NFL TV Map, Week 7

Ugh. Living in North Jersey, I get Jets-Chargers (a decent game, I suppose, but one I couldn’t care less about), and then I get to watch the Packers rout the Vikings at 4. No other options. I guess I’ll be watching the Red Zone channel all day.

Anyway, here’s your map for Week 7. There are some parts of the Northeast as well as some less populated areas of the country that haven’t made up their minds yet as to which game to show, but those will be updated on the link provided when that info becomes available, so check back.


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  7. brisulph says:

    Man, you are being attacked lately with spam commenting on here Jimmy.

    1. It’s not that I’m being attacked more. I’ve just been less vigilant about deleting them and adding key words to the spam filter list. It’s annoying as shit. These people can all die of gonorrhea – I mean that.

  8. CarverM says:

    Poor Brits. Fox isn’t even trying to help the NFL win over our friends across the pond; look at the commentary team they’re sending over there.

    1. Ha, I’m not a big Kenny Moose and Goose fan either, but they’re better than a lot of FOX’s other options. If you look at the difference between FOX’s and CBS’ broadcast teams, it’s comical how much better CBS’ are.

      1. Jason-E says:

        I’ll take moose, goose, and Kenny over Billick and the guy who can’t read numbers any day. How did we end up with back to back Billick? Thank God for the bye week.

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