Video: The 5 dumbest NFC East plays of the past 20 years

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. Let’s just get right to it:

5) Leon Lett’s Super Bowl fumble – We’ve all seen this one a million times. Lett had a chance to score, celebrated early, and the hustling Don Beebe knocked the ball out of his hand through the back of the end zone for a touchback.  Damage – Minimal, as the Cowboys were already blowing out the Bills.

4) Redskins fake FG – This one isn’t a dumb play by a specific player, but it might be the most ridiculous gadget play I’ve ever seen. Damage – Didn’t really matter, as the Skins were pretty much already a joke this season.

3) DeSean Jackson’s premature celebration – Dopey play by Jackson here, who was a rookie at the time. Damage – None. The Cowboys challenged, won the challenge, but because no Cowboys actually picked up the football (Pacman Jones thought about it for a second, then didn’t), the Eagles got the ball at the Dallas 1 yard line and scored anyway on the next play.

2) Ronnie Brown’s inexplicable “pass” to the ground – I’ve already beaten this one to death, and don’t really have anything to add. Damage – Well, I look at the final score on last Sunday’s game, and think about the 3 points the Eagles almost certainly missed out on, and I think the damage was pretty significant.

1) Leon Lett’s Thanksgiving Day disaster – One of my all-time favorite football moments. The Cowboys block the FG, and need to do nothing more than leave the ball alone, and they get themselves the W. Along comes Lett, who slides into the football, Dolphins recover, get a second chance and drill the game winner. Damage – Huge. Cost the Cowboys the game, obviously. Ruined Thanksgiving dinner for Cowboys fans nationwide.

Note – This is a longer version of the video. Skip to about the 5:15 mark for the FG and ensuing craziness. So many funny things here – A very young looking Jerry Jones, former Eagle Doug Pederson cleaning off 3 different spots on the field for like 3 straight minutes, a young Ed Hochuli, etc.


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  2. Bow Chicka Wow Wow says:

    Wow. Two of the top 5 spots? Leon must have been such a Lettdown.

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  5. BrianS says:

    Donovan McNabb’s inexplicable pick-six to Roy Williams in 2005. If he does ANYTHING besides throw a pick-six on that play, the Eagles likely go on to win the game. The loss itself pretty much buried them and the already-injured McNabb was knocked out for the season on the play.

  6. says:

    That Redskins play was pure comedy. How could that be expected to work?

  7. Kent says:

    Really…Not on the list?

    They kicked it to Desean! They kicked it to Desean! They kicked it to Desean!

    Dumbest play with the worst consequences.

    1. Well again, like the Romo bobble, I don’t think he meant to kick it to DeSean. It was a high snap, Dodge kind of panicked, and just got the football away as soon as he could. The result was the craptastic line drive punt directly to DeSean, and we know the rest. But I don’t think he made a decision to kick it to DeSean – Like Romo, he simply choked.

  8. alcatraz0109 says:

    Two words: Dwayne Rudd.

    Don’t forget Plaxico Burress’s spike, either.

    1. Ha, I remember that. Almost cost the Browns the playoffs. Not NFC East though.

      1. alcatraz0109 says:

        Video: The 5 dumbest NFC East plays of the past 20 years

        5 dumbest NFC East plays

        NFC East

        I suck at reading comprehension.

  9. Shawn says:

    How could you forget Romo’s fumble in the playoffs?

    1. Well, tough to call that “dumb.” The ball slipped through his hands. He didn’t make a bad decision, he just choked.

  10. Steven says:

    What about Jerome McDougle’s flags vs. Tampa Bay?

    1. I think it was Trent Cole.

      1. Scratch that. Trent had a dumb personal foul against the Giants.

      2. Steven says:

        Looked back at the box score and play by play.

        Score 14-17 Bucs.

        Ball is at TB 36.

        2nd-12: B. Gradkowski sacked by J. McDougle. PHI committed 15 yard penalty. PHI committed 15 yard penalty

        Ball is at PHI 43. Bucs gain 18 yards and Matt Bryant kicks a 44 yards FG with 2:49 left in the game.

        Score 14-20. Eagles score a TD and Matt Bryant answers with a 63 yard FG.

        Matt Bryant is a beast. Didn’t he basically kick a 70 yard FG during week 2? PHI committed a 5 yard penalty and during the kickoff he kicked the ball through the upright.

  11. Immynimmy says:

    “the Eagles got the ball at the Dallas 1 yard line and scored anyway on the next play.”

    I’m suprised we actually scored a touchdown in the redzone at the 1 yard line.

  12. Jalarsen1 says:

    If I remember that Redskins play correctly…

    The thing that made it SO dumb was that they lined up, ran their line over to the left and caught the Giants COMPELTELY off guard. So the Giants call a timeout to figure out how to defend it…

    Ok, play over. It would have worked if they were caught off guard, but since they’re on to it, cute try guys, right? NOPE, the Redskins come out of the time out and line up for the trick play AGAIN!

  13. giants fan says:

    This is hilarious. My favorite post to date.

  14. Will says:

    I love this edit of wiki:

    “In a December 21, 2009 game between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants, the Redskins attempted this play with Hunter Smith, the punter, at quarterback, which failed. He proceeded to get pwned. Fail.”

  15. […] Jimmy over at Blogging The Beast put up a post on the 5 dumbest NFC East plays of the last 20 years. […]

  16. Nico (A Fine Messi) says:

    Ahhh… Leon Lett. the gift that keeps on giving. Good old Jerrah’s expressions of jubilation to devastation in mere seconds haven’t changed much in all these years.

    Also, what happened to Ed Hochuli’s guns?

  17. fiftyfourd says:

    I love how Lett is starring in two of these 5 disasters. As an Eagles fan, I miss him, haha!

    1. natalie imbrouglia says:

      do you miss the way he regularly used to kick the shit out of the middle of the Eagles offensive line?

  18. DerfDiggy says:

    The leon lett disaster is disgusting…………I hate you Jimmy K.

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