Michael Boley hits guy in the face with the football after TD return

He knew he hit him, right? You can’t just not act all hard for 2 seconds, and go apologize?


  1. carter says:

    apparently he had no idea he hit the guy, and after the game he found him and apologized.

  2. AtlEagle says:

    well, the guy took the shot like a man. barely flinched and his hands stayed down like Ortiz.

  3. giants fan says:

    I laughed at this. Boley looked bad here, but I’m sue he wsas just amped. Hopefully he apologizes later, maybe he’ll throw the poor guy a bone to make up for t.

  4. brisulph says:

    I will say this… once upon a time playing high school basketball, after we won, one of our players threw the ball away in celebration, and banked it off a wall in our little crap gym, right into the head of a parent standing nearby. We did not even notice, as our focus was not the trajectory of the ball, but rather the fact we had just won. I suspect the same thing applies here (scoring instead of winning being the focus obviously).

    However, if he comes out in the press and says he saw it, and he did not apologize to the dude right away, then it was completely classless move.

    1. Anders says:

      Looking at the video, it seems he is looking directly at the guy, but you could be right, maybe he didnt noticed because he was to ramped up.

  5. Robert says:

    Hope Boley gets sued. Getting hit in the face with an inflated, leather football isn’t fun and games. Stuart Scott lost an eye from getting hit with one.

  6. GiantsFan says:

    lol! this why i love this blog…

  7. theguyotc says:

    You just can’t teach class like that.

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