NFC East Week 7 picks

Last week – 1-2

On the season – 8-10

Cam Newton, DeAngelo Williams, and Steve Smith remind me a little of a poor man's version of Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson

Redskins @ Panthers

This is actually a really interesting match-up.  The Panthers have a good offense, while the Redskins have a good defense, and the Redskins have a bad offense while the Panthers have a bad defense.  The Panthers are 5th in the NFL in yards, with an impressive average of 418 per game.  Meanwhile, the Skins have given up the the 3rd least points per game, at 16.6.

On the other side of the ball, the Skins’ offense comes limping in.  The Skins started the season mildly strong against the Giants and Cardinals, games in which they were at least able to sustain drives, as they had the edge in time of possession by +5:12 and +17:00, respectively.  Since then, the Skins have only been able to muster 16, 17, and 13 points against the Cowboys, Rams, and Eagles.  Those three teams, in their non-Redskin games, have given up an average of over 27 points per game.

The Panthers’ offense actually kind of reminds me a little of the Eagles, in that they have a mobile QB, a fast shrimpy WR, and a shifty but powerful RB.  Jonathan Stewart aside, however, the surrounding pieces don’t touch Philly’s firepower with a ten foot pole.  Washington got off to an awful start against the Philly offense.  After an initial 3 and out, the Skins proceeded to give up 20 points and an embarrassing 264 yards on the next 4 drives, and trailed 20-3 at the half.  Whatever adjustments the Skins made at halftime worked, as they goose egg’d the Eagles in the second half.

I think the Skins’ D will play better in the first half than they did against Philly last week, and I think the offense will do just just enough in the run game against the Panthers’ 31st ranked run D.  If the Skins can control the ball and the time of possession, they win.  And I think they will.

Rams @ Cowboys

I’m not going to analyze this one any more than it needs to be analyzed.  Sam Bradford or no Sam Bradford, the Rams are the worst team in the NFL.  Cowboys in a romp.


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  7. says:

    I might be more tempted to call DJax a poor man’s Steve Smith.

  8. Gary says:

    Also Eagles over Giants in the bye week matchup.

    1. Agreed. The Eagles’ barbeque/ pool party is going to be way better.

  9. Jay Walker (GIB) says:

    I pick the Panthers to beat the Skins. I really like what Cam has done so far this season, and i think he puts up enough points. Beck may come in efficient, but with a truncated field once he’s in the red-zone, i am calling a few mistakes.

  10. Tron says:

    if the cowboys lose this game their season is over right, can’t really come back from a loss against the rams

    1. packimop says:

      That’s a pretty big if. It really is a huge game though, especially with Philadelphia being undefeated under Andy Reid after the BYE. Dallas needs to be 3-3 going into next week.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        Why would the Boys season be over any more than the Eagles after they lost their 4th game? If the Boys go out and lose Sunday…and then Beat the Eagles next week….They’d be 2-0 in the division. I just hate these “must win game” scenarios so early in the season. The NFC (L)East is down right now….Literally is anyones division to take.

        1. packimop says:

          I didn’t say it would be over. I just said it’s huge for them to win against the Rams this week so they can’t potentially go to 5 losses the next week against the Eagles. I didn’t say “must win” did I? You literally took what I said and twisted it to mean something completely different.

          If you think the Cowboys can lose to the Rams and come back the next weekend and beat the Eagles off a BYE when they’re undefeated under Andy Reid then that’s fine. Don’t twist my words.

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