TV Ratings: The NFC East is kind of a big deal

#8 on the list

It has many leatherbound books, and its apartment smells of rich mahogany.  Here are the 10 highest rated “Sunday Night Football” games of all time.  Eight of them involve NFC East teams:

1. 25.8 million, Cowboys-Jets, 9/11/11 (The Romo fumble and INT game a few days ago)

2. 25.73 million, EaglesCowboys, 12/12/10 (The LeSean McCoy 4 minute drill game)

3. 25.68 million, Vikings-Packers, 10/24/10 (Non NFC East, not important)

4. 25.3 million, CowboysRedskins, 9/12/10 (The DeAngelo Hall/Tashard Choice, and Alex Barron game)

5. 24.8 million, GiantsCowboys, 9/20/09 (The Eli Manning signing the locker room wall after the new Cowboys’ Stadium’s debut game)

6. 24.2 million, Packers-Patriots, 12/19/10 (Non NFC East, not important)

7. 23.7 million, Vikings-Eagles, 12/28/10 (The Sunday Night Football on Tuesday debacle)

8. 23.2 million, GiantsEagles, 11/21/10 (The Osi near miss on the pitch to McCoy game)

T9. 23.1 million Giants-Colts, 09/19/10 (Brandon Jacobs hissy fit game)

T9. 23.1 million, GiantsCowboys, 12/14/08 (The only NFC East game I can’t think of a nickname for)

In 5 of the 16 NFL weeks this season (Week 17 is a “flex week”), the NFL scheduled an NFC East team.  I bet NBC wishes they could schedule one every week.

H/t to BtB reader Lars for the email.


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  2. number 9 was the Romo, Witten, T.O. friends again game

    1. Fiftyfourd says:

      Three’s company for a nickname then?

  3. DerfDiggy says:

    Let’s be serious Jimmy…It’s the Cowboys. Love em, Hate em…Love to Hate em.

    It’s America’s Team…they tune in!

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