Week 3 bEasts

Eli Manning – No-brainer. 16/23, 254, 11.0, 4 TD, 0 INT.  Mistake-free, even under a heavy pass rush.

Victor Cruz – Also pretty obvious. 2 HUGE plays, 3 catches, 110 yards, 2 TD.

Ahmad Bradshaw – 139 yards from scrimmage, and a TD. Posterized Nate Allen.

Aaron Ross – Forget the picks (he had 2). He played well all day even without them.

Jason Pierre-Paul – 2 more sacks to bring his season total to 4.5.  Also had 9 tackles.  Great game from the kid.  So far, it’s pretty safe to say he’s better than Brandon Graham.

Felix Jones – Finally showed a little burst, to the tune of 115 yards on 14 carries.  With everyone carrying on about Tony Romo’s ribs, Jones’ separated shoulder has completely fallen under the radar.  Where’s Felix’s pub? He’s the one that had the great game, not Romo.

DeMarcus Ware – Yeah, he’ll probably be here every week.  His stat line isn’t the most impressive (3 tackles, 1 sack), but the number of times he was held (and didn’t have it called) was comical.  Don’t worry, DeMarcus.  I saw you.

Anthony Spencer – Big game for Spencer.  Chased Rex Grossman around all night, and sealed the win by stripping him.

Dan Bailey – 6 for 6, including a game winner.

Mat McBriar – 50.7 yards per punt (45.3 net), including a long one of 65. H/t to the Cowboys’ specials teams as a whole actually, for being the first team so far this year to completely shut down the very dangerous Brandon Banks.

Sean Lee – 8 more tackles and another pick.  PSU grad can play.

The turf – No, not for the slippery reason.  The cowboys put the ball on the ground 6 times, only lost 1.  The ball just seemed to keep bouncing the Cowboys’ way.   The turf was very kind to the Cowboys.

LeSean McCoy – 24 carries for 128 and another TD.  On the season, McCoy’s rushing numbers: 57 carries, 345 yards (6.1 YPC) and 4TDs. He may be the best offensive player in the division.

LaRon Landry – Had trouble finding anyone, really, even though the skins were in the game until the final minute.  Landry looked great in his return, particularly early, when he put a nice physical tackle on Kevin Ogletree and relieved him of the football.


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  5. brisulph says:

    Surprising that the Giants LBs did not have a rep. Williams had 9 or 10 solo tackles, while Boley made a couple HUGE short yardage tackles (including one on the goal line, going over the top).

    On the flip side, not surprised about Rolle being absent, since his stupidity in the 2nd quarter was ridiculous.

  6. KD says:

    Anyone still say that Lee isn’t having the better year than Fletcher so far?

      1. KD says:

        thanks for admitting your bias against 🙂

        1. Well, he’s not. He had a better game… I’ll give you that. But Fletcher had an outstanding first two weeks of the season.

          1. DerfDiggy says:

            Lee’s been better all season….he was leading the league in tackles before last weeks’ games. More passes defensed, more INT’s.

            Just say you love fletcher and you want to have his babies. Say it!

            1. I love Fletcher and want to have his babies.

              I get it. Stats are pretty. The Redskins led the league in time of possession going into Week 3 – Not ssure where they rank now. Tough to rack up stats when you’re forcing 3 and outs. I’ve seen every game. Lee is having a great season, no question. But London Fletcher does more. There’s no bias here – I hate both teams, haha.

              Answer me this – Who had a better season in 2009? Brent Celek or Jason Witten.

              1. DerfDiggy says:

                Normally I’d agree with you. Cooley had a better season then Witten if I can recall a few years ago….and Skins fans tried to tell me he was better than Witten. Stats aren’t everything…I agree 100%

                But I think you’re kinda looking at Fletcher through “past & present” eyes. Not to say he hasn’t played great this year, and his impact on the skins can’t be questioned. Just that Lee has played better. Lee’s been phenomenal, he’s got a nose for the ball, and is constantly making the right read.

              2. KD says:

                I wish there was a stat to quantify the lesser amount of opportunities Fletcher has had then Lee… Oh wait, there is. Snap count.

                Fletcher – 177
                Lee – 165

                Yeah, all those 3 and outs = less chances.

                But why let reality get in the way of your anti-Cowboys bias. It’s ok, you’re doing the closet Skins fan thing this year.

                And as for your question, TE Jason Witten had a MUCH BETTER 2009 than TE Brent Celek. Better blocker 10 to 1, more yards, better catch percentage. Celek beat him in YPC and TD- but I guess you want to eliminate the other 50% of a TE’s job to prove your point?

          2. KD says:

            So, now that the NFL has named Lee the player of the month, I guess he still hasn’t had the better season to this point.

            Oh well.

  7. bbi says:

    Thank all that is holy that you didn’t put Tony Romo in there. I would have gagged and vomited.

    I know you’re better than that, though Jimmy 🙂

  8. Euler.is.a.pimp says:

    Trent Cole had as good of a game as JPP did. Better I would say.

  9. Tracer Bullet says:

    Lord, Giants fans are insufferable.

    I thought Brian Rolle might get a mention, or was the entire defense too bad to recognize anyone?

  10. GMENHQ says:

    NOW you’re onto the real beasts of the east. The NY GIANTS BABY! Get that lipstick out Jimmy

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