The Eagles may have to sign a QB this week, but don’t expect a big name

Not to be fairly obvious here, but there are three things we know right now about the Philadelphia Eagles’ QBs:

1) Michael Vick is concussed.

2) Vince Young was inactive Week 2 while still nursing a hammy.

3) Mike Kafka is the only 100% healthy Eagles QB.

We now begin the always fun daily concussion test watch with Michael Vick, and the status of Vince Young will of course be watched closely, but if neither QB is a go for Week 2, the Eagles can’t go into a game with just 1 QB.  Brian Solomon of McNabb or Kolb tweeted last night that he’ll be annoyed if a certain name is brought up (if you’re not following Brian and you’re an Eagles fan, by the way, you should be).  I can all but guarantee some national idiot will fore-go credibility in exchange for traffic by suggesting it, but that’s not going to happen.

Mike Kafka can play.  During my time at Eagles training camp this offseason, I felt that Kafka was easily the most improved Eagle from 2010 to 2011.  He doesn’t have anything close to the physical skills Michael Vick possesses, but he’s smart, he’s comfortable with the offense, and he’s certainly a guy that can let the vast number of offensive weapons around him win games, while just sort of guiding the ship – Accurate, has some wheels, tough, below average arm strength.  I saw it suggested that Kafka was scared last night.  I didn’t see that.  I saw a confident kid that was prepared.  If the Eagles have to bring in another QB, it’s for emergency purposes only.  Kafka will start.

For what it’s worth, the Las Vegas Hilton already has a line out on the Giants-Eagles game next week.  It’s Eagles by 7.5.  Gotta wonder if that means they think Vick will be ready to go, or if they just think the Giants are that bad.


  1. Jolene says:

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  2. Jay Walker (GIB) says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by Kafka last night. Thought he made good reads, and was decisive. Those are the 2 things you dont expect a guy who’s 3rd on your roster chart, and never taken an NFL snap before to have. All guys in this league can “make the throws,” but it was nice to see him adjusting to the blitz and striking where he could. Good stuff.
    I will be OK going into next week with him as the starter if need be. He wont single-handedly win the game the way Vick can, but hopefully he can be a nice stop-gap.
    Speaking of stop-gap. We need to stop the gaps… the middle. TE’s are gonna crush us if we dont make adjustments….

    1. Fiftyfourd says:

      Your last point has me worried also. Especially with Dallas x2, Washington x2 and Patriots games upcoming…

  3. brisulph says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it, kafka can easily win week 3. It is the Giants, remember?

    1. Yeah, well… that’s true.

  4. Immynimmy says:

    Don’t hamstring strains typically take 3-4 weeks to recover from?

  5. Anders says:

    Else we can just go crazy in wildcat formations with Ronnie Brown 🙂

  6. The Legend says:

    VY practiced last week, I doubt they sign a QB at worst VY is the backup this week

  7. bsencore says:

    Thanks, Jimmy.

    Young was listed as “Limited Participation in Practice” on Friday, the first time he’s taken reps in a couple weeks. Presumably that means he’ll be healthy enough to play in an emergency. Whether or not he’s recovered enough to start is another thing, though.

  8. PE says:

    Any names here that seem like a decent 1 week option? I’d think Delhomme might be worth a 1 week kind of deal (like what happened with Garcia back in 09).

    David Garrard
    Jake Delhomme
    Trent Edwards
    Dan Orlovsky
    Josh McCown
    Patrick Ramsey
    J.T. O’Sullivan
    Jim Sorgi
    Kellen Clemens
    Brodie Croyle
    Todd Collins
    Chris Simms
    Brett Ratliff
    Charlie Frye
    Troy Smith
    Keith Null
    Brian St. Pierre
    Brian Brohm
    Rhett Bomar
    Dan LeFevour

    1. says:

      Garrard stands out to me.

      1. PE says:

        He’s probably the best available, but I would doubt he comes in on only a one week deal.

        1. says:

          Perhaps, but that’s better than the no week deal he has right now.

  9. says:

    Next week can’t come soon enough after this one.

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