Week 2 NFC East Picks

From now on I’m cutting out the rest of the league – I don’t really care about the AFC teams, and to be perfectly honest, don’t know them all that well. This week Vegas sees a sweep for the NFC East teams, and not to be boring, but so do I (Update – Ehhhh… Not loving the Cowboys so much anymore):

Matchup Vegas thinks Jimmy thinks Why?
Cardinals at Redskins Redskins by 4 Skins I really struggled with this pick more than the rest. Kevin Kolb is legit, and that Cardinals offense is going to score all season, but we all saw what Cam Newon did to that Cards secondary in his first ever NFL action. As for the Skins, I’m a big believer in the D, but I still just don’t think their offense is playoff worthy. I see the Skins putting up around 28 again and fooling everybody for another week.
Cowboys at Niners Dallas by 3 Niners There isn’t a whole lot I like about this Niners team. Dallas comfortably.  (UPDATE – No Terence Newman, no Orlando Scandrick, a banged up Mike Jenkins, Alan Ball starting at corner, no Bill Nagy, and now possibly no Dez Bryant?  Going from “Cowboys comfortably” to the Niners is big change, but I’m changing my pick.)
Eagles at Falcons Eagles by 2.5 Eagles The Eagles have spanked the Falcons each of the past 3 years, last year with Kevin Kolb at the helm. The Eagles are healthy and look like they have a nasty pass rush, and the Falcons had trouble keeping Matt Ryan clean last Sunday. Tough challenge in the Georgia Dome against a good team that has their backs against the wall with an 0-1 record, but the Eagles win a close one.
Rams at Giants Giants by 6 Giants This Rams team is (A) banged up and (B) not very talented. If the Giants can’t take care of the Rams at home, they’ll be 0-2 and possibly headed for a Top 10 draft pick.

Last week – 3-0
Season – 3-0


  1. […] No Terence Newman, no Orlando Scandrick, a banged up Mike Jenkins, Alan Ball starting at corner, and now possibly no Dez Bryant?  I’m changing my pick to the Niners. […]

  2. Jason-E says:

    I really don’t want to pick the Redskins this week. I think they should win, but something is telling me they won’t. When it comes to the skins, this feeling is usually right. I usually get it before they play a team they should beat, like the Rams or Lions. But the Redskins D is very good. Fuck it. I’m going Cards.

    BTW: I thinking the entire NFC South finishes week 2 at 0-2.

  3. Euler.is.a.pimp says:

    I feel like the Cardinals – Skins game will actually be a very good one. Wish I could see it.

  4. underpar says:

    What is the 3-0 referring to. If it is picks well you had the Giants by 3.

    1. underpar says:

      don’t mind me drunk idiot

    2. My name isn’t “L.V. Hilton,” but it’d be pretty cool if it was.

  5. brisulph says:

    For the Giants, you have to factor in two losses to the Eagles that they will suffer, they have to sweep the Cowboys to have any legit shot at still having any hope of winning the division (I know, they look nothing like a division winner at the moment). The Top 10 pick thing is not seeming unlikely regardless of the Rams game outcome.

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