NFC Obituary/Hierarchy with Week 2 in the books

16 – Worst offense in the NFL.

I think I might just start picking up whatever team is playing the Seahawks all season in my fantasy football league.  We may see our first obituary next week if the Seahawks lose at home to the Cardinals next week.

This week – Shut out in Pittsburgh, 24-0. Should have been worse.

Next week – Home to the Cards.

15 – Penalties and turnovers don’t win football games when Danario Alexander is your biggest offensive threat.

Come on, NFC West.  I was hoping I wouldn’t have to make fun of you all season… again… but you leave me no choice.  The Rams actually outplayed the Giants last night, but lost by 12 anyway.  They now have a point differential of -30.  The NFC West as a whole is at -51.

This week – Loss to the banged up Giants in NJ.

Next week – Home against the pissed off Ravens.  Oof.

14 – I bet the Vikes to win the NFC North at 9-1.  Oops.

Had a 17-0 lead at home on the Bucs and pissed it away.  Another early obituary candidate if they lose at home to the Lions next week.

This week – 20-24 loss at home to the Bucs

Next week – Lions at home.

13 – Jim Harbaugh is the dope of the week.

For the second straight week, they had a team buried, and let them climb back in.  Last week, Ted Ginn bailed them out.  This time, not so much.  Note to Jim Harbaugh: If the defense commits a 15-yard penalty on a good FG, and you have the chance to get the ball with a 7 point lead at the opponent’s 23, you take it.  You run more clock and maybe you even put up 7 against the bad Dallas D instead of 3.  If not, pretty good chance your veteran kicker just hits an easier FG.  Do you really have that little faith in your offense?  That’s not a coaching decision by a guy that thinks he has a winner.  And therefore… I don’t think they’re winners either.

This week – 24-27 OT loss to Dallas.

Next week – Bengals at home.

12 – 0-2, but plenty of room for optimism

First team since ’09 to have a 7+ point lead on the Packers.  This team is no longer a gimme, and Cam Newton is for real.

This week – 23-30 loss to the champs.

Next week – Home to the Jags

11 – Outplayed by the Rams.

For the second straight week, opposing receivers were running WIDE OPEN all over the Giants secondary.  And we’re talking about the Rams’ and Redskins’ receivers here.  Good luck against DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, LeSean McCoy and old friend Steve Smith.  They did pick up a win, which is what really matters, but looked incredibly sloppy in doing so.

This week – 28-16 home win vs the Rams.

Next week – Re-re-re-re-re-re-rematch in Philly.

10 – O is good, D can’t stop anybody.

This team is probably going to win the NFC West, sadly.  Their offense is good with Kevin Kolb looking the part as a bona fide good NFL QB, but they’re not going to stop anybody.  Last week, the gave up 400+ passing yards to a QB making his NFL debut.  This week they gave up 172 rushing yards.

This week – Loss in DC, 21-22.

Next week – In Seattle.

9 – Tied for 1st in the NFC South.

Once the Bucs got down big to the Vikes, I stopped paying attention to this game completely, and had mentally written off the Bucs’ season.  But not so fast.  The Bucs came out n the 2nd half and dominated, outscoring the Vikes 27-3.  Big game for this team next week against the Falcons, who may be mentally spent.

This week – Come from behind win in Minny, 24-20.

Next week – Hosting the Falcons.

8 – What a difference in headlines for Tony Romo from one week to the next.

Last week, the Cowboys pissed away a comfortable lead and lost to the Jets, due to a terrible fumble by Tony Romo and an ill-advised throw.  With a hat tip to Jim Harbaugh, the Cowboys took advantage of boneheaded decision by their opponent, and roared back for an improbable win.  They were staring “0-2” in the face, but showed some grit that was completely absent all last season.

This week – Gutty win over former rival SF, 27-24.

Next week – Skins at home.

7 – Not a huge surprise the Skins are 2-0.

Briefly summed up my thoughts on the Skins’ first two weeks here.

This week – W at home 22-21 over the Cards.

Next week – In Dallas.

6 – Might have been wrong about the Lions.

Oof, Lions making me look bad.  I’ve been saying all offseason that Rams and Lions still stink.  Definitely right so far about the Rams, but holy cow… the Lions have come out and balled.  The Lions lead the league with a point differential of +52.  Highly impressive, even if they piled it on against a demoralized KC.

This week – Destroyed the Chiefs, 48-3.

Next Week – First divisional matchup, in Minny.

5 – HUUUUGE game this week.

Great one week, not so much the next.  What did the Bears do to deserve such a ridiculous first three games on their schedule?  They had the Falcons at home, then they went to New Orleans, and now they have Green Bay at home.  Ouch.  Huge game this week.  The Bears could be back 2 games to the Packers AND the Lions if they lose this week.

This week – Smoked by the Saints, 13-30.

Next week – Home vs the Pack.

4 – Still not sure how they won Sunday night.

I was going to put the Falcons ahead of the Eagles… you know… since they just beat them and all.  But let’s get real here – If you watched Sunday night, please step forward if you think this team is better than Philly. Plus, if we’re looking at the entire body of work here, let’s not forget that this team got thrashed by the Bears Week 1.  At the risk of being dubbed a homer, I’m leaving them right where they deserve to be: 4th best in the NFC.

This week – 35-31 W in a thriller over Philly.

Next week – In Tampa.

3 – 1-1, but dangerous as hell.

They’re loaded, and when it’s all clicking, they can score at will.  They’re also putting an absolute hurting on opposing QBs.  The OL is even playing well, which is coming as a bit of a surprise.  But those linebackers… Oof.  All three starters (Fokou, Matthews, and Chaney) have had their really bad moments.

This week – Did just enough careless things to lose in Atlanta, 31-35.

Next week – The Giants’ Super Bowl.

2 – Right there with the Packers.

Extremely impressive in a comfy win over the Bears.  Marques Colston goes down with a broken collarbone?  No biggie.  Drew just slings it to their 8 other awesome receivers.

This week – Easy win over Chicago.

Next week – Great matchup – Home vs the Texans.  Fantasy football heaven there.

1 – Still the best.

Huge challenge Week 1.  Passed it.  Survived an early scare in Carolina week 2, but ultimately won handily.  Next week they’re in Chicago for an NFC Championship Game rematch.  Still the best team in the NFL.

This week – Lazy win over the rookie, 30-23.

Next week – In Chicago.


  1. […] as well feature JimmyK this week as well. Jimmy doesn’t (yet) offer a full NFL ranking but offers this take on the Cowboys: “What a difference in headlines for Tony Romo from one week to the next. Last week, the […]

  2. […] as well feature JimmyK this week as well. Jimmy doesn’t (yet) offer a full NFL ranking but offers this take on the Cowboys: “What a difference in headlines for Tony Romo from one week to the next. Last week, the […]

  3. giants fan says:

    yea this isn’t the giants superbowl, it would only be an important game if we were relevant – but we’re worse than i could have ever imagined in the pre-season

  4. DerfDiggy says:

    Wait wait…Jimmy…you seriously put the Eagles on top of the Falcons…after losing to them?

    Really? I mean I knooooowwww the whole thing about “They looked better at every facet”…Boys did the same against the Jets…yet nobody is putting the Boys over the Jets.

    Come on Jimmy…come on.

  5. brisulph says:

    This week for the Giants is not the super bowl, but rather just another expected loss. I mean, it’s the Eagles, a team they will not beat for the foreseeable future. The D is a bad match up for the O, and the o-line is letting okay defensive lines run through them, so guys like Jenkins and Cole are going to MURDER the left side of the line. Eagles win the game 38-17 with Vick, 34-17 without him.

    1. says:

      Kafka is only 4 points worse than Vick, or are you assuming that the Eagles put that up in about 5 mins and then just run the ball the rest of the game?

      1. brisulph says:

        I figure he has one drive where he putters out near the goal line.

  6. WeNeedLinemen says:

    As a ‘Skins fan it’s nice just to watch a roster being developed by professionals, rather than Vinny Cerrato.

    Rex Grossman is a better QB than many people think but there is no question that he has some significant flaws. As a spectator, he isn’t most reassuring presence at QB and it’s going to take a while before I stop watching in dread of the next howler of mistake rather than in anticipation of the next great play.

    It wasn’t so much the interceptions. The first looked awful, but it was a timing route and apparently Moss has admitted he freelanced and was where he was supposed to be Though it is still a little bit of a concern that he did recognise his receiver was out of position. The second was a well thrown ball tipped by a receiver who was being hauled backwards by a defender and should have been nullified by a penalty.

    No what was a concern was the tipped balls. Grossman is listed at 6’1″, but that looks a little ambitious. Arm strength also seems a bit of issue. If defenses start crowding the middle of the field and bring their safeties up, we could be in trouble. I’m not sure Grossman has the arm to hit sideline routes or go deep.

  7. BBI says:

    “Next week – The Giants’ Superbowl”

    Insert cliche (but true) response here.

    1. Haha, yeah, knew it was coming.

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