There is noticeably a bundle to know about this. I assume you made certain nice points in features also.

  3. Free Plax says:

    Tuck, Bass and Snee all have been battlling injury all year, I would not say their contracts are problems yet as they are expected to regain thier from if healthy again. Osi could be traded before the draft and Jacobs most is gone at the end of the year. I’m not a betting man but I am sure the Giants will ask Diehl to re due his contract or get cut. Rolle and Canty are bad contracts but, right now Giants can’t replace so I would expect them back.

  4. Jmpasq says:

    Do some research because most of these guys can be cut with very little cap hit.

    Rolle for example has received all of his guaranteed money and his signing bonus was a modest 5 million. The cap hit is a reasonable 2.5 million, Cantys 3.75, Snee 4 Million. The way the Giants structured these contracts they save more then they lose on almost every single one of them. Osi’s cap hit is minimal but his salary isnt crippling at all.

    Tuck is a bad contract he is hurt.Last year he had 12 sacks ,80 tackles and 6 FF.He will be fine
    The Baas contract there stuck with,Same with Bradshaw

    1. Smitty2K3 says:

      No matter how you look at it though, the Giants have more “bad contracts” than any other team in the division. And it’s not really close.

  5. giants fan says:

    1) I don’t know if calling the Tuck and Bradshaw contracts “awful” is really fair. When healthy, Tuck is the best defensive player on our team. Also, I can think of more than a few people who thought the Bradshaw contract was a bargain compared to what some people were paying for running backs on the open market.
    2) They can always renegotiate with players who are good but underperforming (Canty, et al.) without taking a CAP hit.
    3) Osi and Diehl should be gone next year, regardless of what the cap hit is.

    Still, these numbers make me nervous.

    1. Smitty2K3 says:

      And they should. The Giants might struggle to stay under the cap again next year like they did this year.

    2. “I don’t know if calling the Tuck and Bradshaw contracts “awful” is really fair.”

      Agreed. “Awful contracts” is part of the title, but I didn’t mean for “awful” to apply to Tuck or Bradshaw.

  6. TheStallion says:

    I would probably say all four NFC east teams hae bad contracts.
    Giants-Well Documented
    Eagles-Mike Vick- When you think about it, he has 8 amazing games to start off last year and since he has slowed down considerable. He is still one of the most dangerous threats in the league, but for a QB that has a 100 million dollar contract, has only played one full season in his career(Not sure) and has 13Tds and 13Ints….not worth it in my opinion
    Cowboys-Doug Free isnt looking nearly as good as he did in 09 when he played RT. Or last year at LT. Definently Underwhelming
    Redskins- They have many offseason full of numerous mistakes

    1. Smitty2K3 says:

      I find it funny that fans of other teams list Vick as the first Eagles player with a “bad contract.” When really, you’d think they’d jump at the opportunity to rub our noses in Nnamdi’s contract. Granted, he has not been HORRIBLE by any means, but he’s the second highest paid CB right now and he certainly hasn’t played like it this year. You could mark it down as new team, new defense, different responsibilities, etc. etc. But no matter how you slice it, he has underwhelmed and that would be the first contract I’d list as being “bad.” Definitely before I’d mention Vick’s name.

      And having said that, besides Nnamdi and Vick, I can’t think of many other “bad contracts” (if you can even call them that for NA/MV) the Eagles have. You could bring up Steve Smith or Vince Young, but they’re both on one-year contracts and will not be here next year.

      In fact, I can think of some amazing bargains, like Evan Mathis (PFF’s top-rated OG) or Derek Landri (vet minimum; perhaps most productive DT on the team) or even Jason Babin (18 sacks and only $5.5M guaranteed over 5 years).

      The Eagles might have under-produced as a team this year so far, but I’d say they’re doing just fine in the contracts department.

      1. Free Plax says:

        Willing to give Nnamdi a pass for this year, if he plays like this next year than I would say it’s a bad contract.

    2. Paul says:

      “Redskins- They have many offseason full of numerous mistakes”

      Come on man. That one is easy.

      Jammal Brown: 5 year 27.5 mil with 8.25 guaranteed.

      But thats about the only one for this year. Unless you want to count paying Beck anything more then a 10 cents.

  7. bc says:

    Don’t the Giants have a site like ? Their fans need to step it up.

  8. Smitty2K3 says:


    How in the world did Baas, Umenyiora, and Rolle end up in the top 5 at their positions in fan voting? As Shady said, Umenyiora isn’t even the 3rd best DL on his own team. And we all know Rolle hasn’t had a great year and Baas has been below average and might even be benched.

    Fan voting is such a joke.

  9. TransplantedFan says:

    You remember when Eagle fans wanted Rolle? With as bad as our safety play has been, I am really happy we didn’t sign him.

    1. bdawk4ever says:

      Man I was going to post that too! I remember that, and thought it was stupid at the time. In fact, I was happy to see him go to the Giants, and my hope has proven right- he sucks.

  10. rage114 says:

    As much as it joys me to read that, some of those players could be cut or traded. What is the cap hit on each of those players if they are cut at the end of the year?

    1. Joe D says:

      yeah the cap hit is the most important # here.

      if the giants fix their o-line and get a few more players on defense , they’ll be contenders. Tuck getting healthy is HUGE as he is their best player when healthy..he has been nicked up the past few years though.

    2. I’m still working on that. But it’s not like it was in the uncapped year anymore. It’s my understanding that there are still significant cap penalties for cutting players.

      1. smutsboy says:

        None of these numbers matter if they’re not guaranteed.

        You need to post guaranteed money, not due money.

        I mean, did Philly ever pay Vick $100M? No.

        Speaking of bad contracts, how’s that Vick one working out?

        1. It’s far more complicated than just guaranteed money, but you’re right about the info being incomplete. Working on it. However, the Giants can’t cut the above players with no penalty the same way that they could have in an uncapped year. I’ve seen mixed answers all over the place – For example, I saw one report that Rolle’s cap hit would be well over $10 million in 2012 if they cut him.

          That info isn’t easy to come by. May need to read the CBA, but even then, it’s not always black and white.

          As for Vick, too early to tell. He’s been up and down this year… and of course, injured at times. The constant bumps and bruises are probably the biggest concern. The source I used for these contract numbers has Vick’s correctly at 5 years $80 mil, by the way, for what it’s worth.

          Anyway, the main point here is that the Giants won’t be able to just cut bait with all that dead weight without penalty.

          1. bdawk4ever says:

            I think the Eagles can cut him after two years with only a $4 Mil cap hit, which isn’t too bad.

        2. deg0ey says:

          Pretty well actually – We’ve tied up a decent QB for the next couple of years with minimal penalties if we want to cut him after next season.

  11. BBI says:

    Oddly enough, none of those are as bad as Steve Smith’s contract.

    1. Ha, well, in fairness, he’s already way back in the rear view mirror.

      1. BBI says:

        haha i know, just pulling your proverbial leg.

    2. Smitty2K3 says:

      Considering it was a one-year contract and Eagles had oodles of cap space, that’s not a bad contract at all in comparison to the ones listed above.

      1. Free Plax says:

        I’m sure that the fact that Steve Smith was making about 3X as much as DeSean had nothing to do with him having his head up his ass

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