NFC Obituary/Hierarchy with Week 15 in the books



McNabb ain't exactly what I'd describe these days as a "good" QB anymore, but he would have been a hell of a lot better as a band aid than Caleb Hanie.

The Bears may actually be mathematically eliminated at this point, as opposed to just done in my opinion.  I didn’t bother looking it up, because it doesn’t really matter.  Caleb Hanie’s numbers this season: 4 starts, 4 losses, 51 of 102, 613 yards, 3 TD, 9 INT, 41.8 passer rating.  Yeah yeah, I know Mike Martz’s playbook requires a membership to Mensa to be able to throw a football to guys wearing the same color jersey as the one the QB is wearing, but something is telling me that Donovan McNabb may have played just a tad bit better than Hanie.   The Bears were 7-3 a month ago and cruising toward the 5 seed.  Now they’ll be golfing a in a couple weeks.  I get that Jay Cutler got hurt, but it was as if the Bears had no idea that losing your starting QB for a few weeks is a possibility in the NFL.  Bang up job, Jerry Angelo.


7 – Just not a good team

The Giants are now -38 in point differential on the season.  That’s 12th worst in the NFL.  They’ve lost 5 of 6.  They’re dead last in rushing.  29th against the pass.  22nd against the run.

When the Giants were 6-2, they were +7 in turnover differential.  That’s how they were winning some of those games.  During their 1-5 stretch (albeit against better teams), they haven’t been winning the turnover battle, as they’ve been -4 in that department.  It’s pretty simple, really… The Giants HAVE TO win the turnover battle against good teams to have a shot.  Otherwise, with their downright bad defense, they’re just not good enough to consistently win.

6 – Sloppy, but effective

The Cowboys needed a win against the dreadful Bucs in Tampa Saturday night, and they got one.  It wasn’t always pretty, but they stomped all all over the Bucs regardless.   Jason Garrett and Co even rolled the dice a bit by resting DeMarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff for most of the 2nd half.  Even when the Bucs scored without those two guys out of the game, the Cowboys didn’t panic and kept their 2 defensive stars out against the Bucs anemic offense.  It’s not the way I’d have played it, but a tip of the cap… they got some much needed rest for two of their best (and dinged up) players.

4-5 (in whatever order you prefer) – In.

Barring some sort of catastrophic turn of events, you’ll be watching the Detroit Lions in the playoffs for the first time since 1937, and perhaps we’ll see yet another 1-and-done from Matty Ice.

Help me out, David... For old times sake.

3 – ???

Alright, so… the Niners haven’t even played yet this week, but I’m fairly certain they’re not moving from this spot no matter what happens tonight, so whatever.  I’m going to break a self-imposed rule for a  second, and talk about my fantasy football league.  I’m playing cousin tonight for the chance to go to the Super Bowl.  We’re tied at 112.  I have David Akers.  He has Vernon Davis.  So yeah… I’ll be rooting for a kicker all night.  This is a prime example of what makes fantasy football so simultaneously great and awful all at once.

2 – Great… at home… or in a dome.

Here’s what I wrote about the Saints last week:

The Titans are a decent team, but not on the level of the Saints, but it was a game that I thought the Saints could lose in Tennessee.  And they almost did.  New Orleans has to pray for another Niners loss (for that ever-important first-round bye), and for some other team to knock off the Packers in one of the early rounds of the playoffs, because they’re a completely different team away from the Superdome.

On the road, the Saints are 4-3 and score 25.1 points per game.  That’s very good, of course, but not exactly all that scary.  That’s the team that shockingly lost to the Seahawks in the first round last year.

At home the Saints are 6-0 and score 39.8 points per game.  Very scary.  That’s the team they had home field throughout the playoffs in ’09 that won the Super Bowl.

Big difference.

While the Saints weren’t at home, they were in a dome, and they stomped all over the Vikings.

1 – Imperfection

Mercury Morris and his douchebag ’72 Dolphins friends celebrate.

A “tear came your eye,” Mercury? Really?


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  2. youngwiz says:

    can you clarify what was sloppy for dallas saturday?

      1. youngwiz says:

        a look at the play-calling would indicate garrett decided to sit on the lead and wait out the clock

        1. Sack/fumble/TD, sack that took the Cowboys out of FG range, long TD drive by Tampa, 15 points allowed in the 3rd Q (not quite garbage time). Anyway, that’s just off the top of my head.

          1. Youngwiz says:

            So a sloppy drive on offense and one on defense. Despite the brief “here we go again” feeling in the third quarter, I don’t think we can label the whole game as sloppy.

            1. DerfDiggy says:

              Yea…a sloppy qtr, but we’re arguing semantics. Boys composed themselves and ended the game within the bucs 5 yard line. Pretty good game I’d say….but its the bucs…so…yea

            2. I would use a word worse than “sloppy” to describe the 3rd quarter. Kinda funny that when I generally praised what I’m assuming is your team, one little pretty harmless adjective got stuck up the heiny.

              1. youngwiz says:

                hey im not mad. just seems odd to ignore the completely dominant first half and to qualify a game where dallas took care of business based on a few poor possessions.

  3. Keith says:

    From what I can tell, the Bears are not mathematically eliminated yet. The Bears can finish 9-7 (4-2 in division) and, among wild card prospects, only the Falcons and Lions have at least 9 wins right now (and no wild card prospects have 8 wins, thus there is no scheduling requirement of a head-to-head game between 8 win teams forcing a ninth win to happen).

    If Lions lose out the Lions will finish 9-7 (3-3 in division), so the Bears would beat them in tiebreaker (either 2-way tiebreak or 3-way, since the first step of a 3-way tiebreak is to “Apply division tie breaker to eliminate all but the highest ranked club in each division prior to proceeding to step 2.” and the Bears beat the Falcons in 2-way tiebreak (see below)).

    If the Falcons lose out then the Bears will beat them in 2-way tiebreak since the Bears beat the Falcons week 1.

    Much like the Eagles, the Bears are on life-support. In fact, the Bears’ chances of making the playoffs are probably even lower than the Eagles’ chances (another way to put this is, the Eagles are the taller midget).

  4. Free Plax says:

    Jimmy, it’s time to put the Giants in the graveyard, they are done. I doubt they win another game this season.

    1. Did you see the Jets play yesterday?

      1. Free Plax says:

        Sure did, but the real question is did you see the Redskins kick our ass all over the field? Giants might not even show up to the game.

    2. Anders says:

      Can you please lose to the Jets and beat the Cowboys? 😛

      1. Free Plax says:

        LOL, don’t count on it, I am just hoping they show up for the final two games

  5. Jay Walker (GIB) says:

    Someone over on another thread here made reference to the Eagles being Zombies and just refusing to die. Fairly accurate I guess.
    But the Eagles killed themselves off all year. Its like an attempt at “unsuicide.” But is it too late? Or will they pull the trigger on themselves one more time?


  6. Tron says:

    I thought the eagles might get Undead or hand reaching out of the grave.

    1. Ha, good idea. If they’re still alive next week, I’ll do something like that.

      1. Joe says:

        Yep an Evil Dead kind of moment……but I hope they are out after the games next week……

  7. Imp says:

    Is that the first time you wrote anything but “Still the best” for the Packers this year?

    1. “Still the best” was always the bold part. I did add how awesome Aaron Rodgers is once or twice.

  8. Immynimmy says:

    I can only imagine the glee you had in writing the post about the Bears since you hate them so much. I’m so glad they are out. They always seem to overachieve.

    1. Ha, that obvious, huh?

      1. theDtrain says:

        I hate the Bears just as much as I hate NYG or Dal

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