Week 2 bEasts

Winners first:

Offensive bEast of the Week, Miles Austin

Miles Austin – No-brainer. 9 for 143, 3 TDs, one of them on an incredible catch over a defender in with he somehow kept his knees from going down and stretched across the end zone.  He won this game for the Cowboys.

Jason Witten – 7 for 102. Ho hum.

DeMarcus Ware – A couple more sacks, giving him 4 on the season.  Ho hum.

Jason Hatcher – Hey hey now.  One of Rob Ryan’s “bullies” with 2 sacks and a QB hit.  The Cowboys aren’t going anywhere unless a few players along that D Line step up at some point.  Hatcher did just that on Sunday.

Tony Romo – Ribs, lung.  You already know the story.  Big numbers too – 20/33, 345, 2 TD, 0 INT

Fred Davis – Is it too early to say he’s the best player on this offense?  7 targets, 6 catches, 86 yards, and a TD.

Roy Helu – The Redskins may have a find here.  7.4 YPC on 10 carries.

London Fletcher – Not a typical day for Fletcher in the tackling department (just 5), but he had a couple hits on the QB and an INT that just kind of popped into his hands.  Then again, you have to be around the ball to have one pop into your hands, and that’s exactly where London Fletcher always seems to be.  He might make this list every week.

Justin Tuck – For the second straight week, I’m having trouble putting lipstick on this pig, even in a win.  Let’s go with Tuck, who had a sack and a half in his return from a neck injury.

Losers after the jump:

Defensive bEast of the Week, Trent Cole

Trent Cole – One of the more dominant performances I’ve ever seen from an Eagles D Lineman, and they’ve had quite a few good ones in my lifetime.  Sam Baker is praying he doesn’t have to see Trent Cole again in January.

Cullen Jenkins – Harassed Matt Ryan all night, picked up a couple sacks.  Just a force on the interior DL.

Jeremy Maclin – The huge drop at the end of the game is what people will remember, but it’s hard to overlook 13 catches (on 15 targets), 171 yards, and 2 TDs.

LeSean McCoy – 5.3 YPC on 18 carries, and a couple TDs.  Ho hum.

Mike Kafka – Played error free ball in Michael Vick’s absence.  Gave the Eagles a shot to win in the end.

Jason Peters – Dominant.


Offensive bEast of the Week – Miles Austin

Defensive bEast of the Week – Trent Cole


  1. yehti says:

    its jason hatcher not stephen.

    1. Gah… Whoops. Must have morphed Hatcher and Bowen into one player.

  2. WeNeedLinemen says:

    Cullen Jenkins was the steal of the off-season. I was desperately hoping that the Skins would sign him. I like the youth movement, in signing the younger Bowen, but Cullen Jenkins is one of the best defensive linemen in the league. If he stays healthy the Eagles managed to pick-up a top-class player at a bargain price.

    Trent Cole looked like an absolute beast, again. I think that he and Tuck are two of the most underestimated players in the league.

    It is great to see how many people are starting to recognise London Fletcher’s play. For so long he received almost no attention from broadcasters and the national press, but he is finally receiving the recognition his career is due.

  3. GmenHQ says:

    Jimmy, come on. Tuck is all the love you have for the Giants? How bout Domenik Hixon? Giants running trio of Earth Wind and Fire 2.0. How about Michael Boley with the fumble recovery for a TD? How about Antrel Rolle all over the field for 9 tackles and a forced fumble?

    Your Eagle love / Giants hatred is abundant

    1. plektor says:

      C’mon man, every single unit sucked last night, with just the LBs showing good things.
      I agree, Tuck is the only guy that deserves any kind of praise.

    2. Immynimmy says:

      Antrel Rolle was TERRIBLE in coverage. Boley didn’t force the fumble (in fact it wasn’t even a fumble fumble, it was a lateral pass), anyone in that position would have been able to pick up the ball and run it in the endzone. The Giants run attack was average at best (especially against the rams [15-59 yds and 16-50 yds]) . The Hixon catch was lucky. If you stand back and look at the Giants as a team and the indiviudals, the way they played against the lowly Rams was awful; they ain’t no 2 ways about it.

    3. Boley’s fumble recovery was a gift. He bent over, picked up a ball on the ground, and ran. Every single player in the league could have made that play, as well as literally millions of other human beings. I’m not rewarding that. An while that was a great catch by Hixon, he had what, 30 yards? Gotta do more than that to be rewarded as a bEast.

      1. Willgfass says:

        Say what you will, but Boley was beasting that game, even without the TD return. He saved a td with his pass defense too

    4. …and that running back trio ran for 3.8 yards per carry.

      1. giants fan says:

        Well the rams did stick 8 in the box the entire game.

  4. Euler.is.a.pimp says:

    Trent Cole was dominant. Now maybe the media will start to recognize his talents since he finally has help and can rush the passer more rather than playing the run.

  5. Anders says:

    Its really nice to finally see some help along the d-line and watching Babin and Cole in that hunting stance is just pure gold.

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