Looks like Michael Vick should be a go on Sunday

I'm told that M.Vick was symptom free tuesday . has more tests. Looks like earliest can practice is friday. But vick already watching film.
Howard Eskin

The Las Vegas Hilton agrees – Their line has the Eagles favored by 7.5 – I don’t think it would be that high if they thought Mike Kafka was starting.


  1. Silas says:

    Bless you for finding the time to describe the terminlogy for the rookies!

  2. bdawk4ever says:

    Oh this is great news. I want number 7 to give us 7 for 7!

  3. Immynimmy says:

    Jimmy, You should cross post this to BGN

  4. Gary says:

    I saw the line down to 5.5 yesterday and now it looks like it’s gone everywhere. They must be doing some adjusting.

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