OK, let’s examine how wildly wrong I was about Giants-Eagles yesterday

BREAKING: I'm not as smart as Perry Fewell.

Not that anyone would have (or should have) disagreed with the matchup stuff, but, gah… I’m embarrassed looking back at this:

Sunday 1pm, Giants-Eagles: I look at this game and I see an overwhelming number of matchup nightmares for the Giants, which I’ll list here:

The Giants secondary vs the Eagles receivers – Redskins’ and Rams’ receivers were running wide open in each of the Giants’ first two games. Sam Bradford threw for 331 yards to guys like Danario Alexander, Mike Sims-Walker, and Brandon Gibson  Week 1.  Rex Grossman threw for 305 yards to a group of receivers that aren’t exactly striking a ton of fear into defensive coordinators.  Meanwhile, not that much needs to said of the explosive weapons the Eagles have an offense.  Obviously, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin present all sorts of issues with their speed, and if the Eagles decide to spread the Giants out with 4 WR sets (bringing Jason Avant and Steve Smith onto the field), the Giants’ depleted secondary simply doesn’t have the man power to match up.  It could get ugly.

Maclin – 5 catches, 69 yards

Avant – 4 for 33.

Jackson – 2 for 30.

Smith – 2 for 27, and a horrible drop that led to a pick.

Celek – 2 for 9.


The Giants receivers vs the Eagles’ secondary – We all know by now that Hakeem Nicks is an excellent player.  Unfortunately, he’s pretty much the only viable weapon for the Giants in the passing game.  Eli thinks highly of Brandon Stokely, but Stokely is solely a slot receiver, and will be used as such, which means that the start on the outside will likely go to Victor Cruz.  On paper, that trifeca of WRs is grossly over-matched by the CB trio of Nnamdi Asomugha (the most overrated player in the game, to some), Asante Samuel, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.  One area where the Eagles have been deficient for years has been their inability to cover TEs.  Fortunately for the Eagles, that’s less of a concern this week, as they’ll be facing the likes of Jake Ballard, Bear Pascoe, and possibly Travis Beckum (if healthy).  Those three players aren’t exactly Tony Gonzalez.

Victor Cruz obviously abused the Eagles, with 3 catches for 110 and 2 TDs, including a really impressive catch in the end zone over one Nnamdi Asomugha. Gah.. What else you got, Jimmy?

On defense, the Giants seemingly would have 2 choices.  Do we blitz heavily and leave ourselves susceptible to the big play on the back end, or do we allocate more personnel to the back end and only rush four?  Obviously, we’ll see both approaches from the Giants’ D, but I would expect Perry Fewell to more often than not just say “screw it,” and send the house at Vick, hoping for the Eagles to make a few of the kinds of big mistakes they made last week in Atlanta.

D’oh.  Way off.  In fact, the Giants barely blitzed… at all.  Instead, they loaded up in coverage, dared the Eagles to run (which they did), and tightened up in the red zone, holding the Eagles to FGs instead of TDs.  Kinda reminded me of what they did to the Bills way back in the day in the Super Bowl.  Want to run Thurman Thomas all day and not go K-Gun?  Go right ahead.  Well played, Perry.  Thanks for making me look like a dick.


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  1. The Purple Lion says:

    im still pissed.

  2. GMENHQ says:

    Jimmy, don’t take it too hard. Dont you know that when no one picks the Giants they shine? what were your stakes again?

  3. brisulph says:

    Sad thing is you weren’t wrong with your points, yet the Giants made stops when they needed them, and clamped down on McCoy (eventually). Just one of those days where the injured ravaged team gamed HUGE.

  4. ameer says:

    i guess you were wrong about the KC Joyner article too. Namdi looked like Mike Jenkins yesterday.

    1. Definitely not going that far. What are we talking about here, Ameer? One play? For one, it was zone coverage, and Eli threw a good ball to Cruz in between Nnamdi’s and Jarrad Page’s zones. Nnamdi was in good position, but Cruz made a fantastic catch. Nnamdi didn’t make the play on that one. Cruz made a great one. Sometimes the other team can do good, too, right? So no, I’m still very much in vehement disagreement that Nnamdi Asomugha is “the most overrated player in the game,” and he most certainly didn’t look anything like Mike Jenkins yesterday 🙂

      1. ameer says:

        yeah your right coverage wise he was acceptable. and he even had one nice pass breakup on a long ball along the sideline if I remember correctly, but i was used to seeing Jenkins whiff on tackles and give up long touchdowns thus the correlation. i’m not saying he is Jenkins I know hes an amazing player usually. He just looked very ordinary that game. Anyways doesnt matter cowboys win wohoo

  5. Leroy Bean says:

    I don’t suppose your initial prediction was tainted by any blind homerism, eh?

    1. Obviously. I mean… nobody picked the Eagles to win.

  6. DerfDiggy says:

    Not to let Reid off the hook…..but he did exactly what the Giants dictated…the players just didn’t execute. Shady ran all over the Giants D. Reid gets flack for being cute and passing and screening his way to an L…but he literally tried to hammer the rock and you guys just didn’t have the horses up front to make those tough yards in the redzone.

  7. Dan says:

    Those matchup issues still existed, but Reid’s playcalling didn’t take advantage of them.

    1. Jason-E says:

      Exactly. We ran tight formations all game. With that secondary, we should have gone 3, 4, and 5 receiver sets… But we didn’t. Simply put, Reid tried to play “Giants Football” against the Giants.

      The sad thing is, this happens way too often where the mismatch favors the Eagles, but Reid gameplans to the opposing teams strengths.

      Raiders 09 pops out right away – worst rush D in the league. Westbrook averaged 8+ YPC, and we ran like 11 times.

      1. GMENHQ says:

        I think the reason why Reid had that game plan was because the Packers killed the Giants defense running that plan last year. The fullback inside handoff, gotta respect the 2011 interior now.

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