Linky – Sept 16, 2011 – Troy Aikman asks us to focus on Tony Romo’s first 3.5 quarters

Pass protectors

Bummed Bradshaw calls out offensive coordinator for bigger workload – Bart Hubbach, NY Post

“I don’t want to see nothing like that,” the veteran Big Blue back sneered. “We love to run the ball, and I think we have the best backs in the league.”

Despite being within seven points until just six minutes were left, Gilbride almost completely abandoned the running game in the second half at FedEx Field against a Washington defense that was 26th in the NFL against the run in 2010 and missing top safety LaRon Landry due to injury.

OK, three things here:

1) I’m surprised it’s Bradshaw that’s unhappy.  I figured it would be Jacobs, who was only on the field for 16 snaps, and 10 of those were pass plays.

2) Bradshaw and Jacobs are far from the best backs in the league.

3) I can’t really blame Gilbride for abandoning the run.  It was totally ineffective.

Tuck, Nicks closer to playing Monday – Tom Rock, Newsday

Just what the title says.  Also, Greg Jones will remain the starting MLB.

Rams’ Jackson not ruling himself out vs Giants – AP

If he doesn’t play, and it’s expected that he won’t, the Rams have nothing else on offense.

(Cowboys, Redskins, and Eagles news after the jump)…


The 4th quarter is kind of important

Aikman: Romo is why Cowboys were beating Jets in the first place –

“And if it weren’t for him, there would be no expectations. Yet when he plays great through three and a half quarters, the reason they’re in the game or leading the game is because Tony’s playing really great. And then you have a bad play that hurts your team, and they act like he’s the reason they lost. They don’t remember, ‘No, he’s the reason we were beating the team that we really had no expectations of beating.'”

I understand Aikman’s sentiment, but the difference between 1-0 and 0-1 is that Romo didn’t finish, and that’s the true bottom line.

Why Sean Lee has supplanted Keith Brooking – Rainer Sabin, SportsDay DFW

OK, so I didn’t even read the article because it’s behind a pay wall, but I’d like to take a crack at the reasoning.  Let’s see, Brooking is old and slow, and Lee is young, fast, can cover really well, and makes plays.  For the record, Lee hasn’t supplanted Brooking.  He has sort of “half-supplanted” Brooking and Bradie James.  Lee got all the snaps at ILB, with Brooking and James sharing the other ILB snaps.

Sean Lee’s breakout performance, play by play – KD Drummond, Blogging the Boys

I liked the comic book style series of pictures of Lee’s INT Sunday night.


Somehow Fred Davis was available in my 2 FF leagues. I guess the other people in my league don't have NFC East blogs.

Davis’ emergence diversifies Redskins’ passing attack – Joseph White, AP

I was thoroughly impressed with Davis on Sunday.  He made plays.  It took him a few years, but Davis looks like an upper echelon starting TE.

5 questions with Cards writer – Kevin Ewoldt, Hogs Haven

Kevin trolls a Cardinals writer about the Tim Hightower trade.

Five keys: Redskins must stop Fitzgerald, keep airing it out – Jack Anderson, NBC Washington

4. Elite receivers were the bane of Washington’s defense in 2010. Through three games, Andre Johnson, Miles Austin and Calvin Johnson combined for 31 receptions for 405 yards and five touchdowns.

Sunday’s match-up against Larry Fitzgerald will be the secondary’s first crack at redemption this year.

You gonna take that, Giants fans?


As long as Kyle DeVan plays "good enough" and stays healthy, I have my doubts that Danny Watkins will contribute at all this season.

Coach: OL did OK – Geoff Mosher, Courier Post Online

I think that’s a perfect description.

Eagles Jackson takes out insurance policy on self – Jeff McLane,


Watkins: Lockout, holdout, left out

5 days may not sound like a big deal, but for my readers that are past college and have entered the real working world: Think about the last job you started.  How much did you learn that first week? Now imagine if you had begun your job with 10 other guys that have the same job as you.  You’d be way behind them.

No practice for VY, Tapp, and DRC – Bo Wulf, Eagles Mothership

Nate Allen, Winston Justice, Juqua Parker, and Steve Smith were full participants.  Bo also notes the Falcons’ injuries.


  1. Willgfass says:

    Completely disagree on this comment: “I can’t really blame Gilbride for abandoning the run. It was totally ineffective.”

    In the first half the running game was averaging more than 5 yards a carry. The only times I remember runs in the 2nd half was on 3rd or 4th and short, runs up the middle. If they came out running in the 2nd half, there couldn’t have been a false start making it 2nd and 20 backed up on our own endzone, and the INT to Kerrigan wouldn’t have happened.

    1. Steve D. says:

      “If they came out running in the 2nd half, there couldn’t have been a false start making it 2nd and 20 backed up on our own endzone, and the INT to Kerrigan wouldn’t have happened”

      Maybe I am missing something in your reasoning, but false starts can happen on running plays as well. Also running the ball more may be a valid criticisim, but it seems like hindsight just to say they should have run the ball on one particular first or second down (not sure what down the penalty was one) play with ten yards to go in order to avoid a false start penalty.

      1. Willgfass says:

        Nicks had the false start.

        And you can find me in the game thread saying we should come out running in the 2nd half

      2. Willgfass says:

        And that wasn’t even the crux of my argument.
        Even after the INT TD, we were only down one score, yet it we abandoned the run anyways

  2. Tracer Bullet says:

    If a QB can get praised for playing his ass off for 8 minutes after looking like shit for 52 minutes, then Romo can get hammered for looking like shit for 8 minutes after playing his ass off for 52 minutes.

    1. Anders says:

      I prefer the former more then the later 😀

    2. Crash says:

      I don’t think Romo got praised for his 5 interception, 1 fumble game against Buffalo in Week 5 of 2007 where he played his ass off at the end to win the game.

  3. says:

    If Tony Romo makes those plays distributed uniformly across the game you look back and say, he played very well but ultimately the turnovers cost him. When he makes them like that at the end, we tend to say he played terribly. He had a good game. He wasn’t able to win it and he should be knocked for that, but I can’t say that he played terribly.

  4. Tyler says:

    Lee actually allowed more passing yards than any other interior LB. Per PFF.

    1. They also say that Sanchez had a 61.3 QB rating when throwing at Lee.

      That aside, I find PFF very valuable for a lot of things, but this is where their ratings get a little wonky. They give LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene credit for a combined 5 catches. I know the Jets ran a bunch of screens, so I have to wonder if they’re just picking Lee as the culprit on those plays because they have to pick somebody. Stopping the screen is a team effort, not one guy. Plus, they have him giving up 2 catches to Santonio Holmes. Obviously, that had to be a situation where it was zone coverage. I’d like to see the film on that before I buy that Lee was responsible for those.

      1. Anders says:

        For me PFF is only good for the snap count stats where several person does not give a biased value based on what he sees. Its also why I like DVOA more (but I still dont like that they discount anything gained over 40 yards)

  5. Jalarsen1 says:

    On Romo:

    I said the same thing about him regarding the playoffs in 2007 (’06 season). Yes, he was basically the sole reason they lost to the SeaHawks on that botched snap, but also the sole reason they made the playoffs to begin with…

    So this giving away what you’ve earned has a history with Romo…

    Also on Nate Allen practicing: He wasn’t on the field for a single play. Curtis Marsh, Brandon Graham, and Jaiquan Jarrett didn’t dress

    I feel as though the issue of our recent drafts has been beaten to death, but I can’t help but get annoyed with our first 3 picks not even dressing along with our first 4 picks from last year playing no part in our game: Graham (hurt, so no one’s fault), Allen (maybe still slow, but fighting an uphill battle to earn a spot over Page who’s been playing well), Te’o (practice squad), and Lindley (cut)…with that said, our late rounds have yielded good payers. We should just trade away rounds 1-3 since we basically suck at picking guys in that range anyway.

    1. Balagast says:

      I can see the grief with Te’o and Lindley, but Graham and Allen both looked very promising last year until injuries set both of them back. It isn’t very fair to trash a draft class because the top 2 picks suffered rather serious injuries in their rookie years.

      1. jalarsen1 says:

        I’m not trashing the draft at all, in fact our late rounds the last couple years have been fantastic; and it’s too early to judge a draft class anyway. Aside from injuries, I was just hoping to get more from the early picks in the draft. Te’o was a 3rd rounder last year, and can’t even make the squad…

        yes, Graham and Allen look promising, but are banged up and that’s no one’s fault…I just find it interesting that we have gotten so much early production from late rounders and virtually none from the early rounds.

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