Dallas… If you win the NFC East… Please don’t embarrass us.

Unwarranted bluster... in action.

Rex Grossman.  Tashard Choice.  Roy Helu.  Jabar Gaffney.  Donte Stallworth.  Fred Davis.  Matt Moore.  Brandon Marshall. Brian Hartline.  Reggie Bush.  Anthony Fasano.  Daniel Thomas.

OK… Now… Let’s pretend for a minute that every player in the NFL becomes a free agent and the NFL conducts a draft in which every player in the league is fair game.  Are any one of the above skill position players that the Cowboys have faced the last two weeks getting drafted in the first 10 rounds?  Brandon Marshall, maybe, and even then, it’s questionable.  But otherwise, anybody?  Actually, let’s take it a step further.  Brandon Marshall aside, anyone getting drafted in the first 20 rounds?  Fred Davis, maybe?

Possibly.  But I think we can agree that’s a smorgasbord of awfulness, no?  And that junk of skill position inferiority listed above has put up 9 scores and 46 points against Rob Ryan’s defense the past two weeks.

Dallas managed to beat both teams, in games that they could have just as easily lost if not for… well… let’s just be honest… luck.  Dallas is now 7-4, and the NFC East leader.  If that defense continues to play the way it’s playing against the junk it has faced the previous two weeks, the NFC East will be long forgotten by the second week of January.


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  12. […] OK, so Thursday night, I posted that the Cowboys were lucky to beat a couple of terrible teams the past two weeks (the Redskins and Dolphins).  I thought it was a pretty obvious and vanilla proclamation, […]

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  14. Mojoness says:

    So… any game won by less than 7 or so was won because the team was lucky?

    Jimmy I understand you are having a crappy football year. Mine was last year. However, when you publish silly stuff like this just because you are disappointed it makes you look amateur.

    Try to maybe look forward to the draft…

    1. The Dolphins gift-wrapped 7 easy points for the Cowboys, and otherwise outplayed Dallas for the majority of that game. The Cowboys were extremely lucky. Nobody wants to hear that their team was lucky to win, but let’s get real – They were… two weeks in a row.

      Want to bring the Eagles into the discussion for no reason at all if you’d like? OK, and I’ll tell you what, I’ll even give my snapshot of the Eagles season thus far: They’re the dumbest team in football, and deserve to be 4-6. Is that what you’d like to hear? Because really, it’s the truth. Want to hear criticism about the Eagles regularly? Read this blog. I’ve been killing them all season. The Eagles stink this year. That’s truth.

      It’s also truth that the Cowboys got extremely lucky on Thursday. If and when the Cowboys play some awesome football, you’ll read about it here. Just a couple weeks ago, I wrote a glowing review in praise of DeMarco Murray, and the potential surge of the Cowboys offense. But if they win lucky as they most certainly did on Thursday, I’m going to call it as I see it. Plenty of fan blogs out there that’ll sugarcoat bad performances, but not here. A W is a W, and 7-4 is good enough to lead this crap division right now, but that doesn’t look like a legitimate contender right now, not by a long shot.

      1. ameer says:

        I disagree, call me a homer or whatever but the return of mike jenkins should help this team a great bit. Scandrick can return to his best role which is slot corner and Alan ball will hopefully never set a foot on the field again. There are some inconsistencies with our pass rush, but i think the return of Hatcher has been great for our dline and I’ve seen improvement over the past few weeks.

        Anyways our defense is not meant to be our strong point, our offense is and when miles austin return and teams cant bracket dez bryant and take him out of the equation i think this team can score enough points to beat anybody including the packers(if they play a perfect game).

        In the end i believe that our offense will be amazing and the defense has nowhere to go but up so again call me a homer if you want but i’m optimistic about where this team will be later on in the season.

        1. Turd.Ferguson says:

          As any Eagles fan will tell you, being optimistic because “the defense has nowhere to go but up” is a great way to set yourself up to be sorely disappointed.

      2. Mojoness says:

        You see this is what I don’t get…

        There are few games something odd doesn’t happen to some teams benefit. A corner falls down. The defense screws up and a receiver is wide open from broken coverage. A fumble happens on your own 10 or maybe on their 10. The list goes on and on.

        So with that in mind, most games won by one or two scores are won through luck?

        The cowboys won the ugly way sure, but they have lost the ugly way as well this year, it seems every team does.

        So why write a story baggin on a team for not winning pretty? It is silly really.

        1. Yep, tons of games are won by luck. It’s part of the nature of the game. So we agree there.

          And the Cowboys just won 2 in a row by luck. Just taking note, as is my prerogative as an NFL observer.

          If the Cowboys play like they have the past two weeks, they’re not beating anyone in the playoffs (if they make it there). I don’t see anyone refuting that. All I see is annoyance that I’m pointing it out.

          1. Mojoness says:

            Ok then so I can expect you to be pointing out every week in which an NFC east team wins or loses by a touchdown how lucky it was.

            I somehow doubt it will happen but Ok.

            As far as playoffs… Well, the cowboys have big holes on their roster, that is true. But you never know, they play the games for a reason. Teams sometimes get hot.

            1. I pointed out for weeks that the Giants should have had an L in the W/L column instead of a W against the Cardinals this year, with the whole Victor Cruz fumble. I sure didn’t hear any Cowboys fans complaining about that.

              Anyway, there’s a difference between “losing by a TD” and getting outplayed in consecutive weeks by two teams that’ll probably have Top 5 picks in the draft this offseason.

              1. ameer says:

                Dude come on how did we get outplayed. In the 2 games both teams made a lot of good plays and one team made more bad plays than the other or couldn’t capitalize on the other teams bad plays those teams lost the game. And in both games tony romo engineered 3rd quarter TD drives and then did it again to win.

                You cant tell me that if your eagles had managed clutch 2 minute drills without fumbles or ints that they couldn’t have been at least 8 -4 right now and that you wouldn’t have considered them lucky wins or the eagles to be a good team.

                Your entitled to your own opinion and I agree that the games shouldn’t have been that close but that doesn’t make them lucky wins.

  15. Chandus says:

    Ok, let’s go back to 2009 and look at the Giants at Cowboys game. It’s the game in which the ball bounced from Witten’s foot to the hands of Phillips and Phillips ran it in for a TD.

    The score at the end of the game was 33 to 31 and a Giants victory.

    Was that a lucky victory? Or was that a victory in which Dallas found many ways to defeat themselves? 4 turnovers and Manning throwing for 330 yards…


    But that’s my opinion, you have a right to have yours… Even if it’s wrong… I’m just saying…

    1. brisulph says:

      That was no credited as a TD… they gave it at the spot of the INT since the refs effed the call up. If anything, it was unlucky that it was miscalled and the Giants overcame that and still scored a TD.

  16. Imp says:

    The Cowboys won and leading the NFC East. Great. But numbers of wins don’t always mean they’re all impressive wins.

    Just take the ’09 Eagles – 11-5 record. Pretty good, right? Those 11 wins came against a combine team record of 67-105 (.309). They made playoffs and got bounced out the first round.

    Cowboys made win the East, but I have my doubts about them doing anything else besides that (same for Giants, Eagles and Redskins if any of them win East instead).

    1. Joe D says:

      actually IMP, every time I brought that up on Imp I was just called “negative” and “Just enjoy the W,” and “a W is a W,” so Dallas fans aren’t the only kool-aid drinkers. Philly has plenty of alcys

  17. Fred Smith says:

    If the teams in this division aren’t embarrassed by themselves already, then nothing the Cowboys or anyone else does could possibly shame them.

  18. DerfDiggy says:

    Wow Jimmy…wow. The hate is seething in your soul.

    The boys lost the lead in the 2nd half, you guys realize that right? If that botched snap ended the game…that’s luck…There was an entire half left to play, in which both teams made plays…one team made more. A win is a win.

    1. I agree that one team made more plays, although that team didn’t have more points on the board after 60 minutes. I get that you guys are happy with the win, as you should be, but can you really be happy with that performance? It’s Week 12. This is the time of season when the really good teams begin to separate themselves from the pretenders. I can’t say I consider the Cowboys anything close to the former.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        I’m happy with a W. I don’t care about style points. I’m not one of those “Win by 10+ pts against bad teams” Cowboys are incredibly inconsistent, i’ll be the first one to tell you that. It’s maddening because they can look like world beaters one week, and terrible the next. If you said “Dallas won despite looking horrible”, I’d agree. Where I don’t agree is that it was a “lucky win”. You know how many flukey turnovers happen every single week? Romo alone has handled plenty of bad costa or Gurode snaps…some in games they lost. Were those teams lucky? No…they made more plays at the end of the day. Miami’s D came to play…but couldn’t get to Romo when it counted…While the Dallas D got ravaged by matt freaking moore, but had a 3 and out when it needed it most. Nothing about those two things are “lucky”

  19. deg0ey says:

    The thing that I found watching that last drive was the number of times Romo threw the ball as/after he was hit. Somehow they all managed to find their way into Cowboys hands, but if the coverage had been a little better you’re looking at another INT there. As it turns out, I guess you could say it was good play from Romo, but it was certainly risky.

    1. Tyrant says:

      you call it luck, i call it clutch.

  20. Tyrant says:

    You say that the Packers would beat the Cowboys by 30? Well, I welcome the game. Bring them on. The packers defesnse isn’t exactly dominant (understatement, for eagles fans). The Cowboys can keep up scoring with them. Let’s just see what happens. The Redskins and dolphins have good linemen, plus the dolphins were highly ranked agianst the run and have good, physical corners (davis and smith).

    1. slandog says:

      The last few weeks the Packers defense has been playing a bit better. Still a long way to go, but still I think a bit better. They are relying too much in turnovers, but it’s been working for them. They lead the league in INT’s and Romo is prone to throwing a few of them from time to time.

      Win by 30, I doubt it but I think the Packers would handle the Boys with somewhat ease, maybe 10 to 14 point win.

    2. Joe D says:

      LMAO are you serious with that? Bring on the Packers?

      They would put up 50 against dallas right now

  21. Smitty2K3 says:

    Miami should’ve blown out the Cowboys yesterday. That was one of the luckiest wins I’ve seen this year. Missed FG. Botched snap, gift TD. Miami 0-4 in the Red Zone. With at least two of those possessions being inside the Cowboys 5-yard line. Matt Moore lit up the Cowboys all day and he still left a lot of easy passes out there. That was an awful game to watch.

    Cowboys are pathetically mediocre and very lucky to be 7-4 today.

    1. KD says:

      LOOOOOOOL @ Eagles fans hate. MOAR!!!!!

      1. slandog says:

        is that all you have to back up your hate comment? Why is it hate? It was a lucky win, 7 points is huge and the Boys got the ball on a luck turnover and scored from, what like the 4 yard line.

        It’s not hate if the play was a gift wrapped present.

        1. Tyrant says:

          Give the cowboys credit for once; they’ve won 4 in a row. In the NFL that’s pretty good.

          1. slandog says:

            I’m not taking any credit away from the Cowboys. They have won 4 in a row that is good. But lets be real here it was also against the Seahawks, Bills, Skins and the Dolphins. Four huge wins, yes, but against some bottom feeders.

            They should have tore up the Dolphons and they just barely squeak by. So I give them credit in winning, but lets not get carried away too much here.

            1. KD says:

              you do understand that saying that the game was a luck win is THE definition of taking credit away from the Cowboys, right?

              1. slandog says:

                It was a luck win, but they did win. And prior to that they had 3 wins, this makes it 4 wins. So they are getting the wins, they get credit for them. But this last win had a lot of luck to go with it.

                That’s taking nothing away from them. It’s still a win, you just can’t admit that it came with some luck on their side.

              2. KD says:

                seriously, stop embarrassing yourself by replying. it’s getting comical now.

          2. KD says:

            Shhhhh… this isn’t an NFC East comment section, it’s BGN Part II.

            Reality doesn’t come into play here.

            1. slandog says:

              Reality is in play here, what from above in my comment isn’t reality? The fact that they won for in a row? Nope that is correct. The fact they won them against 4 not overally powerful teams? Nope that isnt’ a fact, it’s my opinion, but tell me you think the Seahawks, Bills, Skins and Dolphins are good teams, I bet you realistically can’t say that. Or that the cowboys squeaked by to win that game. No, that seems to be true as well winning by one on a last second FG.

              So again where isn’t there any realistic comments there? Or is that the best comment you could make to a true statement of mine KD?

            2. Brian says:

              Let’s do this another way.

              Would you reasonably expect a snap like that to happen consistently?

              If not, then you have to accept that there was an element of luck on that play.

              And, without that play, would you reasonably expect the Cowboys to win that game?

              1. KD says:

                Brian, there’s no reason to do this ‘another way’.

                The Cowboys played an entire half after that happened, including losing the lead and regaining it with several red zone stops, a sensational fourth quarter TD drive that was one of the best drives you’ll see all year, and a game-winning field goal drive when a stout Miami defense was overloaded to stop the run, yet we still ran successfully.

                To try and say that one lucky play defined the victory is an embarrassing exercise in hating.

                Be honest with yourself. Put your team in Dallas’ shoes. You wouldn’t be saying that your team was lucky to win. Neither would Jimmy, neither would Slandog.

                You’d say the same things I’m saying. We had a bad game, but pulled it out.

                Any of you folks arguing the opposite, I’m sure you’re teams played in a game or two where they were the recipient of a lucky first half play. Quote me where you said that your team’s victory was because of said lucky first half play.

                You guys are being disingenuous to the 10th power.

              2. slandog says:

                Every team has a few wins with a lucky bounce going their way. It’s stupid to think otherwise because it’s going to happen whether your a fan of the Pats, Packers or Browns.

                But you saying that snap wasn’t lucky to happen for the Cowboys is you just being blind and a huge homer. Yes they did play another half of football, Romo did put together a nice drive there. They get credit for that. But that snap also played a huge part in this game, change of momentum for the Boys, basically a gimme touchdown. You just can’t admit that.

                The Eagles had some lucky wins thoughout the years, a bounce going their way now and then. It happens. The difference between you and I, is I can admit it when it happens. You’re just set in stone that this wasn’t lucky in the slightest bit.

              3. slandog says:

                Well we don’t have to do this “another way.” but answer the question. Does a snap like this happen very often? It’s like a snap go over the punters head, etc. If something like that happens it’s basically blind luck for the other team. Luck was on their side.

                To say no luck was in this game for the Cowboys is just being a homer for your team. You got the win, for about half the game you played well. But you got a lucky break at a very good spot on the field.

              4. youngwiz says:

                couple of things slandog:

                yes, snaps like that happen all the time.. to the cowboys.

                but thats not the point. KD is obviously acknowledging we luckboxed a td there. but plays in the 2nd quarter dont win games. dallas won the game, not luck. its that simple.

                idk why this turned into a big conversation. whether or not this was a lucky win is completely irrelevant. salty eagles fans are salty i guess

              5. KD says:

                lmao how your argument has to be morphed into I’m saying it wasn’t a lucky play.

                stop your foolishness.

              6. KD says:

                slandog- and wasn’t it you that was saying that your hero Jimmy believed he won the argument so that’s why he didn’t need to reply anymore…

                so you replying to everything still says exactly what about your belief in your argument?

                *waits for the spin*

  22. Immynimmy says:

    @ Arizona
    Vs Giants
    @ Tampa Bay
    Vs Philly
    @ Giants

    …Arizona may be their only easy game with the way they;ve been playing these past few weeks.

    1. brisulph says:

      Giants are falling apart to injury again (along with the seemingly usual second half collapse)… both starting tackles are out (one missing games for sure, the other possibly), and it likely means David “I’d call him a turnstile but that’d be insulting to turnstiles” Diehl is the LT once again… ugh. This means the enw line (and if you recall, the old line was terrible last sunday) is gonna be something like Diehl-Boothe-Baas-Snee-Andrews/Brewer… Eli best have life insurance, because he is going to get murdered on national television.

      1. Oof, I’m way behind. Had no idea Beatty and McKenzie were hurt.

        1. brisulph says:

          McKenzie has a toe issue, Beatty had surgery to repair a retina… so he is out for now, unknown timeline for this return.

          1. MannaFromKevin says:

            Beatty was just put on IR. Craziest football injury I’ve ever heard. “Detached retina.”

    2. Smitty2K3 says:

      That schedule is why that Miami win was so huge for them. Since the Eagles have to catch both the Cowboys and Giants, it’s almost like one of the teams will win by default depending on what they do in non-divisional games. Anything’s possible though.

  23. Chad says:

    Because the Eagles would be a juggernaut right? They play the games for a reason and the fact that Dallas has won 7 of them means they are currently in the lead. You ignore the fact that we’re missing our best corner and our starting safety has been walking in a boot until today.

    1. It’s Week 12. Show me a team out there that doesn’t have some key injuries. In fact, Dallas is one of the healthiest teams around. The Eagles are without their QB. The Giants are without both starting tackles. The Redskins are without like half their skill position players and OL. And you’re giving me Mike Jenkins, a player that isn’t even that good a player in the first place? That’s one they should have been able to overcome pretty easily against the Redskins and Dolphins.

      Don’t see anyone calling the Eagles a juggernaut, either, by the way.

      1. peterhad says:

        the takles are some of the least of our problems

        1st/2nd corner (TT its debatable. I say 2nd)
        SB’s 4-999999( Prince, Coe, Tyron, Witherspoon, ect, pretty much anyone who has any idea of the system)
        Starting MLB Leader of the defense
        Starting OLB (Boley) backup leader of the defense has missed some games.
        Top 5 DE in the league Tuck has been basically useless
        Plus many others for a week or two.

    2. slandog says:

      Haha you’re funny calling Jenkins your best corner! Please he had one good season, before and after that hes been a liability for your team. He’s terrible.

  24. Tim Rice says:

    Rob Ryan is a Nord of Skyrim hahahaha props to those who get the reference

    1. ameer says:

      He is one fat ass nord

  25. Skinsational says:

    I’m biased, but very fair points Jimmy. Dallas D made my team look like a legitimate offense, which we’re not. Packers would beat this team by 30.

  26. ameer says:

    I completely agree, I currently have no faith in our defense and would love to know why the pass rush has been disappearing in the second half of games this season. I think if you compare our defensive numbers from the first to the second half this year its gonna be night and day.

  27. KD says:

    Bad game, yes. But where was the luck in this game? Forced a three and out and drove down the field for a winning score. No more luck in this one than any other NFL game.

    Def agree on the Washington win though, that was pure luck in the OT missed FG.

    1. “But where was the luck in this game?”

      Surely, you’re not forgetting the bad snap or whatever that was was near the end of the first half that led to 7 for the Cowboys.

      1. KD says:

        I remember it well, but normally calling a win luck isn’t based on a play with an entire half to go. By that measure, every game where the opponent makes a boneheaded turnover that results in a TD is won by luck.

        1. When you’re just handed 7 points like that, yeah, kind of a huge play. And extremely lucky.

          1. slandog says:

            Jimmy wins this argument!

            1. KD says:

              hahaha, just like he did the Nnamdi one, right slandog?

              Cowboys haters and Eagles apologists through and through, objectivity meter on 0.

              1. slandog says:

                I don’t remember all of that one. But lets be real here, Jimmy took you to the shed on this one. You got a gift 7 points. And Matt Moore, yes that Matt Moore put up some really good numbers on your defense. With really only one WR, unless you consider Bess or Hartline some top notch WR. Fasano, decent TE but not great. Even Bush did decent against your awesome run defense, something like 16-66, that’s not bad.

            2. KD says:

              your Jimmy worship should really concern your girlfriend homeboy. And if you don’t have a girlfriend, I think we see the reason why.

              It’s not natural for a man to be blinded by his love for another man like you are.

              Quit embarrassing yourself.

              1. slandog says:

                So now you go on a personal rant on me. Good for you I see we’re going to argue like 4th graders. Haha typical cowboy fan, can’t win so you go at me personally.

                That is fine I can take it. I’m engaged so we’re all good there. I’ve never met Jimmy but I’ve read alot of his posts/statements and he backs up his writing with a lot of facts. Although if you want to call that Luck 7 points you got a personal opinion by probably 99% of the public that is fine. You can’t really back up your opinion with facts because it’s an opinion. but stop your homerism and face reality, that was a luck win.

                So keep on with the personal “bash” on me, I can handle it. It’s not going to ruin my day like I can see I’m doing to yours otherwise you wouldn’t be arguing here like your in third grade.

              2. KD says:

                The Dolphins hadn’t given up a touchdown in 3 games, yet the Cowboys don’t deserve any credit for that win. It was luck. Yup. Romo escaping sack after sack to not only save the yardage but complete the passes and pull off epic drives… yup. Luck. The Cowboys stopping the Dolphins FOUR TIMES IN THE RED ZONE, yup, luck there too. The Cowboys had to drive the field to win the game, did it, and don’t deserve any credit because all of that was luck too. DeMarco Murray reeling off five consecutive carries to drive them into easy field goal position while Miami stuffed the box with 9 players… yeah, that was pure luck too.

                The one lucky play happened in the 2nd quarter! Games are won and lost in the 2nd half, specifically in the 4th quarter as any Eagles fan knows all too well. Nobody with any ounce of football acumen calls a win lucky based on a play that happened in the second quarter. One play out of 140. It’s either hater-ism or moronic.

                As for the attack on you, that really doesn’t have anything to do with the luck discussion. You’re on Jimmy’s sack as witnessed by the two convos I’ve had that you interjected yourself into. You didn’t initially offer anything to the discussions except for “JIMMY’S RIGHT!!! Jimmy’s killing you!” When in fact, I have been right on both occasions. So yes, you make yourself look silly with that.

                Tell me again that Nnamdi has lived up to the hype he had coming into the season. Provide your evidence that this game was won by luck. You can’t.

                Game, set, match. Thanks for playing though.

              3. slandog says:

                Haha you kill me smalls! You have a huge boner up your ass and still want more. I’ve never said the cowboys never played a good game. But it was still a luck win. Yes, you what you said all did happen and they did win. But come one with that fumble it was a huge momentum shift for the cowboys. Didn’t Romo have 2 early INTs to keep the Boys from doing anything? That fumble that far down was huge for them and we both know it. It was pure luck that they got that opportunity.

                They won the game I’ve said that time and time again, but from that one play they got so much. Basically a free TD, huge momentum shift as well.

                So keep calling me names, saying I’m all up in Jimmys balls. I don’t really care. It’s moronic for you to say that stuff when I’m giving you facts and until now you’ve giving up nothing at all to the conversation.

                So game set match my ass. You didn’t win this conversation. And like I said before I don’t remember the NA comvo completely. But if it’s anything like this convo at all you didn’t win that one either.

                And my comments after Jimmy’s with “Jimmy’s right and Jimmy’s killing you” I said that because it’s this simple. Jimmy owned you right away and knew it. Why do you think he’s done commenting on these threads after that. He knew he won and moved on. Apparently you can’t do that, nor should you because you haven’t won the convo’s yet. So go ahead keep trying, you will someday little buddy.

                Ah GAME, SET MATCH………….Haha, please child I like the “trash talkin” you’re giving me with that one. Actually made me laugh out loud so thanks for that.

              4. KD says:

                lmao, I guess you’d know what Jimmy’s thinking,huh? hahahaha.

                Here’s the key test. Google, Yahoo, whatever search engine you use “Cowboys Dolphins luck”… find me a national writer covering the game that called this victory luck.

                There have literally been more than 400 articles written about yesterday’s game, but the only people that are calling it a luck win are fans of NFC East teams.

                There was no more luck winning this game than any of the other 15 games on the schedule for the weekend. Sorry Charlie, you’re wrong as “l”uck.

              5. Brian says:

                “Cowboys Dolphins luck”

                Blogging the Boys seems to hint at it


                ” If not for a gift touchdown at the end of the first half, after DeMarcus Ware recovered an arrant shotgun snap, Dallas might not have been close enough for Romo’s heroics to matter much.”

              6. slandog says:

                This just goes to show how smart you really are. You want me to go and find a national story calling this win a lucky one. Why the hell would I do that? We both know that national sports writers are complete idiots. They get their info from the stats after the game, they never watch the games. I don’t care if it was on Thanksgiving and no other games were going on. 99% of national sports writers are terrible.

                If you want to go by what they say as a true testimate to how your team played, fine you can do that. But I’m not even going to waste my time on it.

                Haha, I can’t believe you actually care what national writers say and worse yet you believer them, you are an idiot.

              7. KD says:

                thank you, for proving how mismatched you are in this debate with that response.

              8. Lol, love the “game set match.” Game set match to what? Show me a commenter anywhere that thinks their argument is wrong. You’re better than “game set match,” KD, especially here, where you asked for a Cowboys Eagles luck article, and a writer on your own site acknowledged it.

              9. KD says:

                pssst… Jimmy…. I said the Redskins win was lucky but this one wasn’t.

                Try again.

              10. Alright, well how about this one?


                First paragraph:

                “For the second game in a row, the watchword was “whew!” Again, the Cowboys muddled about against a seemingly inferior team only to put the game on Tony Romo’s back in the final frames, pulling out a victory. Against Washington, the Cowboys appeared to be the better team; on Thursday, the Dolphins were the better squad. If not for a gift touchdown at the end of the first half, after DeMarcus Ware recovered an arrant shotgun snap, Dallas might not have been close enough for Romo’s heroics to matter much.”

                That’s your site.

              11. KD says:

                I was waiting for you to post that.

                Now, show me where I argued the play itself wasn’t lucky. I haven’t.

                Now, show me how in the world that statement says that the WIN was because of luck. That play, just like Romo escape-completions #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 all contributed to the Cowboys victory. Just like the defense stopping the Dolphins 4 times in the red zone with no TD when they had cashed in 11 of their previous 14 chances.

                This is the point that your hater-vision is preventing you from realizing. There are a 130+ plays in every football game. Some of them are luck. That does not in itself equate to the win being lucky no more so than any of the other 15 games on the weekly schedule.

                Oh, and I’ve checked with Rabble- he doesn’t think the win was luck either. He, just like any other sane person, knows the play was lucky, but that by no means equates to the win being lucky.

                But whatever consolation you seek is what ye shall find, so carry on. 🙂

          2. Tyrant says:

            Give credit where credit is due. Cowboys have won 4 in a row, are atop the division, and beat a streaking team. But you backhand it with “don’t embarrass us.” I think your eagles have done plenty of that for you.

            1. packimop says:

              34-7 was pretty embarrassing.

              1. Joe says:

                so is 4-7…..for a dream team

    2. El Paso says:

      Lucky as hell. Don’t normally agree with Jimmy, but that was an embarasing W.

      1. KD says:

        which play out of the last 44 was lucky?

        1. slandog says:

          Why you so happy and fighting this so hard. The cowboys won against a team that is just terrible, looks like a high school JV team. But you seem so excited about the win by one lousy point!

          It should have been an easy 14 point win.

          1. KD says:

            lol- they had a longer winning streak than your Eagles have all year.

            You sound bitter, son! Rooting for our demise because your season is in the crapper. LOLZ.

            And you really need to work on your reading comprehension, too.

            The FIRST thing I said was “bad game, yes”. First thing… but I’m excited? Do you Eagles fans spend your entire life in a Fringe universe or only online?

            All I said was it was ridiculous to call this game lucky, and if it was any team other than the Cowboys neither of you would be saying that. You have nothing but hate and it makes you look silly.

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