Some random pregame thoughts

– A ton of experts are picking the Rams to beat the Eagles.  For example, four of ESPN’s eight panelists picked against Philly.  Typically, the reasoning is that the Eagles have concerns along the OL, or that Juan Castillo is going to literally crap directly into his pants on the sideline while facing the challenge of calling defensive plays, or that the linebackers a suspect.  Alright, that’s fine.  But can somebody please explain to me exactly what the Rams have?

– Justin Tuck better be 100% sure he’s not putting himself in danger of causing himself long term problems if he plays today with a significant neck injury.

– The Jets are a very tough matchup for the Cowboys’ passing attack.  Revis obviously has the ability to take out one receiver on his own.  That’ll probably be Miles Austin for most of the game.  Meanwhile, Dez Bryant will get a heavy dose of Antonio Cromartie and some over the top help.  With no legitimate 3rd receiver (a potential vulnerability for the Jets), the Jets can use plenty of personnel to focus on taking away Jason Witten and to a lesser extent, Felix Jones.  Not to mention, that OL has 3 starters with a combined 109 NFL snaps.  Jason Garrett will be smart to play a very boring style of football tonight, with a heavy dose of the run, and if need be, punt instead of turning it over.

– I hope DeJon Gomes gets to play a lot today for the Skins – I’d like to get a better look at what he is in a game that counts.  Reed Doughty will get the start, but Gomes really stood out to me during the preseason.  Was always around the football.

– Reasonable deal the Cowboys worked out with Jason Witten today, reportedly at around $7-8M per year.

– The absence of Terrell Thomas is much bigger than the absence of LaRon Landry.

– Tashard Choice is probably going to start the season as the 2.  I think Garrett might try to get the ball once or twice to DeMarco Murray tonight, but don’t count on much more than that.

– Steve Smith apparently will be active today and will play.  The Giants’ brass is going to look very foolish if he does anything today.

– Back in Vegas trip I made in June, I bought the Colts at -1.  Oof.  Looked so good on paper back then.

– I think the Jets will be able to run the ball fairly easily.  The Cowboys have no choice but to keep their safeties well off the line of scrimmage, due to the absence of Terence Newman, and Mike Jenkins not being 100% (assuming he plays).  That’s going to leave the front 7 very vulnerable, and the Jets have one of the best OLs in the NFL.  Possible big night for Shonn Greene and LDT.

– The Giants and Eagles are both starting rookie MLBs in Greg Jones and Casey Matthews.  They’ll be under the microscope today.

– Mike Sims-Walker, Danny Amendola, and Brandon Gibson vs. Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel, and Dominique Roders-Cromartie might be the biggest mismatch on today’s slate of games.  Yet, the Rams are going to put up a “40-burger,” according to Marshall Faulk.

– Not a big fan of DeAngelo Hall’s overall game, but the guy does make more than his share of plays.  He helped the Cowboys get off to a miserable season last year when he stripped Tashard Choice and returned the fumble for a TD to end the first half in Week 1 last year.  I see a big play in his future today.


  1. Todd says:

    Where exactly is the facebook like link ?

  2. I’m desperate for that sandwich.
    That may well produce the very definition of a holy crap.
    Great blog Bye Dawk

  3. DerfDiggy says:

    Revis Island…welcome to Dez’s World!

  4. tyrant says:

    “Mike Sims-Walker, Danny Amendola, and Brandon Gibson vs. Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel, and Dominique Roders-Cromartie might be the biggest mismatch on today’s slate of games. Yet, the Rams are going to put up a “40-burger,” according to Marshall Faulk.”

    Don’t underestimate these receivers. I’ll take Amendola in the slot over samuel in an upset today (as far as a match-up). It will be a high scoring game, but your eagles will take it 35-28.

    1. Josh says:

      You were close on how much the eagles score. The rest, not so much. Amendola had 5 catches for 45 yards, and Gibson had 3 for 50 (top two WRs for the Rams today).

  5. The Legend says:

    You didn’t hear Matt Williamson on the football today podcast? Nnamdi is useless this week since the Rams don’t have a #1 WR

  6. DerfDiggy says:

    I just wanted to chime in…I absolutely hate DeAngelo Hall. HATE…HATE..HATE….if he wasn’t a Redskin I’d only use two of those HATE’s to express my feelings…but he deserves the third and final HATE. He’s a bum, a playmaking bum.

  7. ICDogg says:

    What’s the over-under for pregame show feaures about why the Dream Team might be a nightmare?

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