3 quick notes on the NFC East Week 4 matchups

No Tuck for the G Men today

Eagles/Niners – Kendall Hunter, and not Frank Gore, will start for the Niners today.  Gore, however, IS active.  Very interesting.  Adam Snyder will also start at RG in place of Chilo Rachal.  LeBron James is not on the Eagles sidelines today.  Repeat: There is no LeBron James on the Eagles sidelines today.

Cowboys/Lions – Dez Bryant is a go, and will start for the Cowboys.

Giants/Cardinals – Unexpectedly, Justin Tuck will not play today with his neck injury today.  It must be fairly serious for Tuck not to be a go.  Jay Glazer is also reporting that Osi Umenyiora will play between 30-40 snaps today.

Redskins/Rams – Anthony Armstrong will not play this week.  Terrence Austin got most of the #3 WR looks last week.


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  6. giants fan says:

    I’m really worried about Tuck. They should just rest him through the bye.

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