NFL TV Map, Week 6

Thanks, NFL.  For some reason, NFL rules prohibit a another game to be televised opposite the Giants 1pm game in the NYC area.  Good job.  No, really.

Here’s your TV Map.

Lot’s of attention for the Cowboys this week, as almost the entire country will get Cowboys-Patriots at 4pm. Hell, even Tampa gets Cowboys-Patriots, instead of Saints-Bucs.

Will we see Good Tony or Bad Tony?


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  8. Stephen says:

    Sigh, this is such a load of crap, I hate living outside of the Philly local area. Gonna have to watch it on the crappy antennae feed again.

  9. DerfDiggy says:

    “Will we see Good Tony or Bad Tony?”

    The sad thing about this question is….It’s gotten to the point that we’re seeing both in the same game. I could remember a time when Tony would have bad games, and that’s what his naysayers would point too, his Fans would then point to the next week when he had a great game. Nowadays we can’t even argue amongst ourselves, as we’re liable to get a good tony half, followed by a bad tony half:(

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