Video breakdown – Same play as last week, different Eagles opponent

Last week, we looked at how the Eagles exploited Steve Spagnuolo’s defense on one particular play in which Michael Vick hit DeSean Jackson on an easy 26 yard catch and run.  If you’ve already seen that post, you’re excused from reading it again.  If you haven’t, please go read it, and report back.  (I’ll wait)… OK, good? Good.

Well, it worked so well that Marty Mornhinweg called it again Sunday night, this time with different personnel, but with a similar result: a receiver running wide open.

Obviously, the result wasn’t good as Brent Celek had a bad drop, but the play worked, and should have been a TD.  This is a particular route combination that puts two receivers in the same line of sight for the QB to choose from.  This time, the Falcons showed a zone look, and Vick threw to Celek down the seam.  Last time, it was man, and Vick hit the underneath cross.  That’s now twice this play will appear in the film room when opposing teams study up for the Eagles, but expect the Eagles to keep running it, with a new little wrinkle each time.

Just for quick reference, here’s the play from Week 1. Look familiar?


  1. […] on the Rams nickle corner, dime corner, and SS.  The following week, I showed you how the Eagles ran the same exact play again against the Falcons, and Michael Vick had a wide open Brent Celek down the seam for a would be TD if only Brent Celek […]

  2. Steve D. says:

    I agree with the commentors above, I love these posts.

    Also, I think this was the play before Vick got hurt. I really wish Celek caught that ball.

  3. AtlEagle says:

    these are great. I felt real smart at the game when I saw the bunch set and the motion out of the backfield and I could tell everyone to Watch the DB follow Shady out.

    also on this, the blocking and protection that Vick is more responsible for seems like a very good thing. They were even able to do this with a very loud dome. This new wrinkle is going to make him think a lot and prepare instead of react.

  4. O'Keefy says:

    These are awesome. Keep them coming.

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