Assorted Andy Reid press conference quotes

Andy was salty after the game.

“Yep. Mmhmm.”
“Let’s talk some football here.”
“Right hand.”
“I thought it was the right thing to do.”
“I can’t remember that to be honest with you.”
“I went with Kafka.”
“Well, they had penetration.”
“We’ll see.”
“Thanks guys, appreciate it.”

The Eagles are currently the worst team in the NFC East, both in the standings and on the football field.

I’ll have a Giants-focused video breakdown of this game as soon as I get it ready.  I’m fairly certain I’ll have some good stuff there for you guys on one specific play the Giants ran to perfection.  I’ll have to watch the tape to confirm what I saw, but Kevin Gilbride called a hell of a game and the Giants completely out-coached the Eagles … won’t be as fun for Eagles fans.


  1. Steve D. says:

    Not a big fan of Bob Ford, but the beginning of his column regarding those quotes is pretty funny.

  2. beef posse says:

    “Lou tilley signed it”

    1. TriForce says:

      Hoyce! Eagles are going all the way.

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