Gameday Linky – Sept 18, 2011 – Better pass rush… Eagles or Giants?

Cowboys starting corner, Alan Ball. Oof.

Cowboys DB Alan Ball elevated to starter in depleted secondary –  Rainer Sabin,


“Reliable reporters and the small bit of insider info I cobbled together all points to #Cowboys WR Dez Bryant not playing.” – Evan Silva twitter account

No Terence Newman, no Orlando Scandrick, a banged up Mike Jenkins, Alan Ball starting at corner, and now possibly no Dez Bryant?  I’m changing my pick to the Niners.

Cowboys look to get DeMarcus Ware free – Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas

Ware is going to have a monster year.  Then again, Ware always has monster years.

Cowboys fan tazes Jets fan, nobody seems to care – Jason Brewer, BGN

America’s Team… just not during the National Anthem.

Buehler: hit Ginn in the mouth early

Dude, just be thankful you’re still in the league.

Cowboys, 49ers far from past glories – Janie McCauley, AP

15 years ago, this would have been the matchup of the season.  Now… not so much.

(Redskins, Eagles, and Giants news after the jump)…

Redskins safety Reed Doughty

Davis hopes to be Redskins’ seam weapon – Eric Edholm, Pro Football Weekly

I’m not a big fan of talking about fantasy football, but I am in two leagues (both CBS), and was shocked to see that Fred Davis is only owned in 23% of leagues.  People just don’t know how good this guy is.  Pick him up.  I vouch for him.

Redskins are about 50/50 to beat Cardinals, says Accuscore – Anthony Brown, Redskins Hog Heaven

Sounds about right.

Ryan Kerrigan gets back to work – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog

Kerrigan’s in a great spot, working with veterans like Orakpo and London Fletcher and the strong support system the Redskins’ defense offers. His big play made him a big star right away in his first NFL game. But it was just one play in just one game, and Kerrigan’s smart enough to know the hard work is just beginning.

‘Irrelevant’ Redskins opens with 2 sacks – Joseph White, AP

He did it on just 8 snaps, too.

Safety in the box is a dinosaur – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

This is in reference to Reed Doughty getting lit up last week. And Rich is right – You can’t just hide one of your safeties in the box the entire day.  With LaRon Landry likely being held out again this week, Doughty is going to have hold up against the likes Larry Fitzgerald at some point.

Jason Babin

Jason Babin blossoms under defensive line coach Jim Washburn – Bob Ford,

He gets a favorable matchup this week too against Tyson Clabo.

Eagles top draft picks coming up short – Jeff McLane,

Last Sunday, when the Eagles revealed their list of players who would not dress in the opener against the Rams, three of seven names stood out: guard Danny Watkins, safety Jaiquawn Jarrett, and cornerback Curtis Marsh.

They are, in order, the Eagles’ first-, second- and third-round draft picks of 2011. For various reasons they weren’t ready to suit up for their first professional game.

Of all 32 NFL teams, the Eagles and New York Giants were the only ones to not have a player selected in the first three rounds active in the opener. Two of the Giants’ first three picks, however, were injured: Cornerback Prince Amukamara has a broken foot and defensive tackle Marvin Austin was lost for the season because of a torn pectoral muscle.

Little ball of hate (video) – Tommy Lawlor, Scouts Notebook

Watch Brian Rolle put Rams center Jason Brown on his ass.  Looks a little bit like a guy in DC that also wears #59.

Still worried about those LBs – Brian Solomon, McNabb or Kolb

Me too.

Eagles vs Falcons: 3 key matchups – Orlando Ledbetter, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

I never understand when people see a RB vs a LB as a “matchup,” particularly when a back like Michael Turner basically isn’t a threat in the slightest in the passing game.  I’m pretty sure Casey Matthews won’t be the only Eagle trying to tackle Michael Turner when the Falcons hand the ball off to him.

Victor Cruz

Giants safeties Phillips and Rolle fined for hits – AP

I don’t remember the Phillips hit, but the Rolle fine in a no-brainer.

Little drop of horrors for Victor Cruz – Art Stapleton,

It was just one drop, and one that cost the Giants a first down (I think), but the bottom line is that when you’re trying to get playing time, you simply get mess up when you get a chance.

NY Giants can capitalize on Rams weakness – Craig Santucci,

For starters, I don’t think anyone in the NFL would say that the Eagles pass rush is better than the New York Giants and if Justin Tuck plays it’s no contest.

(Raising hand)… Uh, OK, so I’m not in the NFL, but I’ll take the Eagles’ pass rush over the Giants’ right now, even with Tuck.  If Osi comes back and plays well, then we’ll talk.

Also, I’ll give Craig the benefit of the doubt and call it a typo, but Cadillac Williams doesn’t play for the Eagles.

Hakeem Nicks says he’ll be out there against Rams – Kristie Ackert, NY Daily News

Pretty much what the title says.

It’s Ahmad Bradshaw, not Brandon Jacobs on short notice – Ralph Vacchiano, NY Daily News

Despite a huge running back and a powerful offensive line, the short-yardage game has been a problem for the Giants for the last several years. It’s why they took the job from Jacobs last year and gave it to Bradshaw in the first place. Despite Jacobs’ size, one yard sometimes seemed like a mile.

That’s because, as guard Chris Snee said, a short-yardage run “is not just two big meatheads pushing against each other, seeing who can win the battle.” Just putting in the big guy and letting him run forward seems like a simple idea, but picking up a third-and-1 or fourth-and-inches isn’t really as simple as that.


  1. Stephen says:

    Demarcus Ware is such a monster, I wish we had him.

  2. Sameer says:

    Haha, i love how the picture of Alan Ball is enough to make fun of the Cowboys.

  3. brisulph says:

    Since this is an pro-Eagles blog more than anything, just say Eagles have the better pass rush and get it over with.

    1. OK. The Eagles have a better pass rush.

      1. brisulph says:

        See? Not so hard.

  4. jalarsen1 says:

    Pass Rush:

    ’10…Giants 46 sacks to Eagles 39 (Giants win)
    ’09…Eagles 44 sacks to Giants 32 (Eagles win)
    ’08…Eagles 48 sacks to Giants 42 (Eagles win)
    ’07…Giants 53 sacks to Eagles 37 (Giants win)
    ’06…Eagles 40 sacks to Giants 32 (Eagles win)

    Eagles edge Giants 208 sacks to 205 for the last 5 seasons which is negligible and ridiculous to argue that one is better than the other…especially to say that one is so much better, it’s not even a conversation

    In fact, if you want to have a conversation, I’d argue that the revamped Eagles DLine featuring Trent Cole (10 sacks last year), Jason Babin (12.5 sacks last year), Cullen Jenkins (7 sacks last year), and Juqua Parker (6 sacks) has the edge on paper anyway.

    1. cwel87 says:

      They’re both very solid – but with that said, I expect the Eagles to take the 53 sacks the Giants had in ’07 and make a pittance of it this year.

      1. jalarsen1 says:

        I do too, I think people are underestimating what this wide-9 will accomplish with our personnel

    2. jalarsen1 says:

      and just to put some individual #s here:

      In the last 4 years:

      Demarcus Ware has 60.5 sacks
      Trent Cole has 44
      Justin Tuck has 39.5
      Osi has 31.5* but he missed ’08

  5. ICDogg says:

    [Jason Babin] gets a favorable matchup this week too against Tyson Clabo.

    I thought he was going against Todd Herremans. At least that’s what Scouts Inc. says.

    1. jalarsen1 says:

      haha, my favorite part of that whole thing is the fact that it was a freaking PAY site!!!! Why you would pay for an opinion in the first place is ridiculous, with all the free ones flying around (paying for stat records in order to form your own opinions is awesome, and actually good research)…but that isn’t even a bad opinion, that’s just dumb

      1. cwel87 says:


        Are you ready?


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