NFC East snap count notes from Week 4, Cowboys and Redskins edition

Per Pro Football Focus.  They don’t have the numbers on the Giants up yet, so we’ll do the Giants and Eagles later.  For now, the Cowboys and Redskins:

– Laurent Robinson seems to have solidified his spot as the #3WR, with 53 of 79 possible snaps in Miles Austin’s absence. Robinson had 7 catches for 116 yards.  Kevin Ogletree saw only 28 snaps.

– Tashard Choice, despite inexplicably running out of bounds while the Cowboys were trying to kill the clock against the Redskins Week 3, apparently hasn’t found his way into Jason Garrett’s dog house.  He had 26 snaps, while rookie DeMarco Murray (7) continues to ride the pine.

– Martellus Bennett (46) also continues to get a healthy number of snaps, while providing very little value to the offense.

– The Cowboys played a ton of nickle and dime coverages last week, with Alan Ball getting 60 of 69 snaps, and Frank Walker getting 33.

– Bradie James and Keith Brooking are the ones that see their playing time dip the most when the Cowboys go nickle, as they only had 18 snaps a piece. Victor Butler got in on 16.

– 2nd year DE Sean Lissemore got in on 18 snaps, which was as many as starter Kenyon Coleman.

– In relief of Tim Hightower, Ryan Torain had just 30 snaps, and made the most of them.  He had 19 carries for 135 yards and a TD.

– The Skins don’t seem to like to change their #3 WR every week.  Last week, Terrence Austin got the most snaps as the 3.  This week, he only had 5 snaps.  Donte Stallworth had 30, and Niles Paul had 22.

– The Skins, like the Cowboys, also went nickle quite a bit, as Kevin Barnes got 50 of 75 snaps.  And as usual, it was a defensive lineman that came off the field in those situations.  The Skins’ LB quartet of Fletcher, Orakpo, McIntosh, and Kerrigan play the entire game as long as they’re healthy.


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  3. Skinsational says:

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