Video breakdown: The Giants burned the Eagles badly two straight years on the same exact play

Earlier this week, the Eagles announced they were moving Jamar Chaney from SLB to MLB, Moise Fokou from WLB to SLB, and Casey Matthews from MLB to WLB.  I’m guessing that Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride perked up on hearing that news, and couldn’t wait to unleash, as Cris Collinsworth called it last year, Gilbride’s “A+ play.”

Last season, in the first matchup between the Giants and Eagles, Gilbride used Ernie Sims’ over-aggressiveness against him, by running play action to Brandon Jacobs to the left, having Eli Manning roll right, then come all the way back across the field again to a wide open Jacobs running 5 yards ahead of Sims for an easy pitch and catch to an unlikely receiver for a big gain.  Excellent play call, great execution, got themselves 1st and G from the 5, and scored on the next play.  Here’s that play from a year ago:

This week, Gilbride came back to it again.  And why not?  The Eagles were in a state of flux with their young and struggling linebackers.  If you’ll notice, Matthews pretty much has the identical reaction that Sims had, and the Giants burned the Eagles for an easy 40 yard TD.  Here’s the play from today:

Awesome play call, and again, great execution by the Giants.

After the game, I had a chance to ask Matthews if he remembered seeing that play in film study this week.  He hadn’t.  Bad job by the Eagles’ defensive staff.  When a play works so well the previous year, I find it hard to believe they didn’t have their defense ready for it.  Obviously, the Eagles weren’t, and it cost them an early 7-0 deficit.


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  2. says:

    Then they ran pretty much the same play, except the wheel was to the other side of the field, later on in the game, except Rolle read it perfectly and played great coverage.

  3. Gary says:

    Jeffrey Lurie needs to send Andy “Big Red” Reid packing and run him out of town with a big bag of cheesesteaks. 4 and 1 at around the 50 yard line! The Giants were stopping the Eagles short yardage run plays all game so why did Andy think they could make it that time. Come on! The Giants were only one play away from kicking a field goal with that kind of field position if they did not pick up the first and the Birds were only leading by 2. They could of punted the ball with the lead and maybe pinned them deep in their own end of the field with a light directional punt. Another one of Andy’s bird brain calls he has made for 13 years. It is time for him to go far away from Philly and stay away. And while they are at it spend some money for players who can tackle as well.

    1. Gary says:

      Ahh bizzaro me.

    2. Greenage says:

      Gcobb is that you? I thought I told you to stay away from Jimmy and his blog? Your gonna infect his site you rat.

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  5. Tony says:

    I have the perfect nick name for Brandon Jacobs… Brandon “Big Jolt” Jacobs. Because when that man runs into you been “Big Jolted” to the max… Impressive runner if i ever saw one. Reminds me of John Riggins. God bless My Giants!!

  6. brisulph says:

    Very cool, you got love on BEast blog on ESPN.

  7. JTT says:

    Sorry guys. Maybe someone is a little overrated. Who’s Victor Cruz anyway?

  8. Daryl says:

    Ironic that Matthews wears the same number as Sims. They’re both equal liabilities.

  9. cursesuponmatthews says:

    jimmy, can you please dedicate a post about how we need to get matthews out of there. thanks

  10. PE says:

    Love the hesitation by Matthews. “Oh, it’s not a run, okay. Oh, wait, that’s my guy!”

    1. D3Keith says:

      Is it bad that I think Sims played it better? Or less-worse? He recognized it sooner lol

      Nice job asking real journalist questions Jimmy. The stuff that needed to be asked. No sarcasm, seriously, nice.

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