Zen is a skill. Shanny doesn’t have it.

Carlos Rogers was a Redskin for 6 years.  He was drafted by the team the same year they drafted Jason Campbell.  He got 5 starts as a rookie, and became a fixture of the Redskins’ D his entire tenure with the club.  And so, naturally, he’s been receiving his fair share of attention as his new team (the 49ers) travels to DC this week to play his former team.  During a conference call with reporters, Rogers took a bunch of shots at his old team, transcribed here by the great Redskins blog, Hogs Haven.

In response, when asked about Rogers, Mike Shanahan couldn’t help himself.  He fired a shot right back at Rogers:

Head coach Mike Shanahan told reporters that if Carlos Rogers had played more consistent last year, he would have been re-signed long-term.

It kind of reminded me of some parting shots that Shanahan had for rookie RB James Davis, who left Redskins camp because he was unhappy with the number of reps he was receiving:

“I think he’s retired from football. That’s my guess,” Shanahan said following Tuesday’s practice, the second straight day Davis was absent from Redskins Park.

Shanahan said he believed Davis was in Atlanta and was prepared to walk away from football. He said the team has not released the third-year back.

“Has anybody seen him? I haven’t seen him yet,” (said) Shanahan.

The team has the authority to fine a player $20,000 for skipping a day of practice, but Shanahan seemed to imply that the Redskins would not pursue the money. “I think maybe he’s made $1,500,” Shanahan said. “Add that up, that’s not good.”

Bad mouthing or just downright making fun of players that have left your team does absolutely zero good.  Back in 2002, Jeremiah Trotter was coming off 2 Pro Bowl seasons in Philadelphia, and was looking for his big payday.  He didn’t get it from Philly.  Instead, the Redskins ponied up the big bucks and landed themselves an up-and-coming stud middle linebacker.  However, Trotter didn’t leave without expressing his frustration at the Eagles for not bringing him back at the price he was looking for.  Andy Reid said nothing publicly.  Two years later, after things didn’t quite work out in DC, Trotter was looking for a job again.  Reid came calling, and Trotter was signed to a very reasonable deal.  He would be a major part of the Eagles’ run to the Super Bowl that year, and earned himself two more trips to Honolulu is 2004 and 2005.

Players have their ears open.  When they hear a coach badmouth their former players, nothing good comes from that.  Players are going to pop off at times.  Coaches need to know that they can’t get down to that level.

Shanny, high road. High road, Shanny. You guys should team up every so often.


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  5. sappy says:

    Lobsterhands wanted to leave before Shanny got here, and was done with the Skins. He also wanted a bigger pay day than he was worth at the time. He played well so far this year and will get a bigger pay day next season, but he could have done that here. I don’t see what was wrong with Shanny’s comment. If Lobsterhands had caught more than one interception per year, he’d have gotten a better offer here, too.

  6. strupp says:

    Shanny is still polishing the Lombardi’s that Elway won for him. The guy has been pretty much an average coach since his time with Elway.

    this 100%

  7. Free Plax says:

    Shanny is still polishing the Lombardi’s that Elway won for him. The guy has been pretty much an average coach since his time with Elway.

  8. xtianDC says:

    Actually I do recall Andy, after initially slapping Trot with the franchise tag, saying something along the lines of “that’s enough money to make a lot of little Jeremiah’s happy.” I thought it was a pretty clever line, but definitely didn’t cross the line the into negative, ala Shanahan. Way to stoke the fires Shanny!

    1. Anders says:

      Yea but he never talked bad about Trotter. There is a reason a guy like Asante says he would go to war for Reid and Jackson openly love Reid. He takes care of his players. Also of the shit TO have said over the years, I never remember hearing a single quote about AR.

      1. That’s a good point. Even when T.O. had become such a ridiculous disturbance to the point where they kicked him off the team, Reid never trashed him.

  9. Jason-E says:

    Is there anything this guy does right? QBs? Nope. Personnel decisions? Not really. Drafting players? No. Talk shit about current and former players? Wait. Yeah. He’s good at that one.

    1. ATLEagle says:

      you forgot nepotism. His son obviously earned his stripes.

  10. Anders says:

    Every day Shanahan just looks more and more like a giant douch and a narcissist.

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