11 random thoughts on the NFC East

The Eagles are 1-0 when Vick pulls his socks up.

1 – Michael Vick looked weird with his socks pulled all the way up.

2 – There are now 3 head coaches that have been fired so far this season: Jack Del Rio, Todd Haley, and Tony Sparano.  Meanwhile, Steve Spagnuolo, Jim Caldwell, Norv Turner are very likely to get canned, and there are plenty more that should be worried.  I think that the more head coaches that get fired, the more likely it is that Tom Coughlin and Andy Reid keep their jobs.  While the Giants and Eagles are both top flight organizations that you would think would be more appealing landing spots for prospective head coaches, it still has to enter the minds of both teams’ top brass that they’d be competing with as many as 5-10 other teams looking for a new coach.  At the very least, they’ll have to consider that when making a decision.

3 – On that head coaching front, some Cowboys fans I’ve talked to are worried about Rob Ryan being hired away to be a head coach elsewhere in the NFL.  Here’s Rob Ryan’s updated resume:

Rob Ryan (48) Job Overall Run Pass Points
2004 Raiders DC 30 22 30 31
2005 Raiders DC 27 25 18 25
2006 Raiders DC 3 25 1 18
2007 Raiders DC 22 31 8 26
2008 Raiders DC 27 31 10 24
2009 Browns DC 31 28 29 21
2010 Browns DC 22 27 18 24
2011 Cowboys DC 16 8 24 16
Average finish DC 22.3 24.6 17.3 23.1

My real job is in sales.  Personally, if my average sales numbers were in the bottom 33 percentile among my peers, I’d probably leave that off the resume.  The point here is… Cowboys fans can probably rest easy about losing him.  Or at least you’d think.

4 – My sister was at the Eagles-Dolphins game on Sunday.  She was fairly certain that Eagles fans outnumbered Dolphins fans there.  It sure sounded that way on TV too.  Nobody else is ever going to say anything nice about Eagles fans, so I will here: It’s one of the worst seasons Eagles fans have had to suffer through in recent memory (with 2005 being right there as well), the team is 4-8, the game is 1000+ miles away, and Eagles fans are still out in full force.  Kudos.

5 – I kinda like this Redskins team.  I’ve done my share of Shanny criticism here, but give the man credit.  The Skins have continued to battle right down to the bitter end.  I think most Giants fans have a W penciled in over the Skins at home this week.  I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this team, even without most of their best offensive players.

6 – The Eagles are favored this week?  Really?

7 – It seemed like whenever the Redskins-Pats game appeared on the Red Zone Channel on Sunday, there was another atrocious call by the officiating.

8 – The NFL Network, taking a cue from FOX’s awful football coverage, is now also doing unfunny pregame comedy sketches.  At some point, one of the studio guys is going to have to say, “Look, I’m sorry. I can’t do the forced fake laugh anymore. Fire me if you must, but these skits are terrible and I don’t want to be associated with them in any way, shape or form.”  They’ll immediately become my favorite ‘analyst’ ever.  Even if it’s Deion Sanders.  OK, maybe not Deion Sanders, but anyone else.

9 – The Dolphins defense, did some serious damage to LeSean McCoy’s yards per carry.  McCoy had 27 carries for 38 yards on Sunday.  On that same note, the Eagles play calling never ceases to amaze me.  Up by 16 late in the 4th Q of a meaningless game with their star RB well over 20 carries already, and they’re still running McCoy out there instead of Ronnie Brown.

10 – If I had to rank the worst Eagles plays of the season, they’d go:

5) Marshawn Lynch breaking 37 tackles (estimated) on his way in for TD.

4) Juqua Parker jumps offsides on 4th and 1 when the entire stadium knows the Bills aren’t running a play.

3) Chas Henry’s noodle-armed fake punt pass.

2) Ronnie Brown’s goal line disaster.

1) stev smit going down on his own a yard short of a huge first down against the Cardinals.

Fare thee well, stev smit.  You will not be missed in Philly.

11 –  Sorry Cowboys fans, but I’m contractually obligated to post this picture:



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  11. […] The biggest difference is that Rex is a good coach with a long history of success. Rob is not a particularly good coach and has rarely had much success. […]

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  16. Tim Rice says:

    Lovie Smith?

    1. Joe says:

      Lovie will be safe, he lost his QB and one of the best all around backs in the league, they wont can him for that

  17. David K says:

    I”m surprised you have the stev smit fall-down above the other ones. I mean… that’s pretty dumb, but the results, while bad, were not nearly as devastating as Ronnie Brown’s thrumble. I mean, players go down early all the time. Players don’t do what Ronnie Brown did ever. Same with Parker’s offside. I’d go noodle-arm (which is more comical than anything), Lynch run, stev smit’s fall-down, offsides jump, Ronnie Brown.

    But you know what they say, opinions are like assholes- I like to eat them.

  18. Imp says:

    I’m not sure a team would care how many head coaches would get fired. Remember end of ’08 season when 11 head coaches either retired or was fired? A lot more competition then and it still happen.

  19. BrandonG says:

    For #4, yes, it did seem that there were more Eagles fans in Miami on Sunday. I was there, section 154, and I loved the stadium takeover.

  20. Ding Dong says:

    Raheem Morris is also a good candidate to get fired.

  21. benjmain says:

    i think most if not all Giants fans know better, by know, to lock in a W against any team, be it redskins or otherwise.

    1. Free Plax says:

      I would say Giant fans are hoping for a W, We have not played one laugher the whole season, why would we dream that’s going to happen against the Skins.

  22. brisulph says:

    I thought the 4th and 1 jump offside was against the Giants, not the Bills (unless the Eagles did it twice this year).

    As for anyone penciling in a W versus the Redskins this week is not a big watcher of Giants games this year… their D is bad and they have lost games this year you can’t believe they lost in the first place. No game is guaranteed.

    1. RogerPodacter says:

      giants are doing a very good job of playing to the level of their opponent – be it a good opponent or a bad opponent.

      1. brisulph says:

        It’s too bad you got killed by Ray Finkle, I like you.

  23. DCeaglesfan says:

    Another great article, Jimmy. I’m just curious what you were getting at with the spelling of Steve’s name. I assume it is intentional because it appears twice. Is it because he came up short and small in Philly this year, and thus in your eyes does not deserve proper capitalization or the full spelling of his name?

    If that is what you were getting at, then kudos. That’s pretty funny. F*** Steve Smith.

    1. RogerPodacter says:

      i read on some other blogs (igglesblitz maybe) where his name was incorrectly left in all lowercase and everyone just sort of ran with it to indicate a certain level of disrespect. You can’t even capitalize his name? damn.
      i think this is just one step farther. he doesnt even get all of the letters in his name any more. and to be honest, i dont think he deserves them all either.

    2. Reggie says:

      If he’s going to stop short of getting first downs, I’m going to stop short spelling out his full name.

      1. That’s exactly it.

  24. The Legend says:

    Not surprised about there being more Eagles fans then Dolphins fans, Miami is the worst pro sports town in America. Different sport but I remember there being a lot of empty seats when the Heat played even in the playoffs it took a little bit to get filled up. You would think with a team that talented they would be there to support them any other city would of filled up right away

    1. Joe says:

      ATL is pretty bad too, I remember Braves Playoff Games that were not sold out

  25. Sb2bowl says:

    That’s the background on my work computer. I’ll never get tired of it

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