Dez Bryant: Does the hype and/or talent match the productivity?

Dez Bryant is a talent. There’s little debate there. If you caught the Cowboys-Pats game earlier this evening, you probably saw Bryant make a catch near the sideline, where he was pinned in by Pats’ safety Patrick Chung.  Chung’s job first and foremost obviously is to make the tackle, or at the very least, force Bryant back to the inside where all his help is.  Bryant, however, juked the crap out of Chung, got around him down the sideline and headed upfield for a big gain.  There aren’t a lot of guys that could have made that play.

However, while the talent is there, the consistency isn’t.  Bryant does something that DeSean Jackson is often criticized for.  He disappears… a lot.  Dez Bryant has a grand total of two catches in the second half of games this year.  Two.  That’s not exactly the kind of production you want from one of your “superstar” players. The NFC East has no shortage of great, young receivers, and your perception may vary, but my perception is that Dez Bryant seems to get more attention than the rest.  Here are the young receivers’ career numbers at the same point Dez Bryant is at in his career right now, through 5 games in his second season:

Player (in alphabetical order) Rec Yards TD
Dez Bryant 59 810 9
DeSean Jackson 79 1266 4
Jeremy Maclin 74 1030 8
Hakeem Nicks 80 1199 12

It should be noted that Bryant has missed some time.  Maclin, Nicks, and Jackson all have as well, but Bryant has missed the most.  (Insert debate here that Bryant may not be as durable as the others).  Anyway, to answer the question in the title of this post… In my opinion, no, the productivity doesn’t match the talent, at least not in comparison to the NFC East’s other great young talents at WR.


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  5. CJ says:

    Certainly numbers don’t always tell the full truth, but they rarely lie. Part of Desean’s danger is getting downfield, drawing safety help, allowing Avant and Maclin to eat up the open space. Even if he has 3 catches for 60 yards, he makes an impact on the game. Is Dez the type of lazy route runner that just doesn’t get to his spots in time, thus Tony looks for the more reliable Austin and Witten? Attitude problems could also manifest as lack of concentration in the 2nd half. Bryant reminds me of early Brandon Lloyd at times; amazingly athletic, can make some superstar grabs, and ends the season with 50 catches for 750 yards and 5 TDs.

  6. DerfDiggy says:

    “It should be noted that Bryant has missed some time.”

    This just about says it all…he’s injury prone to this point in this career. Does that go into his productivity(or lack thereof?) Certainly….

    Also what’s the measure of a WR in the league? TD’s? Yards? Catches? He’d be 2nd on the above list if it’s TD’s. Obviously last if it’s Yards or Catches…

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