NFC East snap count notes from Week 2

Brandon Jacobs' snap counts are still very low, but at least they're giving him the football when he's in.

Snap count info via Pro Football Focus.

– Brandon Jacobs’ snaps were up this week to 23.   Last week he only got 16 snaps.  If Brandon Jacobs was in the game, there was a 70% chance he was getting the ball, as he had 16 carries.  Ahmad Bradshaw continues to get far more snaps though, with 45.  Danny Ware had 9.

– The Giants seem to be going with a lot of jumbo packages this season.  Jake Ballard had 40 snaps, Bear Pascoe had 47, Henry Hynoski had 37, and Stacy Andrews came in as a jumbo OT for 11 snaps.

– It looks like the Giants will ease Brandon Stokely into action.  He got 11 snaps.  Domenik Hixon got 22, and surprisingly, Victor Cruz got 28.  Mario Manningham got 32 snaps before he was done for the night with a concussion.

(NOTE – As I type this up, news is breaking that Domenik Hixon has been lost for the season with a torn ACL. Sorry guys.)

– Greg Jones started at MLB, but only had 14 snaps.

– Deon Grant, when not being snipered from the watchtower, managed 57 snaps, a crazy amount for a 3rd safety.  And he wasn’t taking snaps away from Antrel Rolle or Kenny Phillips, who never came off the field.

– Rookie Jaicquian Williams saw his workload increase from 16 snaps to 28.

– Aaron Ross got 54 snaps. He was reportedly benched at one point.

– The Redskins had 85 offensive snaps Week 2.  The Cardinals had 50.  If you can control the ball like that every week, you’re going to win a lot of football games.

– Fred Davis had 62 snaps, Chris Cooley had 37.  Did I mention that I think Fred Davis is the best offensive player on the team?  Yes? No?  Well I do.

– Roy Helu only had 3 snaps last week. This week, he had 27, and had 74 yards on 10 carries.  Big game for the kid.

– For the second straight week, none of the Redskins LBs came off the field unless they got hurt (Orakpo came off for either 2 or 4 snaps last week, depending on your source).  I wonder if that’s a good thing or not.  Haven’t decided yet.

– Chris Neild, after posting 2 sacks in just 8 snaps last week, didn’t have a single stat from Sunday’s game in 6 snaps.  I predicted 250 or so sacks for Neild this season, but that’s probably out the window now.  Thanks, Haslett.

(Eagles and Cowboys after the jump)…

Eagles fans clamoring for Brian Rolle will have to wait another week.

– Owen Schmitt is rarely seeing the field this season.  He only had 12 sanps this week, down from 14 last week.  The Eagles aren’t using their FB very much, and really, why would they?

– Clay Harbor saw 25 snaps, up from 18 Week 1.

– Steve Smith is also beginning to see more action.  He had 19 snaps, up from 5 last week.  He also had a couple catches for 29 yards.  Expect his number of snaps to continue to rise this week against the Giants depleted secondary.

– Juqua Parker only had 17 snaps at DE before he got hurt, and then Jason Babin (49) and Trent Cole (55) basically got all the snaps after that, save for 7 by Phillip Hunt.  The Eagles want to rotate more than that, especially with Babin.  Cole was a monster on Sunday, so it would have been a little crazy to take him off the field even with a healthy rotation.

– Brian Rolle, despite taking reps with the first teamers in practice, only got 8 snaps.

– With Dez Bryant out, Kevin Ogletree started, and got 64 of 70 snaps.  He had 2 catches for 50.

– With Felix Jones banged up, Tashard Choice (29) got more snaps than rookie DeMarco Murray (18).  However, Murray got more carries (6) than Choice (5).

– Martellus Bennett got 31 snaps. He missed Week 1.  No catches for him (no surprise there).

– Tony Fiametta actually got 8 snaps as the FB.  I don’t remember seeing him.

– Phil Costa missed 19 snaps with an injury.  Kevin Kowalski got all of those snaps.

– Jesse Holley got 26 snaps as the 3.  Obviously, he had the big, wide open catch and run to seal the deal.

– Sean Lee (48) again got the most snaps as an ILB, although they were down from last week.  Keith Brooking (31) and Bradie James (26) took a few snaps away this week.

– Newly signed Frank Walker saw some decent action, with 20 snaps.


  1. brisulph says:

    Don’t apologize man, you already put up an article chronicling the demise of the Giants in the pre-season, so don’t pretend it bugs you. Post it since it is news and all, but pretending it bothers seems sort of farcical given previous entries.

    On the bright side for your team, Vick appears ready to go and pass for 450 yds this week. I am not going to enjoy moderating BBV during this week’s game.

    1. I’m an Eagles fan and all, and true, I’ve been bearish on the Giants all offseason, but nobody’s rooting for injuries. That’s kind of a messed up suggestion.

      1. brisulph says:

        Never said you root for them, I said that it doesn’t really bug you. HUGE difference. The farcical bit simply refers to that.

        1. Well, I’m not going to sob in the corner for a few hours about this news, but I can certainly empathize with both the player and the fan base. I’m not some heartless asshole. And I have definitely never been one patronize people with empty sympathy. If a player is lost for the season because he shoots himself in the leg, I laugh at the player and the fan base. If a player unfortunately suffers a season ending injury through no fault of his own, I genuinely don’t feel good about it.

          1. brisulph says:

            Fair enough, I am no doubt just grumpier than usual today. My apologies.

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